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6 Month 125GB Plan $75 (Was $150), 12 Month 120GB Plan $100 (Was $200) + $60 Cashback from Shopback (EXP) @ Amaysim


This is the best of the year for people who do not need too much data, amaysim long expiry plans are on 50% off and shopback gives you $60 cashback .thanks

Update 3pm: Shopback is no longer offering cashback for amaysim.

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    $40 for 120gb for a year is not bad deal at all

  • +4

    $40 = 120gb for 1 year with shop back correct?

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    Existing Amaysim $10/28days customer here. Will I get the $60 cashback with this offer?
    I'm trying to understand the terms on Shopback. It seems that it should work as I'm ordering a new SIM?

    • Shopback Terms say cashback eligible to new or existing customers. Would need to be a new number or port in to be eligible for amaysims terms.

  • yes,…really good deal. additional sim card for my car, but when i have to activate?

    • Just curious, what are the use cases for having a SIM in your car? Doesn't bluetooth suffice?

      • +1

        I have not researched any of the newer model cars since I last bought car 3-4 years ago. The SIM connects straight to your car, and can receive news like live traffic updates, turning your car into a wifi hotspot etc.

  • +1

    Can't seem to find info on activation date? my current plan ends next month

    • +2

      Found that on shop back page. Gotta be actives within a month

  • +5

    All details are here, you need to activate sim card in 30days

    • How about if you forego the cashback. When do you have to activate the amaysim?

      • +5

        Why would you forego $60 cashback?

      • +1

        SIM itself needs to be activated within a year

        • Strange, chatting with an agent right now, 2 agents said that it should be activated within 3 months.

  • +4

    So $15 for 6 months with 125G data or $40 for 12 months with 120G data.

    • I think it is $35 cash back for the 6 month sim and $60 for the 12 month sim.

      • Actually I don't know. The cashback amounts are confusing and don't obviously align with their products.

      • I purchased 6 month plan and got 60 cash back. So it's 15 dollars for 6 months.

        • Did the $60 get approved?


          Cashback Rates
          Unlimited 120GB/ 125GB Long Expiry Mobile Plan

          Unlimited 60GB/120GB Mobile Plan & 20GB/50GB/90GB/100GB/150GB/240GB Data Plan

          • @Turd: Yes as it's mentioned in above comment, it's 60 cash back for both long term plans. I got 60.

  • +1

    Great find OP.

  • AH…. just bought the boost $159 card yesterday

  • +7

    Does anyone know when you have to activate? My existing plan expires March 2021.

    • I am on the chat with one of the agents right now, I don't see an activation deadline. It seems you can.
      "I appreciate the wait. Upon checking, you may complete your sim card order now or by November 30 11:59 Sydney time. The sim card will be delivered within 2-10 working days. Then you can keep the sim card and start your transfer on March when your plan expires from your current provider."

      • I asked for a transcript just in case, but they don't give one? She provided me with a reference number for the conversation though.

        • +2

          But you don’t get $60 if you don’t activate within 30 days.

          • @niniksa: for shopback? yep I see that now, thanks. But $100 for 12 months is still worth it no?

            • +13

              @BiGFatYoYo: Please hand in your Ozbargain membership.

              • @Arthur Dunger: XD, RIP. My current plan actually ends on the 16th Dec, so within the 30 days for SB but I got the Kogan 3 months for $14.90 which was planned to extend it to March. Ehh I will just hand that to a family member then.

          • +2

            @niniksa: That's a deal breaker for me.

      • Strange, I just had a chat with 2 different agents, and both said that the sim needs to be activated within 3 months of placing the order…

  • +2

    Really good deal but I'll wait atleast till evening to compare offers from other providers..

    • +2

      And please share the outcome:)

  • Is this only for new customers? Or does it work with existing amaysim customers

    • Would be interested as well. What about cashback for customers with an existing amaysim account but no service linked to this account?

      • I assume the 50% discount doesn't apply to existing customer.

    • Does anyone know how they define a new customer?

      • General Conditions • Not to be used in conjunction with an existing amaysim mobile service.

        So as long as your are with other providers, you should be eligible to have the 50% deal.

    • yeah, same here. I'm on the $10 3 months promo which will be expiring early jan2021.
      I can forgo the last month, port out then port back in. Would it work?

    • I am on the chat with them and existing Amaysim prepaid customers do not qualify. However somehow the agent is now applying it to my account anyway.

      • @eddomak Have you bought it already?

        • Yes, it has been applied and I can see it in the control panel. They applied it manually as 2 transactions - $150 for the plan, and a $150 goodwill credit. The 2nd transaction was for $75.

          • +1

            @eddomak: no cashback then?

            • @Meovel: Correct, no cashback. (But for me that would have been a very nice bonus only).

  • When going thru the buying process it seems to be porting me right away, asking for my number etc…

    So I bailed.

    So do I port ASAP as soon as I buy? Anyone know or can confirm?

    • +4

      If my memory is correct, they always ask for your number but your number will only be ported after you receive your sim card and activate it online.

      • Ah thanks for that

        • I signed up for a second Amaysim SIM a couple of weeks ago. What he said is correct. When the SIM arrives you can also port a different number in than the one you entered at purchase, or, select a new number entirely (they give you a selection of phone numbers to choose from).

    • ports you later when you're activating

  • Says up to $60. Is it confirmed$60?

    • +1

      It says "Unlimited 120GB/ 125GB Long Expiry Mobile Plan $60.00" under Cashback Rates

    • yes , it is.

    • Hope so. Did not find a full condition on the shopback page.
      Thanks guys.

  • +1

    so $15 for 6mths? unreal!

  • just want to be sure, if I buy two of this, I'll get 2*60 cash back?

    • +1

      1 cashback per month per shop back acc.

      • Thanks for your info! That's the thing I can't see anywhere on the shopback webpage of the amaysim deal

        • Now I saw it, I must have been blind for a while…

      • So I bought a sim about 2 weeks ago if I was to purchase the $75 plan for $60 cashback I wouldn't be eligible, correct? If so, worst timing ever :(

  • Already an Amaysim customer but would love this deal. Hopefully Boost or someone matches and I can switch over to a new provider

  • Thx op. I just purchased the $75 - 6 months - 125G sim. I can see a $60 cashback pending on my Shopback account. Hope will get it. Nice price

    • It didn’t port right away right? I’m concerned they asking for number already they might start port process today

    • How long did it take to show pending?

      • 5-10 mins after payment

      • I'm still waiting. Been 30 minutes. Took a screenshot with the Shopback buddy being green in colour (i.e., has access). Perhaps it's just a busy time with lots of orders. Not terribly worried. If I'm stuck with a $75 SIM and no cashback, Shopback will get a call from me. UPDATE: Tracked. Took close to an hour.

  • So, do I buy a cheap starter kit, port my amaysim number out (telstra?), buy this sim and port back in?

    Im currently amaysim but this deal is killer

    • im with boost (telstra) do i need to port out then to amaysim?

      • I don't know how it all works either, I would think you could buy this, and 'port into' Amaysim from boost

  • I purchased the 6 month 125gb for $100 with $35 cashrewards on ozbargain 2 weeks ago.

    I haven't activated yet. Reckon they'd refund me so I could take up this instead?

  • +1

    Checked with live chat they mentioned "within 365 days you can still activate the plan promo that you purchased 🙂"

    • Strange, chatting with an agent right now, 2 agents said that it should be activated within 3 months.

  • Hi Everyone,

    May I know where to click the link in the shopback for this amaysim deal?
    I click my shopback account but keep appearing the 6 months plans for $100—-120 gb not $ 75 —- 120 gb as mentioned in ozbargain
    please help

    • I had this too. Under the "SIM plans" drop down box on the top left hand corner > Long expiry plans. Then it should bring you to the Black Friday Flash Sales.

  • can i keep my existing number?

    • Existing number of which carrier? As some comments say above, if you are already with Amaysim then the offer may not work. If you are with other carrier, then of course you can port in and keep the same number.

  • ordered the 6 months too!

  • Hi guys, can we add international calling pack, please let me know that's deal breaker for me

    • Just get the 6 month plan as it comes with unlimited talk to 28 countries. Unlimited sms to 42 countries.

      • THANKS. I only read the 1 year plan, people can be dumb sometime

  • +1

    So must I activate it in 30 days(according to Shopback) or 365 days according the amaysim?

    • Following this

    • +1

      If you want the cashback from Shopback then you need to activate within 30 days. Others have said above that you can activate the SIM later but then you will not receive the cashback.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! needed a simcard for my son starting high school next year and this is perfect!

  • That is ridiculously good. Good enough reason for me to leave Boost. Will be sacrificing 5g for their 4g though.

    • Boost is worst network coverage i have used.

  • Anyone else getting the spinning circle when trying to pay? I'm trying to get to the payment page, but it is stuck. Tried closing and reopening, but still stuck at the exact same point.

  • How much is the cashback on 6 month plan?

    • Please read the deal title.

      • It isn't mentioned anywhere that its $60 cashback for 6 months too.


        • +2

          On the top left, where it says cashback rate, you should see the following:

          Unlimited 120GB/ 125GB Long Expiry Mobile Plan

          6 months is the 125GB Long expiry mobile plan. Hope that helps

  • +2

    I am a bit confused. While billing it is asking me for my number. So if I say keep my existing number, does it mean it takes a porting request immediately as I still have 2 more months on my Telstra?

    • +2

      I checked with the amaysim customer support. You get 90 days to hold onto the simcard. Them asking your number is just their end to process the number will be on this Sim. It will be up to you to initiate the process.

    • I previously did the same process with an older Amaysim offer, the SIM arrived inactivated, but once I inserted it in the mobile phone, it automatically activated. So I am assuming the same will apply to this offer too.

      • It can't be automatically activated unless you manually activate your Amaysim SIM and it ports your number out of your existing carrier plan. Do you mean that this process happened automatically without you clicking on 'Activate' button for Amaysim SIM and it ported you out of your existing plan? It sounds odd.

        • I should have made my reply clearer. Mine was a new number so no porting was involved. It activated without me clicking the (Activate) button.

    • Yeah it's pretty odd - usually this info is asked for at the point at which you request the port out.

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