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Intel Core i7 RTX 3070 8GB Asus Tuf B460 Wi-Fi Gaming PC: $1688 + Delivery @ TechFast


Inquired to rep Luke about a possible Intel deal which he has now confirmed is possible with i7 10700F and RTX 3070. Same price, similar base spec as popular Ryzen 7 3700X deal.

Enjoy :)

  • Intel Core i7 1700F
  • Galax MSI Ventus 2X RTX 3070 8GB
  • Asus Tuf B460 WiFi motherboard
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • Gigabyte P650B power supply
  • Lance-V RGB ATX case

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  • +6

    Intel Core i7 1700F , you missing a 0 somewhere.

    • +6

      na 1st gen intel

      • Slot 1

  • +1

    Newbie here but how much real life difference does the ram speed limit make?

    • +1

      Not much. 1-3 frames maybe. At 1440p , 4k GPU is the most important factor.

  • +3

    Is this better than the Dell's ebay deal - XPS 8940?

    • +3

      yes as the XPS8940 has been plague with thermal issues most specifically on the CPU; plus the Powersupply is 500W and is proprietary.
      there's another risk on dell OEM 3070 - since it's new release, there's just not much review on how "optimised" it is.

    • Also wondering the same thing

    • I'd like to know the same as well. By the time you upgrade a few parts to make it comparable to the Dell, it works out to be similar in price which kinda makes this the better option i think because you won't be locked into Dell's proprietry parts.

      Keen to know what the pros think.

      • +2

        I personally don't mind being locked into the Dell parts because it should last a solid few years by which time I'll be looking to upgrade everything anyway.
        I'm just concerned about the Dell airflow as people have complained about. On the flip-side everything is included and Dell machines just seem to work. I think the costs work out to be about the same and I don't think either the Dell or this are a bad option at all.

    • I think they are on the same level.

      • How are they on the same level???

        DELL has much better and more storage than this.

        • +1

          I'm just worried about Dell's thermal issue and the 500w power supply, and you can't do many upgradess on it. I've ordered the Dell one the day before yesterday already.

          • @applebernie: Cancel the order or return within 30 days?

            • +1

              @oliman: Yes, you can, but dude please don't misunderstand me. I'm happy with the Dell build. I've already ordered a PCI-E x4 to NVME adapter to install my 970 evo plus in it.

          • @applebernie: Is there any evidence of this particular Dell configuration having thermal issues? I haven’t seen complaints from owners with i7-10700k + rtx 3070 combo.

  • Any idea on dispatch time frame on these with 3070 factored in? Or are they already in the warehouse ready to build

  • +1

    2666MHz RAM…..a bit of deal breaker…

    • Does the RAM matter that much? You might only see a small increase in frame with faster RAM. Plus the Asus Tuf B460 doesn't support anything faster than 2933 anyway.

      • 4k gaming will make considerable difference in framerate. Also the resale value will be low in future with this RAM speed I rekon..

    • +1

      B460 chipsets cannot go higher than 2933

  • Crikey this is tempting

  • Which CPU is better - this one or AMD Ryzen in Luke's deal?

    • -1

      i7 of course

      • +2

        thanks for replying. so why wouldnt we pick this deal over the other one?

        • Yes I'd like to know as well.

        • -2

          Slower RAM speed

  • This shows how nvidia ripped us off. Last months you could by only a 2080ti with the same amount.

  • I'm so confused, not sure what to do. Buy this or wait for a Ryzen deal, will there be a Ryzen deal?

    • The Ryzen deal is linked in the post mate.

      • +1

        :facepalm: i need glass mate, thanks!!

        • which one to buy ?

          • @Queue2Queue: mate i went with the Ryzen deal, i upgrade to 32gb ram and overall pricing wise that deal worked out better. Good luck

  • upgrading the ram to 3200 mhz($+50) requires a MB upgrade as ($100) as well. is this good value?

    • +1

      i7 only supports max 2933 anyway

      • It supports, not only supports. It's not a limit

  • Is the 650W power supply adequate for this build?

    What I mean is the build of the computer close to the limit? meaning any upgrades would then need a PSU upgrade?

    • i think it's more than enough unless of course you want some more grunt for future upgrades?

  • Can this come with Windows Pro instead of Windows Home?

  • -1

    buy this, rip the 3070 out and sell the rest of the parts on marketplace for like $800, cheapest 3070 on the market.

  • +1

    The Galax 3070 is OOS.
    Had to pay extra to get the MSI.

  • Is the 3700X deal better or is this better?

    • +1

      Really good question. Looking at all the benchmarks I believe this is, but it doesn't have as many likes as the 3700X deal!
      I think the 3700X deal has more likes because it was launched slightly earlier than this one?
      Keen to hear from others.

      • 2666mhz ram is a bummer on this deal…otherwise i am all in

        • Yeah, funny that they didn't use 3000 mhz sticks which would cap at 2933 anyway.

          • @pointblank: can't you pay $32 to upgrade the RAM?

            • +1

              @korvhund23: Just had a quick look - it's $49 to upgrade to 3200mhz which will be capped at 2933. I'm not sure about what sticks you'd get.
              Probably better to just wait until a sale to upgrade for $80-90 for a brand you want?
              Looking at what's available there's 2666mhz sticks and heaps of 3200mhz which is possibly why there aren't many 3000mhz at a good price.

              • @pointblank: After all that though, I doubt the RAM makes much of a difference for gaming.

                • @pointblank: seems you have to pay $99 for an upgrade MB too to run the 3200 (or is that the capping you mention on the original MB?)

                  • @korvhund23: I'm actually not an expert, but I thought that potentially it was the CPU (i7) that was limited and by extension the mobo is. I could be wrong though.

                    • @pointblank: Not a limit, just native 'support'.
                      You can go over that limit of the motherboard a allows

  • Anyone know the ETA for this build? Haven't seen the rep post on this deal at all. Does anyone else who got the deal feel that they'd be lucky with 14 business days?

    • +2

      PM the rep, he's online and commenting in the Ryzen deals.

      I ordered this deal, hoping for 14 days as well.

  • What cooling solution does this use as default does anyone know?

    • The CPU? There's a standard one that comes with the i7 I believe.

  • +1

    Received shipping confirmation.

    (Reposted from other thread): I'm hoping for delivery by the end of the week if all things go well with AusPost but otherwise it's definitely going to be here WAY before the usual 14 business days. Extremely impressed as my previous Techfast PC was delayed by a few weeks earlier this year, and also looks to beat Dell in both value and delivery time.

  • Has anyone received theirs yet?

    • Yes, I received mine on 11/12/20 but I'm guessing I was super lucky.

    • Yeah, me and a few mates got it between the 11th and 14th as well

  • Anyone received theirs? Besides anarky? I assume they ran out of stock even though they said they had plenty.

    • Doesn't sound like. I'm hoping mine is ready for pick up today.

  • Did these come with windows home? - I have an activation error..

    • Nope - i did not check windows home.

      All good


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