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50% off SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 128GB $50.76, 256GB $107.82 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Amazon are running 50% off the SanDisk Extreme Pro drives. This is my first post so go hard!

Was looking at the Samsung Bar and saw reviews saying the Sandisk Extreme Pro was one of the fastest USB drives out there so I found this gem of a deal.

This is shipping out of the US but still free postage with Prime.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Is a good deal, but better value to buy a larger capacity nvme SSD and an enclosure for a little more $$

  • Huh? this is more expensive than what i paid for the 256GB drive on 13/11/20
    I paid $105.70
    it then went up to the $107.82 price a few days later. Not sure whats going on here.

    Edit: Just looked a little closer, mine was from a third party Aussie seller on Amazon "Memoski"

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    Stupid question, will this usb stick be faster than a 5400 rpm hard drive in a usb 3.0 enclosure?

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      Why would that be a stupid question??

      Yes this stick is faster than the HDD you listed.

      I've run a speed test for you below in the link; as I have the 256gb version (Sandisk Extreme Pro USB)


      185.57 MB/Sec Write Speed
      303.03 MB/Sec Read Speed

  • I got the Samsung one instead of this for a bit cheaper https://www.amazon.com.au/Samsung-128GB-Drive-Champagne-Silv...
    It took like one month to arrive from Amazon US but they look like they have stocks in Australia now.

    I use it for my TV and had to change the format to NTFS anyway. exFat wasn't compatible on my TV sadly.

    • The SanDisk is quicker, but for most uses it likely won't be noticeable. That fugly colour will be though haha

      When looking at sequential speeds, the BAR Plus posted read and write activity with 283.48MB/s and 61.84MB/s, respectively. Compared to the SanDisk Extreme Pro, the new BAR Plus trailed in performance to the former’s 415.4MB/s read and 353.7MB/s. Compared to the 3.0 version of the BAR, the 3.1 is a huge improvement with the original numbers being 47.61MB/s read and 43.75MB/s write.


  • That's a really good deal. Saw it earlier today, ended up going with the 128GB Samsung's as well for gifts. Sick of my brothers giving me flash drives to copy stuff for them that are really slow.

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  • lol cheaper again now…so cheaper both before and after Black Friday….told u this wasnt a bargain :)

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