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Sony 55" KD-55X9000H LED 4K $1540 Delivered @ Sony Store


the 75 inch is $2930 with free shipping as well,


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Bring on the 65". Come on!

    • They're too popular. Most stores are selling out on these without dropping the price.

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    Such a shame if didn't go below $1500, could have Afterpay'd it through their eBay store.

    • Binglee cashback bring it down to 1496.

      • Unfortunately Afterpay doesn't take into account cashback.

    • Managed to Afterpay it by using the PLUS3 code and getting the piece down to $1495. It was close.

    • I went into Harvey Norman, asked if they had any display models or other stock as the sales this year are disappointing compared to last year (like the B9 OLED being nearly $1500).

      Managed to get him to knock $100 off the price down to $1440 for the 55" x9000h.

  • 85?

  • this is really popular huh. I just ordered one from Binglee with 3.5% shopback. Sony store got 2 %.
    now waiting for xbox series x and ps5 to deliver. hopefully before xmas

    • Cashrewards shows 5%?

      • cool. I use shop back thats why

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    No price drop for the 65 inch….. Disappointed!

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    I have the 65" X9000H, purchased it 6 weeks ago from the Sony eBay store for $1655.68 ($1755.68- $100 coupon available at the time). It was advertised as 'box damaged', but it was brand new and manufactured in September 2020.

    • Setup was a breeze, never had to lay the TV on its side to put legs on – can just slide the box up over the TV and then lift each end to insert the legs
    • Android TV is slick and smooth, although I experienced a couple of random shutdowns during set-up (hasn't happened since).
    • SDR content is BRIIIGHHHT if you have the picture on Vivid. FTA TV is blinding.
    • FTA HD content looks pretty good, SDR not so much (to be expected)
    • HDR 10 content looks great, punchy with bright highlights.
    • Dolby Vision initially did not look good on my Apple TV 4K. but after some tinkering it looks great
    • Game Mode is fantastic, low input lag and acceptable motion for 30fps games (I play a lot of GTA). SDR games are again nice and bright, HDR games look amazing. I found
      though I had to turn sharpness up a lot for 1080p games.
    • The remote is huge, might invest in a backlit one as the buttons are hard to work out at night

    The only cons so far have been the delays in releasing the full HDMI 2.1 benefits (VRR/ALLM/4K 120) but there is a firmware released this week that gives you 4K/120. There still is a blur issue with that content, but Sony has promised to fix it.

    Fantastic mid-range TV for the price.

    • They removed the VRR from the notes on the future update apparently

      • The VRR update is a major selling point. I'd expect a lot of angry buyers if they don't implement it.

    • I was reading the reviews on the 55" on the sony store and people have been complaining about the firmware update. I have a 65" as well and it's been amazing, but I'm a bit scared of updating lol.

      Can say though that Miles Morales was amazing in fidelity mode. I absolutely hate 30fps in games but it looked stellar on this tv. Not sure if the tv is helping out or the extra horsepower on the ps5 meant that it had little trouble rendering the 30fps and the frame spacing was perfect because of it

    • Nice review mate. Can you please confirm one thing for me- if the tv is able to connect to Bluetooth headphones?

      • Haven't tried yet! Might test this out this afternoon. :)

      • I have a x9000(f?) from 2 years ago that can connect to Bluetooth headphones. I'm pretty sure it is a standard feature of these TVs.

  • A buddy of mine got one for the same price at JB's yesterday.

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    JB just removed the 65" off their page - possible price drop?????

    • +2

      How does that indicate a price drop? Just curious.

      • re-doing the page - site not loading/loaded it yet? - but likely a removal due to no stock

        • You don't take down the page to update the price. More likely distributer said they ain't getting no more

          • @Dezeption: I suspect they're completely sold out and don't want to keep being called about them.

  • Any idea which one to go for from below


    Sony X9000H 75" 4K Full Array LED Android TV [2020]
    Samsung Q80T 75" QLED Ultra HD 4K Smart TV [2020]

    Is samsung better or Sony. I am keen to go for an android TV.

    • it's been discussed many times on various threads here for x9000h vs q80t

  • 5% Cashback at Cashrewards https://www.cashrewards.com.au/sony

    Edit: Just saw that this was mentioned above…

  • Just checked at JB Browns Plains (Brisbane).
    He scanned the 65" & said "unattainable".

    • Don't give me hope!

    • 404 error on the website.

      Doubt it means anything.

      • JB don't have any left, that's what the guy told me.

        • That makes sense. I imagine they're insanely popular right now.

          That's also why they're not going on sale. No point when they don't have any to sell.

          • @AKeaneBean: Yeah I'm gonna try Harvey Normal & Good Guys on Cyber Monday.
            Might pull the trigger if they can do $2000 delivered.

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