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Edifier Bookshelf Speakers R1280DB $98 (Sold Out), R1700BT $129 Delivered @ Sydneytec eBay


R1280DB seems to be cheapest ever with PRESS20 code

Edifier R1280DB – Black: $98
Edifier R1280DB – Brown: $98
Edifier R1700BT – Black: $129
Edifier R1700BT – Brown: $129
Edifier R1855DB – $172

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    Love my 1280DB speakers and this is a great price for them!

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    damn ,bought the r1700bt last week for $139. nice pair of speakers tho.

    • paid 105 for the 1280!

  • Can these be used as substitute for buying a sound bar? Thinking to use them as rear speakers behind the recliners.

    • Im looking at something for the tv too, althought i had planned on these being either side of the tv - just to books the audio, particularly the speaking clarity! Soundbar seems like the easy choice, but not sure if anyone has compared the two

      • I used to use Eddifer Spinnakers for my TV. They were great for many years until they started buzzing. I replaced them with a Sony soundbar (~$200) and the sound is much worse. The soundbar is tinny and distorts at medium volume. The only thing is the sound bar use ARC which is really convenient. I don't think I would go back to having a separate remote.

        • Thats my major issue! I have an old logitech that i can use, but the kids always stuff it up! Wish there was a good cheap speaker that allowed you to control it with the tv remote..

          • @JuryWheel: What am I missing here, every speaker I've connected (BT, 3.5, HDMI) to my TVs has been controlled by the TV remote?

            • @blorx: Really? Id only heard people say that speakers to their tvs cant be controller with the tv remote when it is connected to the optical connection like the edifiers. Maybe its tv dependant!

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                @JuryWheel: Use RCA instead of optical and then it should be controlled by the TV remote

                • @N30NF15H: Will look into it. Apparently if you connect to the headphone jack it will also control the audio. Not sure if there is any downsides to these connection methods..

                  • @JuryWheel: I think for TV analogue should be fine. If your TV has 3.5 out, the edifiers comes with a 3.5 to RCA cable which would work - this is how I have them plugged into my computer rather than optical as I have the same issue and can't control the volume.

          • @JuryWheel: Check out eARC.

    • I was looking at this option for a long time because of the optical port..but i was not happy with no subwoofer..
      i ended up buying second hand stuff from Ebay and FB marketplace -
      Bose cinemate 2 - got it for $200 - sounded good, but subwoofer was wired, and no hdmi arc.. which meant i had to configure the universal remote to handle it.. not a biggie
      LG 400W soundbar -got for $150 - sounded fantastic - much better than the Bose, hdmi arc so tv remote could control it, wireless subwoofer - placed it behind recliners hidden away
      Sony 350W soundbar - got also for $150 - had some fancy wifi features - useless to me, actually seems to make it slower than the LG - but wireless subwoofer, and sounds good enough - close enough to the LG

      with a big tv, if u dont want to sacrifice the subwoofer sounds, i reckon u look at these options.. all the stuff i got was in mint condition but it was an exercise to keep scouting and getting in before others..

    • I'm using the 1280 for my cheap tv that doesnt have a great sound. I connected them with optic cable that came with it.
      Sound is great but if you can spend a bit more it's better to have something with HDMI that can turn on-off automatically and doesn't need to use a separate volume remote.
      Also edifier speakers only have a small lights on the side, blu for Bluetooth, red for Opt/coax, green for line in. Not visible from the front. No sound indication when they connect, disconnect, turn on,off. Nor stand by after inactivity.
      No one argues the sound quality at this price point, but it's good to know that they lack all the features that all other Bluetooth speakers have.

  • does anyone know where can i find stands for them?

  • How are these as front - L & R paired with Onkyo AV receiver?

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      They're all active speakers ie don't need an amp. You should be looking at passive speakers with significantly better quality if you have an Onkyo amp.

      • Thanks mate

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    R1280DB vs R1700BT………… Spent 2 hours…. I'm really bad at making decisions.

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      I have the r1280db and they sound a bit dead, not great speakers. I would opt up. If I judged the entire range on the r1280db I wouldn't get another set, but there's not enough in them to take a chance either now.

      • Are you running them via Bluetooth or optical/RCA? Sounded quite good imo via Optical (though they don't stand a chance against my PSB T1/B1's as you'd expect).

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      1700 sounds crisper, clearer and less muddy to me. Sure the 1280 has "more bass" but the mids and highs don't sound as good. Have a listen on YouTube, you can tell the difference. But it also depends on your taste and what you're using them for.

      • Yeah, I've watched those vids to see if I wanted the 1700 also, but I'm not convinved. Had the 1280 on the bedroom tv, wasn't much better than the TV. Moved em out to the wife's home-office who's less discerning.

        • What didn't you like about the 1700? Sounds like you need something more high end. They're decent enough for the price and what I use them for in the office. But yeah, I'd definitely go for something higher for serious music or entertainment needs.

          • @FT: It’s hard to tell from the YT. They're noticeably different though. Just after something more lively, maybe bassier. Potentially a 2.0 with option for a .1 I can use in a couple situations.

    • Thanks! ordered R1700BT brown

  • I'm confused is this one speaker? so I need to buy 2 for a stereo setup?

    • Nice pickup! Says Speaker no Speakers

    • no it's a pair

  • Can you use the DB’s for Xbox one with optical?

    • I plug my consoles into my TV and then optical from TV to my non-4k amp

      • Well I have a monitor with no audio. Wanting something that will connect with my Xbox.

  • Seeing as I didn't get any bites over at the wireless1 deal, can anybody weigh in here.

    I'm replacing a Logitech z5500 to downsize. I've had them setup in stereo as 2.1 and have quite often had them set at 3/4 volume. Which of the edifier range would suit my needs with some decent bass as desktop speakers with mostly music, and the odd YouTube (usually have a headset on).

    • They are all about 1/4 of the RMS watt output of the legendary Z-5500. F you are pumping 3/4 volume and not audible two doors down the street, you have source line level issues to consider. You have to understand that you are undertaking a downsize and can't expect these speakers to be as good as your current setup. I downgraded to a Yamaha Sound Bar which is probably inferior to bookshelf speakers and found myself up sizing back to the Z-5500's.

      • Hmm mmmm, minus the sub (the main bulk I want to get rid of), surely the output of one of these would have to be better than 2 standalone logitech speakers.

        My system is fully functioning (even the display), I just need to downsize the bulk of the system as the desk is being moved into a main living area. The z5500 is overkill and too bulky.

        If I can achieve similar audible sound to the z5500 for treble/mids with bass of decent sized logitech bpom/megaboom, I'd be happy. The 1855 seems to have bigger drivers than the z5500s, just whether they have a little bit of bass or not.

        As a side question, do any of them wake from sleep if you attach a chrome cast audio?

        • I've got the 1280s and they don't turn off unless I do it manually so I guess they don't need waking up…

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    Ordered the Edifier R1700BT in brown. Thanks!

  • I have the 1280DB connected to turntable and they are fantastic, great sound!

  • damn, I just pull the trigger for 1855DB in wireless1, it's $10 more expensive there.

    • With what code? PRESS20 doesn't appear to work with Wireless1?

  • Got the R1700BT just realised it doesnt have optical only the R1280DB has it

  • R1280DB seems to be cheapest ever with PRESS20 code

    Got it last year for $80.73:

    Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers 42w (Wood Grain) $80.73 Delivered @ Edifier via Catch

  • Not an audio expert, but does anyone know if its possible to add a subwoofer to 1280DB? If so, what would you guys recommend?

    • what sub are you going to use and what's your audio source?

      • Don't have a sub in mind. Was hoping some recommendations. As for audio source, optical, 3.5mm, sometimes BT when my missus uses it

        • get a bluetooth amplifier to connect both seems the easiest way, as 1280 doesn't have sub out. Or spend more for the R1850DB that has the subwoofer port biult in

          • @bargming: Thanks! No wonder I couldn't find an answer on google. Been trying to look behind the speakers and trying to figure out how to connect it to a sub in the future.

            Sorry for the late reply, busy weekend

  • Just pulled the trigger on the 1700BT. Now to find an input switcher as I'll be connecting these speakers to 3 different computers on my desk. Anyone have any recommendations for such a device?

  • Does anyone have input re: replacing Bose Companion 2 iii with these (I'm thinking R1700BT)? Thanks :)

  • How do the R1700BT compare to Audioengine a2+?

  • Which version of blueteeth on this? Anything lower than v5.0 has significantly lower music quality.

  • These are wireless, but you have to plug them into mains power?

  • Ah crud, was thinking of getting the R1700BT in Black but it's out of stock. Have been thinking about upgrading from default monitor speakers to something (anything) better but I need to do more research first because I got confused by all the stuff about subwoofers and amps and whatnot. Looked like a good deal regardless.

  • Bought but still not posted what's going on?

    • Ordered on Monday but no update yet either. I imagine there is gonna be a lot of orders ahead of mine.

    • Same. Ordered on Friday 27th, still not shipped. Just sent them a message. Will post if I receive a response.

      • Ok thanks, if nothing for more than a week I wonder if you can paypal refund or dispute

        Is it possible for seller out of stock and kept on selling on its eBay store while no stock?

        • Just received a reply with my StarTrack tracking number. I wonder whether they would have shipped my item today had I not enquired about it. Anyway, progress is progress.

    • same

    • I sent a message to Sydneytec earlier and just received an update from eBay to say it has been posted today. Estimated delivery date is still Wed 2nd Dec. Anyone else had their order changed to posted?

    • My speakers just arrived.

  • These arrived today. I get that they are cheap speakers…… but I expected way more considering all the glowing reviews. They sound muddy and average. I don't think I'll be able to listen to music through them - prob ok for youtube…. I'm going to look for something better

    • Which model?

      • R1280DB

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