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[15%OFF Black Friday] Edifier S3000PRO $559.20(OOS), S2000MKIII $399.20(OOS), S350DB $309(OOS), R1280DB $98.99(OOS) @ Wireless 1


15% OFF CODE: BF2020


S3000Pro is cheaper than previous best price ($571.99 Delivered).
S2000MKIII has been as cheap as $391.20 in the past.

R1280DB is great price, cheapest so far this year & both colours available.
S350DB previous best deal was $308.25 Delivered (insufficient quantity deal).

R1855DB is also great price when looking at R1850DB price history.

Free Shipping with $200+ Spend (Otherwise + $6.05 Delivery to Sydney)

Edifier Deals:

- S3000Pro Wireless Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers $559.20 Delivered Out of stock

- S2000MKIII Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers $399.20 Delivered Out of stock

- R1280DB (Black) Active 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers (with Analog / Optical / Coax + BT input) $98.99 Delivered Back in stock Out of stock

(Free with $200 Spend or + $6.05 Delivery)

- R1280DB (Brown) Active 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers (with Analog / Optical / Coax + BT input) $98.99 Delivered Back in stock Out of stock

(Free with $200 Spend or + $6.05 Delivery)

- R1700BT (Black) Active 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf (Analog input + BT only) $128.99 Delivered

Out of stock

(Free with $200 Spend or + $6.05 Delivery)

- R1700BT (Brown) Active 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf (Analog input + BT only) $128.99 $143.65 Delivered Price increased at end of sale

(Free with $200 Spend or + $6.05 Delivery)

- R1855DB Active 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers (with Analog / Optical / Coax + BT input) $175.20 $211.65 Delivered Price increased at end of sale

(Free with $200 Spend or + $6.05 Delivery)

- S350DB Active 2.1 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers (with Analog / Optical / Coax + BT input) $309 Delivered Out of stock


Other Deals (Free Shipping with code: FREES)

- DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K Drone $2399 Delivered

- DJI Mavic Air 2 4K Drone $1399 Delivered

- DJI Mavic Mini Drone $539 Delivered

- AOC I2790VQ 27in FHD IPS Monitor $207 Delivered

- Cooler Master MasterMouse MM711 Lightweight Optical RGB Gaming Mouse - Matte Black $58 Delivered

(Previous best deal $59 Delivered )

- Cooler Master MasterMouse MM710 Lightweight Optical Gaming Mouse $54 Delivered

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  • Anyone know how the R1700 and R1855 compare?

    • R1855DB adds Digital inputs (Optical & Coaxial), subwoofer output, new remote & BT 5.0.

      R1855DB - 2 Analog (RCA) + 2 Digital (Optical & Coax) + BT (5.0) = 5 total inputs and has subwoofer output.
      R1700BT - 2 Analog (RCA) + BT (4.0) = 3 total inputs.

      R1855DB is a new model replacing R1850DB, which added a new remote & BT 5.0.

  • I wish they would update the s3000pro with different colours. Incredible price

  • Wow, that's some great prices.
    Shame I already have a S2000MKIII, otherwise I would definitely get the S3000 Pros at that price.

    Delivery to Perth was quick and painless as well. Quite happy with Wireless 1.

  • When will the code be activated ?

  • Update: So just now (time & date above) while was browsing items and refreshed the page, the tag with “20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY” has been removed from every single product picture. I think website error and the code was leaked early or they decided to extend the 10% off sale. But since the code is “BLACKFRIDAY” I expect it will go live in a few days.

    Note: Black Friday is officially on the 27th November, with some stores (JB HiFi) starting early on 25th.

  • no love for the s350db - or is the code not active yet as above?

  • Tried to grab the S3000PRO but coupon not working hopefully it works soon!

  • Never had one of these, how would these compares to say: Boom Speakers?

  • Good price for these well received speakers

  • how's this speakers compare to Bose sound bar?

    • Or sonos beam

      • Had Sonos beam - not impressed. Not significantly better than TV built in. Also no bluetooth.

        • Have Sonos Beam and liking it so far. My question was more about S3000 Pro vs Sonos Beam mostly in terms of sound quality.

          • @3zzy: Yeh Beam is not bad per sei. It's just with this extra layer and money. I sort of expect it could blow me away.

            • @louuisc: I agree .. its very very good but it didn't blow me away as I expected to after reading the reviews. I'll still keep it though and add ikea speakers for surround.

    • Curious about the same. If I am to use a pair for TV, how is the vocal and base?

      • I have the S3000Pro. Both great. Bass is too "strong" out of box. You can turn it down with the included equalizer.

        You won't get surround sound out of these obviously.

        Stereo speakers are more for music than TV/movies.

      • Deal is now live with new code BF2020. Thanks.

    • Hmm… that's like comparing Coke to beer…. not really in the same functional category….

      Get a sound bar if you want virtual surround decoding. Works well if you can position the bar in the middle of a rectangular-ish room with walls nearby to reflect the surround beams.

      These stereo speakers are much better for music. You can use them for TV of course but that's not really what they are built for - dialogue, for example, won't be properly centred (compared to a sound bar) unless you are sitting in the "sweet spot".

      If you don't care about surround then these will sound way better than any sound bar for 2 channel audio.

      • Thanks so much. What's its base like? Is it decent for movie or it's next to none without a sub?

        • The base is TOO MUCH. I listen to music with the bass knob at one quarter. I don't think anyone needs a sub here. The speaker has an active crossover with separate amplifier for the bass driver, I believe. That's why they quote separate power figures for the tweeter and the woofer.

          But honestly, if you want something to watch movies with, you are better off with a surround decoding soundbar… but high quality ones tend to be far more expensive then $550….

          • @Jinster: Yes. Quality sound bars cost around $800 or plus. I had Sonos beam which cost $450 but it didn't offer much surround sound experience IMHO.

        • I have mine connected to the optical out from the tv the bass is huge. These are big heavy speakers.

    • Deal is now live with new code BF2020. Thanks.

  • code not valid

  • And also how is the bluetooth connection.

    I'm asking because those Yamaha soundbar's bluetooth connection is flaky as hell.

    • The Bluetooth connection for the S3000 is great. Reliable, with no drop outs or other issues in the month or so I have had them, and the quality is fantastic.

  • Any deals on the Edifier 350D?

  • these look tempting, but my old set of Logitech Z-2300 are still working fine………

  • Oh man I've been looking for the s2000mkiii.

  • That's a great way to build some hype for your Friday sale, "accidentally" releasing the codes and waiting for it to hit OzBargain.

  • Can you use this as one speaker (Mono)? E.g. put one in different room and play music individually?

    • Hi only the S3000Pro model is true wireless between speakers.
      But the wireless distance between speakers is limited & it is designed to be used with both speakers in the same room.

      If you must have speakers in different rooms, try Sonos or other wireless WiFi speakers.

  • S3000PRO - the priced has changed. was $699, now its $859.
    with 20% off we're looking at $687.2…
    Price jack?

    • Looks like it got slashed to 657.88, with a 15% coupon BF2020.

      Price goes down to OP original 559.20.

      It's live, I just bought.

    • $687 that must be an error, that’s how much it cost when released.
      It’s Black Friday.

      The first price I ever saw was when it was released at $699.
      Here is record of the Pre-order (order before release): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/478926

      At one point Edifier bumped up the price to $1143 on their official website, probably to make the $699 store prices more appealing.

      So deals have been going for around $600-$650 which are the ‘regular friday’ prices.
      With the best deal ever being $571 Delivered

      So Black Friday price should be lower than that, honestly was expecting it dip into the low $500’s.

    • Nice, super relieved for the price slash! Grabbed one.. or maybe two?
      Problem my first purchase didn't go through because of a stupid cashrewards pop-up and that it went through with zip pay…
      However no invoice or confirmation receipt/order number email.
      I was scared as 10 minutes went by and still no email so i bought it again but because zip pay account limit was $1000 i couldn't use that again;
      went with paypal and then it went through and got the order number and receipt emails.

      Now to sort out that stuff with zippay….

  • S3000pro is out of stock as I was checking out. So sad.

    • Only a matter of time.
      I suspect stock levels are low to start with.
      Shops do many ‘sales’ leading up to Black Friday (one just before this was 10% off code, this one is 15% off) so by the time Black Friday comes they can sell just a few products at the lowest price and get the attention.

      You could consider the S2000MKIII, it is very similar to the S3000Pro only slightly smaller. Main differences being 5.5 inch woofer instead of 6.5 inch of S3000Pro, and there is a long wire connecting the two speakers (S3000Pro uses wireless technology, but that means you have to plug both speakers into a power point).

  • Will we get cashback?

  • I don't see R1855DB in edifier website (au/us) and also in amazon. is this a legit product?

  • I don't see R1855DB in edifier website (au/us) and also in amazon. is this a legit/new product?
    what do you think R1855DB vs R1700BTS

  • Can the edifier experts weigh in, I'm replacing a logitech z5500 to reduce bulk, which range would I be looking at for desktop audio? I don't need crazy bass as they'll be on a desk, but something with a bit of punch would be nice. I'm. Not overly sold on the timber finish of the s2000 and up series, just not sure about the output across the range.

    They're main use will be music and YouTube with the odd day really maxing the out, think room filling sound. I could never Max out the logitech but 3 quarters wasn't uncommon!

  • I have ordered the S3000 Pro's last night, and it does not show up on the my orders page on the website, which is making me worried now. Wondering if anyone else is facing the same issue

    • Same, I got a invoice and orders number tho. You can go to their google wireless1 orders to see where your order is.

      • Just herd back from the wireless1 team, there's an issue with the website, but if you have received your invoice then the order is with them.

  • Pulled the trigger last night. Got the invoice but haven't got the shipping notice yet. Do the OP knows the shipping time frame with Wireless 1?

    Amazon has spoiled us with its prime shipping I have to admit.

  • Is there that much of a discernible difference in bass between the s2000 mkiii and the s3000 Pro?

    Obviously the Pro is sold out but I'd happily wait if it's significantly noticable.


  • Ah can see it's mentioned above.

  • R1280DB is Back in stock, both Black & Brown available.

    Deal ends soon. Be quick.

    • Both now out of stock.
      Also code is still live, but price increases on some products.
      Products with whole link crossed out like this Sold out at that price.

  • I've received my S2000MKIII today. To my surprise, they are great. Actually, they are excellent.

    I didn't know much about this brand so I was a bit reluctant to commit to the more expensive S3000PRO. But now I'd like to.

    Sadly Wireless1 cannot do an exchange in my case which I understand, besides the return postage won't be cheap. (I wish I bought this from Amazon…! )

    Anyone in Melbourne who missed out this deal and wants a S2000MKIII. Let me know.

    • I could be. Commenting to bookmark your post.

      I need to re-read the difference between the interfaces to work out what I wanted out of them for myself. From memory I think I preferred the s2000 connections so I could be in touch. 👍

      • No prob. I’ve put them back to the box and waiting for you (or anyone) to come back to me.

        • Thanks. I think it was the usb feature I was chasing to reduce the need for another power outlet, in order to run a chrome cast but then the s3000s kind of negate that anyway (if used on a desktop close together) as they both require a power outlet also. I just don't like bulk/clutter.

          I'm yet to look but will hopefully get back to you tonight. I think the marginally smaller footprint was a plus for me too as they're going on a fairly cramped desk space.

          Feel free to pass them on if someone beats me to it.

      • What’s the difference between S2000 and S3000 in terms of connections?

  • Finally received my S2000mkiii. God damn it they're beautiful and sound awesome.

    I'm in a bit of a bind now as I also want to know what the S3000pro sound like in comparison…So annoying! But I am more than impressed by the sound of the S2000 so I might just stick with them. Also, the S3000s are a bit bigger still than the S2000 and those bad boys only JUST fit behind the TV, so I'd have to move the S3000 out completely.