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Lintelek Fitness Tracker $9.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like the blue is gone, the red is still ok https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07TD8NK84?th=1.

Was looking for a reasonably priced band and found this. Available in blue and red at this price. This seems to be a price error or this is just the band but that's not what the description states… No idea about the product quality. At this price, I would not expect much… Amazon reviews seem OK even though some complain about accuracy and battery life.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker with Connected GPS, IP67 Waterproof Smart Fitness Band with Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Pedometer for Kids Women and Men

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Thanks OP, will be a good gift for my parents.

    All the other colours are $40

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      Be aware that this is a sketchy ad; the $9.95 is for …
      "Colour: Blue + Black Replacement Band"
      note the word 'band'.

      Selecting one of the 'colours' at left reveals the true price.

      Not so much a 'pricing error' as misleading.

      • The top review from australia says they got the watch for $10

        • I stand corrected - the ad has now changed and all variants are $9.99.
          Mea culpa.

          • @AnneThrope: Pretty sure from what I can see from the order it's the device with a blue band AND it comes with a black replacement band.

      • we'll have to wait and see..

        Not much risk with Amazon's customer service. Easily returnable/refundable if it does turn out to be just the bands.

  • Damn, so cheap!

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    Same price for Colour: Red + Black Replacement Band


  • Got a red one for the missus, thanks OP.

  • I don't think it is a price error. "Red + Black Replacement Band" means a red replacement band and a black replacement band. Not a red tracker and a black replacement band.

    • Its a red tracker and black replacement band, why would it have watch functions listed otherwise.

  • Got one let see what will come, picture and descriptions indicates watch of color A plus replacement band of color B.

  • Why are the other colours $43+?

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    Wish it was 1 cent more to combine with this

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    i reckon its been $10 for at least around 2weeks. Below is one of the reviews for the item which appears to have been bought Nov14 for $10.
    So i assume $10 already included the watch itself and not just the band.
    i purchased 3! Thanks OP! :)

    "Reviewed in Australia on 14 November 2020
    Colour: Blue + Black Replacement BandVerified Purchase
    Super cheap little watch. Handy for the kids and surprised on the quality for $10! Thanks!"

    • Yeah, great deal confirmed!!

  • Why i can't check it out. Every time I clicked ""Add to cart" it jumped to the page showing "Your Amazon Cart is empty. Check your Saved for later items below or continue shopping.".

    I have logged in to my Amazon account.

  • Can it be combined with the $10 cashback offer from cashrewards if the total order is over $10

  • All gone it seems

  • Already gone

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    Missed out on it by like 10 seconds :')

    Review is here for those who bought: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WTCPFjobARk

  • Damn, wish I saw this before I made an order earlier today!

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    Received mine today (delivered by Amazon themselves) , included the Lintelek Fitness Tracker and 2 Bands.
    Now i will play with it .

  • got mine today. couldnt charge it. not sure what the issue is. couldnt turn it on either

    • *edited. Nvm, found it on the site description :)
      I will try to charge it later

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      Just plug it in to the USB port opposite to the way you had it in . ( the way you thought it should go)

      • shouldnt metal be in contact with metal?
        i tried charging it for very long but nothing happened it still wouldnt turn on.

        • Try to turn it around. I was struggle a bit to get it charged. As soon as it connected, the screen will show up

  • Does anyone have trouble connecting the unit with iPhone on 14.2 iOS? I tried 2 phones and 1 ipad. None of them found the tracker via Bluetooth or VeryFitPro app.

  • Received my watch but it looks really fake. No sign of the Lintelek brand anywhere and even though the Amazon listing says it's waterproof, the manual says to not use the watch near water….

    I can't even get it to charge in either direction I'm plugging it in, but I guess it's only $10.

    Edit: Got a refund from Amazon.

  • Just picked up mine today, and it does charge so that's good news lol

    For me, the watch curves DOWNWARDS on my laptop's usb port. It did not work on ZMI Desktop Fast Charger so worth trying another usb port if it doesn't work on the first.

  • I received mine today. Cant seem to turn it on or charge it. Tried various chargers and laptop USB ports, plugged it in different directions, and still wont charge. Box and instructions look different to the ones when you google or youtube the product name.

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    hey everyone, so THIS is what the actual product is supposed to look like.


    If you received some generic knock off "Smart Band" it is a fake product. I've contacted amazon and they are going to refund me.


    • Lintelek brand on the box and manual

    • ID115Plus model on the instructions

    • The back of the watch is supposed to flash green when you go to check HR

    • The REAL app is at the bottom of Lintelek website - which is DIFFERENT to what was in my instruction manual https://lintelek.com/product/115p-hr/

    • I also have not been able to pair up the watch with my phone on any app, so the time will always be wrong :(

    • Checked mine against the video - it's a fake - will be talking with Amazon.

      • Spoke with Amazon and they are going to refund me.

    • Thanks for reporting it! I haven't received mine yet but will check carefully when arrived. I was planning to park it until Xmas as it is a present for the family, guess I'll have to look for something else…

      • thanks for the heads up CodeXD!

        going to return mine too