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Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER MINI ITX OC 6G $292 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Original eBay 20% off Eligible Items Coupon Deal

Cheapest 1660 Super card ever posted on OzBargain (considering this includes delivery)?

Very good value card in terms of price-to-performance. Very capable in 1080p performance (although maybe not ultra high refresh), and entry level to 1440p (which might need some dial-down on settings), and excellent ITX form factor. It also has a decent heatsink with proper fin-stack and heatpipe implementation, rather than the old intel-style heatsink and fan on "lower" end models such as the ASUS Phoenix, Zotac mini range.

Official product webpage: https://www.gigabyte.com/au/Graphics-Card/GV-N166SIXOC-6GD

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  • How much of a difference does only having 1 fan have? Should I get this or wait for cyber monday?

    • Should I get this or wait for cyber monday?

      I don't think there's room to beat this price by much.

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      Difference in terms of…? I'm assuming you mean general performance in relation to noise and temperature?

      I'm using this card in my SG05 ITX build, which I place on my desk. At stock default, when it's on full load I can hear the fan (it's loud, but not like someone shouting at you loud). I don't hear it any more if I put on my earphones (although if someone's working next to you, it may affect him/her). It is around 70-75C under full load?

      I'm not interested in overclocking to the max so I don't know about how far the card can be pushed. However, I undervolt my card for less heat (the airflow isn't great in a small ITX case, so anything helps) and less noise (it's right next to my monitor and I share working area, and my case is quite ventilated that means sounds too) as I set my fan curve to have the fan spin no more than ~1760rpm under full load. At 950 (or 975?) mV the card was still able to boost to stable ~1910MHz when under stress testing in Valley Benchmark (~74-76C). I settled with 900mV and it's at 1875MHz stable boost (~69-72C), so still 90MHz over stock spec.

      And agreeing with Merlict above, I don't think there's much room to beat the current price. I don't think it'll go lower until next year when the next gen entry/mainstream cards are out.

    • It's not as bad as you might think. These mid range, low power GPU's are usually fine with just one fan

  • Thanks very much for this OP! Been looking for a GTX 1660 Super at sub-$300 and I'm glad I saw this post. Umart was selling the Phoenix for $299 but I saw this and pulled the trigger.

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      =D Glad this is helpful

      This 1660 Super is much better than the Phoenix lol. I just don't think anything with >75W should have only a intel CPU heatsink-like implementation.

  • Can this mine Bitcoin?

  • Thanks OP, got one. Hoping this will suit cases similar to Sentry 2.0

  • Bugger… was looking up the specs and it went out of stock…. :( Oh well… hopefully something similar comes up on CM.

    • o.O just saw the sold history and someone bought 4

      Hopefully Cyber Monday will be just as good or even better.

  • This or the MSI GTX1660 6GB Ventus XS OC @ $287.20 ?

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      The 1660 Super is roughly ~8-12% better performing than the non-S 1660 (if going with these benchmark values by TechSpot/Hardware Unboxed), for, in this case when on sale, ~1.7% more cost. So I'd say any 1660 Super costing $310 or less, will have the same or better price-to-performance value as a vanilla $287.20 GTX 1660.

  • Is there much difference compared to this one :

    MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER AERO ITX OC 6GB Video Card @ $299

    • That's a very nice price for the MSI Aero, as most other places are selling from $370.

      Performance wise they should be the same. The MSI Aero is supposed to have better heatsink and hence cooling than the Gigabyte implementation (may be quieter as well). Some suggested the Aero's heatsink seems to have a vapour chamber (?), but I couldn't find any teardown online to verify. At the very least it seems to have more copper in its heatsink under the fin stack for better heat distribution. So, if BPC's shipping makes the final price $310, I think it's well worth it and a good bargain.

      EDIT: Just realised BPC is offering free shipping, I would jump on the deal if you are after a 1660 Super under $300 (and especially if you want a small form factor one, which I'd say it's the best one). It's worth a separate deal post.