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2×Aperol Aperitivo 700ml + 2×Zonin Prosecco Brut Nv 750ml (Was ~$80) $36 @ BWS


Put 2×Aperol Aperitivo and 2×Zonin Prosecco in your cart to get this great deal. It makes each Aperol $13.30 and each Prosecco $4.70. Bargain! Get them while they last!

You can do less but the value is not quite as good.

Or with the ShopBack 30% deal you can get 5 bottles of each for $90 and then get $24.55 cashback = $65.45! Ended at 5pm AEDT Extended until 9pm AEDT.

Also check your Woolworths Everday Rewards emails and boost BWS to collect 2000 points (worth $10). I had to spend $70 but I saw someone else had to spend $50. It may be a different amount for you.

PS. First post. Enjoy!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Also if you are quick and have not used the 30% shopback. Then add that for a ridiculously awesome bargain

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    with shopback 30% deal you could get 5 bottles of each for $90 and then get $25 cashback = $65!

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    adds to cart

  • Aperol Aperitivo 700mL 1 bottle x $13.30

    Zonin Prosecco 1 bottle x $8.70

    Subtotal: $22.00
    You've saved: -$26.00

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    Great deal. Bought. With 30% ShopBack.

  • Is anyone else getting payment declined on all BSW purchases?

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      yes but all okay on BWS purchases

  • My last search before finding this was "Aperol spritz recipe". Just ordered with the shop back 30% - payment went through fine. Thank you!!!

  • This will be fixed soon I think, bought 2 of each, lets hope they honor it.

  • Pricing error?

  • Huuuuuuuuge deal ready for the hot weekend!!! Got 2 bottles of each + a bottle of Makers 46 for good measure. $70 all up :)

    • u mean $67.20 right?

      $96 all up, 30% discount, $67.20

      • I believe its closer to $70 due to cashback being exclusive of GST. Happy to be mathematically corrected, especially if I am saving another couple of $$

        • I thought the same but the order I put thru with CR and Dan's this morning tracked based on the full price (I thought it would be less).

          • @whitelie: I have found with the cashback services they often track at a high rate and are quietly adjusted later before payout time. Don't trust that the tracked amount is final - it is not.

  • Nice find! Thanks OP

  • That is sensational OP!! thanks a lot, got it ordered

  • Weird, BWS not coming up in SB!

    • Was on the main page for me due to the 30% promo

  • Thanks ..Bought with CR for $10 bonus cashback

  • Nice Deal OP, just received the text to go pick up!

  • Any beers deals OP???

  • Awesome, ordering now!

    Odd that one pair is $22, but two pairs is $36 ($18ea)… also doesn't get any cheaper if you add more :)

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      No one knows how it works! The mysteries of the internet. Don't question it. I did not create it, I just play the game.

      • +1

        Drinking mine already! :)

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    Thanks OP! Reminds me of Summer Holidays whilst trapped in my appartment.

    For those who dont know the amazingly simple recipe:

    * 60mL Aperol Aperitivo
    * 60mL prosecco
    * 30mL soda water
    * Orange wedge, to garnish
    * Ice

    * Fill a wine glass with ice
    * Add all ingredients to wine glass
    * Stir with long spoon and garnish with orange wedge

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      Thanks, because I had no idea what to do with these lol

      • If you find it too bitter, change the ratio from equal amounts to 45ml/75ml or thereabouts

        Can also use the Aeperol in a variation of a Negroni which makes it far less bitter than using Campari.

        • I don't want bitter at all haha

      • I'm planning to give them away when I attend Xmas dinners

    • +1

      thanks.. i dont drink but bought it anyway because my OB spirit is strong

  • PS. First post. Enjoy!

    Strong first post!
    Ended up at $38 for me for some reason but still a bargain. Thanks OP!

    • $38…that is weird. Thanks and Merry Christmas! …also Happy Black Friday

  • Great first post OP. Thank you! Got my order in.

  • This is definitely a price error - I got this discount accidentally a few weeks ago and couldn't believe my luck! Thought they would have closed the loophole by now..!

    • +2

      You didn't expose it to OzB. Will be closed shortly I imagine

    • How did the loophole work? I just bought and I can't figure out what the saving was.

      2 bottles @ $19 per bottle
      You saved $28.6
      product image
      aperitivo 700ml
      2 bottles @ $29 per bottle
      You saved $31.4

  • Excellent post OP. Here's to hoping they honour it.

  • +1

    I don't even drink these but I grabbed it, plus some Cat Amongst The Pigeons which are on special for members $19 + CB makes a good deal!

  • Aperol sounds like a drug to make you fall asleep.

  • is anyone having trouble logging into shopback?

    Update your password to keep your account secure
    To prevent any unauthorised access, passwords need to be updated regularly. We’ll send you an OTP at the next step to verify your account, after which you can set a new password.

    • Yep, I had that but worked hard to get through the frustration to ensure I got the 30% cash back before 5pm

      • Yeh i figured it out, my screen size was too big so I couldn't click on the "verify account" button. I had to put my screen back to 100% scale, it was on 150%

        • Just have to hope it tracks now.

  • +3

    Picked up just now, BWS worker said it’s not a pricing error.

    • +9

      If you manage to pick it up please don't mention anything about it being a pricing error (it might get them to look into it).

      • +4

        Always someone…

    • Given that the website says 1 of each for $35 (actually comes to $23 when they're in the cart) and you get 2 for $36/38, there must be some sort of error going on. Not complaining though!

  • +3

    I got for $38. Thanks OP :D

    • +1


      • It's $38 instead of $36 on the app for 2 aperol, 2 zonin. That could be what they mean (but it's not a deal…)?

  • Missed out on the 30% cashback because my laptop died in the middle, still a great deal though. Thanks OP!

    • its still on isnt it?

      BWS: Shop Spirits
      30.00% Upsized Cashback

      • The cashback ended at 5pm and when i clicked through it only showed 2%

        • it has changed now to 2%, but when I clicked on it it still had 30%. Will I still get 30%??

      • Daylight savings time 🤦 only 4.15 pm here in QLD

  • Doesn’t appear to work for me coming up as $86
    Edit had the wrong Prosecco (Rose).
    Does still work.
    Thanks OP

  • Subtotal: $96.00
    You've saved: -$8700

    • How many did you order?..

      • I ordered the makers mark 46 aswell

        Maker's 46
        46 kentucky straight bourbon whisky 700ml
        1 bottle @ $60 per bottle
        You saved $27
        product image
        2 bottles @ $19 per bottle
        You saved $28.6
        product image
        aperitivo 700ml
        2 bottles @ $29 per bottle
        You saved $31.4

        • Well played sir. Join the club

  • Could use suncorp giftcards for 5% off

  • Thank you so much!

  • excellent deal,

    Didnt buy because I have so much alcohol and I dont drink these, but still want!!

  • Just picked mine up , thanks op..

  • +1

    Thanks OP, first the Asahi and now this ! Great deal (and no way this is not a price error).

    • Asahi?

      • Just another BWS price error I posted this morning

  • ShopBack only shows 2% for me?

    • Cashrewards 10% is still available (and slightly more reliable IMO).

    • apparently the 30% shopback stopped at 5pm

    • Higher rate was 1-5 AEDT only…just missed it

      • Shopback is saying 30% cashback 5PM-9PM AEDT for me. They may have extended it.

        • Just checked, looks like you're right!
          Might be some chasing up for people that got caught in the middle and copped 2%

  • Thanks. Ordered

  • Check the total price. Pay Pal charges me an extra $30

  • $38 charged for me, still a good deal!

  • Did anyone managed to get it for $25.20 with the 30% shopback?

    • Mines been about half an hour, still waiting for pick up confirmation text but just got the SB tracking email, $14.31 tracked. Cost me $38, so will end up at $23.69….bargain!

      • My store has texted me that its available for pickup, but my SB hasn't tracked yet

  • charged me $36.00 for the 2+2 deal

  • Wow. what a great deal. Best one all day! Nice work!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, picked up before it's too late hehe

    • Just in the local in Vic and they had about 6 ready to go ;)

  • Bought 5 lots, thanks OP!

  • Keen to try this at such a good price, thanks OP

  • Tempted to get another round, $4.60 for the processo is tempting, but not sure what to do with the Aperol spritz cos I never drank that before.

    • Me too but just wanted to stick to ozb policy buy now think later lol! Nevertheless it looks like it’s not the same price anymore

      • +3

        This is one of the first bargains i bought before I even analysed how much I actually saved hahaha

      • I bought another round, couldn't help myself for $36 hahaha

        Edit: Forgot to use cashrewards 10%, doh!

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