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20% Off Sitewide on Gift Boxes @ BananaLab


Finding the right gift is like a unicorn, it’s either spectacularly perfect or it doesn’t exist. Whether it’s for a Kris Kringle, a wedding gift, birthday present or an anniversary, you don’t want to buy something for the sake of it and risk it being re-gifted, tossed or thrown to the back of the closet.
That’s why we have BananaLab! Gift boxes that offer unique experiences, packaged like a present.
The concept is simple, BananaLab is a Gift Box that contains a Booklet presenting a wide range of experiences and a Voucher. When the gift box is offered as a gift, the recipient can then browse the range of experiences in the box and they can choose and book its preferred experience and using the voucher for payment (the voucher is included in the BananaLab).

Bargain example:
Buy the "Her Ultimate Experience" Experience Gift Box (https://www.bananalab.com.au/products/her-ultimate-experienc...) for $239.20 instead of $299.
The gift recipient will choose from over 150+ Amazing Experiences for her like Skydiving, Horse riding, Flyboarding, Rap jumping, Hairstyling, Float session, Aroma pamper pack, Hot air balloon, Chef special lunch, Sailing cruise, Cooking class, Wine education workshop. A Fantastic offer that satisfies all tastes.
Valid for up to 3 years

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