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eufy 2C 2x Cam + Homebase 2 $350.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Part of the black friday sale, I've had my eye on this kit for a while, best price yet according to camel 🐪🐪 (the camel lied it was cheaper at SCA). Hopefully helpful to someone!

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Solid kit. Worth every cent

  • +2

    By 'best price yet', I would say to others that that doesn't mean the lowest it's ever been (or was that the intention?)

    I picked up this kit for $279.97 with the last Super Cheap Auto sale.

    • Ahh, I just punched it into camel, though it does say it checks third party sites 🤷‍♂️. That's a good deal you got by the looks!

    • Shame it seems no one could repeat it for BF/CM. I would get it at SCA old price.

    • What's your opinion on using it? Much chop? Any good?

      • I had some major issues at one point and the internet/forums highlighted the issue that others couldn't resolve. Took me ages as I went through the troubleshoot and reset the unit multiple times to get it fixed, even contacting Amazon (where I bought it from) for a return and refund, which they agreed to even after more than a year of owning it.

        In the end, I found the issue to be with my router setup (DUH!). I run a DNS server to watch Netflix US and (dns4me) and that was causing all kinds of havoc to the Eufy. with the dns4me, you occasionally have to update the IP on their end so that the service works for you. I realised that everytime the DNS service was down, it also caused issued to the EUFY despite all other devices connected to the router working fine as they should.

        Don't know how or why the DNS impacts Eufy, but I've disconnected the service and Eufy works fine. You'll need a good 2.4ghz router.

  • Does anyone know if there's any issues ordering one from China via AliExpress? Does it still work the same as ordering from Australia? Currently it is $190usd so about $257.

  • What’s the best Eufy system to buy?

  • So the 4 can set with 365 day battery is the best

    Thanks for that mate

    Do you recommend this brand? Is the image motion fast or delayed? How do they compare to a wired system like Hikvision?

    Sorry I’m new to all this

    • +1

      I have wired dahua (think BMW vs Merc -Hikvision ) at home, but I've been looking into a wireless version

      It's been a while, but generally wired is always the best, but will cost you more for a decent (image quality) set up
      + little or no lag
      + get a turret version of the camera (not dome)
      + get the "starlight" version of the cameras
      - can be pain in the ass to set up
      - need to run cables around the house or an electrician to run the network cables for you (saves you putting your foot though the ceiling, but $$$$)
      - decent quality night vision cameras can be more expensive

      reason for Eufy when comparing to other brands ie.. Arlo
      + no storage/cloud costs
      + long battery life ( I haven't really looked at Arlo for reason above)

      * https://ipcamtalk.com/forums/ — Forum by brand for wired systems
      * https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/dahua-2mp-starlight-lineup.147... — starlight version
      * https://www.amazon.com.au/HOLACA-Gutter-Panel-Weatherproof-A... — gutter mount for eufy

      • Thanks for the info

        Seems eufy is a great choice

        On that side note of think BMW vs Merc, both a great equal cars if I’m not wrong

      • +1

        I started to go this route (i7 laptop, ups, 3 hikvision cameras, poe switch, blue iris, ran ethernet), probably put 700 into the setup but I hate it. App costs $$ and looks bad (admittedly I haven't used it). Laptop runs at HIGH cpu constantly for just 3 cameras (how much power is that using?). Then I have to worry about whether the laptop stops running etc. I have to place a hot laptop and ups somewhere in the house that has good ventilation that's also out of sight and accessible by ethernet.

        Getting really tempted to throw it all away and go with the eufy cameras, I have the eufy doorbell and it's pretty great. Battery life with movement detection is pretty bad but otherwise really happy with it.

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    Got this exact pack for $300 today at JB Hifi. Price matched tecobuy.com

    • Nice, I might just do the same thanks mate.

      • +1

        Sounds like I'll be giving this ago in the morning thanks

    • Went to the Springvale JB, the staff look at the Tocobuy and find it is an HK based company, can't match. You must be luck!

      • I got the same rejection reason from chaddy today too :(

    • Cancelled my order to try this, denied. Lucky there was still stock! Fancy showing a receipt for proof?

      • Sadly showing a receipt for proof I don't believe will help in this scenario because they are not really supposed to be doing this I believe the original person got lucky and they ordered it for myself because of my experience.

        Honestly I spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone and collecting the item for the $25 difference I think it's a good purchase still if you contact JB sales number

    • I'd tried at Office Works too, same rejection reason - HK based company. Anyone find any Aus based website that still has a decent pricing to price beat with?

      • Try the JB sales phone number I got a basket text sent to my phone for roughly 325

  • Here is a basic question from me as a newbie going from Arlo to Eufy: with local storage, does that mean I won't have access to the recordings via the eufyapp when I'm offsite? (arlo pro 2 comes with free 7 day cloud so this isn't a problem)

    • +1

      No, recordings are available via the app still.

      • awesome, thanks!

  • +2

    The story of my price match journey with tecobuy
    Firstly I called the JB sales number they said it was grey market and the best price they could do was basically 325
    Then I called my local store and ended up getting put on hold for roughly 10 minutes then the lady said she would check with the manager and she couldn't guarantee anything after 38 minutes nobody returned to the phone it even automatically went off hold and I could hear the girls serving people at the counter I was like hello hello hello no response I rang back very nicely and explained what happened I was put through to a manager he even mentioned red flags referring to the fact of the warranty basically stating they were grey market imports but because of my crazy long wait time on the phone call before hand he went to his manager and got approval 40 minutes later I went in store and picked mypackage up they even had it ready at the counter I paid $300 and it's currently sitting sealed on my bed. Personally I don't believe I would have received this kind of service unless I went through the drama of spending 38 minutes for somebody not to get back on the phone. Thank you OP and thank you to the individual that manage to price match before me

    Apologies for any miss spelling or grammar errors I'm on the turkey

    For anybody interested I think there is a very good possibility to call the sales team and at least get it to 325

  • Can this be added as extra 2 cameras to an existing 4 pack eufy 2c ?

    • Homebase support up to 16 Cameras, so Yes

  • 350 isn't exactly peanuts, Ive no idea where to start with all this but wireless might by my entry level of stuffing-aroundabilt-ise. Friend recommended the the Google nest cam, but that's like 250 a cam.

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