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CatGenie 120 12% off - $369 + $25.90 delivery @ CatGenie Australia


It's $50 off, the cheapest I've come across this unit since last year (The RRP is up $20 since then)
They only have a standard package these days, adding accessories like the dome when purchasing comes with $5-$10 further discount.

This is NOT the AI version available in USA with app support.

Features : Completely Self-Washing - Never Touch Cat Litter Again
  • Washable granules are thoroughly washed and dried during each cleaning cycle for fresh use every time!

  • One CatGenie unit is great for households with up to 3 cats.

  • Running your CatGenie costs as little as $4.20 per week with our 1-Year Mega Combo (for one cat).

  • Customisable avtivation settings, choose from auto-start, manual start, or cat activation

  • SaniSolution cartridge lasts from 120 - 240 washes & the CatGenie unit will alert you when the cartridge has 40, 30, 20, 10 washes left and when it's empty.

  • Environmentally friendly granules are biodegradable and septic safe.

  • Fresh Scent SaniSolution means your cat's litter box has never smelled so good!

  • Completely safe for Pets, People and the Environment, the SaniSolution formula has the same ingredients used for sanitising Veterinarian rooms

You Need:

  • Cold water supply from toilet, washing machine
  • Electrical outlet nearby
  • Space for the drain or toilet hose
  • Space for the large unit: 63x49x50cm

Shipping & Warranty:

  • Standard eParcel $25.90
  • Express based on postcode (ranges $45 to $110)
  • 90 day money back guarantee (you may need this if your cat is fussy)
  • 2 year warranty - local support line, Australian stock

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