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Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Black/White $39.95 (RRP $99), Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Pro/ V3 $299/ $499 + Shipping or C&C @ PC Byte


Ive been in contact with PCByte to negotiate a few deals for you guys.

This time it is the Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle in Black or White. Full local warranty with AU plug

YouTube review

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle White V-SK152A

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Black V-SK152B

Last time posted ozbargain was $68 @ Wireless1 and even cheaper than the xiaomi official store selling it @ $99.

Edit: They also have price matched Official Mi Store Xiaomi Viomi Robot Vaccum Cleaner with 24 month warranty

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2-V-RVCLM21B

Xiaomi Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner V-RVCLM26B

As always enjoy and keep an eye for more deals im current negotiating

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +2

    AU plug or is an adapter required?

    • +11

      AU plug.
      Local stock

      • Any chance they can do another round for the black kettles? I didn't get it last time cause I already ordered the Kogan one. But I'm returning it cause it's trash. Would love this one.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought one for pickup.

    Shame about the 1% surcharge though.

    • where's the option for pickup?

      • At the final step of checkout, after entering address etc.

  • +8

    Love to buy it, but $10 shipping turned me down.

    • Kogan is selling theirs for the same price and free shipping with Kogan first. Please help me decide!!

      • +1

        Kogan one is wifi based, google assist friendly. This one is bluetooth based but insulated which keeps heat better.
        If you are up to smart functions then Kogan. If you are more into the keeping warm function then this one. Also this one looks prettier in my opinion;)

        • Thanks for letting me know. This one looks better but I want to turn on my kettle from upstairs.

          • +2

            @Rakibul: Then definitely kogan one is better. This one doesn't even allow you to boil the water with your mobile app nor Google assistant.

  • Nice looking kettle, missus was pissed when i bought the kogan smart one the other week, doesnt help that its super slow compared to our old one. Might not buy this one, damn :(

    • same, been eyeing this one for ages but I just bought the kogan one last week

      • +1

        Can you provide a short review on the Kogan one?

    • +4

      A kettle for you and a kettle for her. It's a win-win.

      • +14

        Ma and Pa Kettle

    • What was your old fast kettle?

      • +1

        Was a target one with temperature control. Much better

        • Bellini? Brilliant kettle that one

          • @ccrap: Yeh, certainly in comparison to the Kogan one. Think the wife is making me suffer with it now.

            • @dylanando: are we talking hot water scalding or wake up in the morning with the kettle sitting on your head kind?

              • @customundo: Basically the kettle on the head. Using the Kogan kettle is torture enough. I’m here having to pretend how great it is.

    • +14

      Fill the Kogan one with concrete and use it as a kettle bell

      • +2

        Concrete tends to improve most Kogan products.

  • Ahh no pick up left. Guess not then with the shipping ha

  • I normally hate people asking why you'd need a smart whatever, but I'm curious on this one. Variable temps for teas or something? Scheduled turn on in the morning?

    • +2

      With the Kogan Smart Kettle you get to tell Google to turn on, which saves a trip while waiting for boil.

      But I don't see Assistant feature on this one.

      • +2

        Yeah it took me awhile to confirm it, but you can't even boil water remotely.

        Only good to warm milk for new born?

        • Sounds like the Kogan one is much better.

      • But is it smart enough to fill the kettle as well?

  • good find

    • +1

      I just bought one:

      Kettle $39.95
      Delivery $9.90
      PayPal surcharge $0.50

      Total $50.35 (inclusive of $4.58 tax)

      • Can confirm, I received same price!

  • +9

    If I cant ask google to turn this on then its not smart.

  • +1
  • -2

    PayPal (1.0% surcharge) is a deal breaker

    • +5

      that 40 cents surcharge break your wallet?

      • It’s slightly different scenario, but for me if a restaurant has a surcharge for card purchases I’d be less inclined to dine there. I’d rather they just increased the price and made it the same for everyone.

        • +3

          The worst ones are those new machines that display the non surcharge amt, then when you pay, the total inc surcharge appears on screen.

      • yea it does, 40times. and its actually 50 cents cuz you have to pay extra 10dollars for delivery since no pick-up options are avaliable.

  • I bought this a few weeks ago Xiaomi Whats the difference between the two?

    • The colour and the price

      • Yeah, I notice the handle and buttons look different, so not sure if I should bother returning and switching for this…

  • +6

    where is the "CCP stealing data" guy? haha

    • +4

      On how you make your tea and coffee, then target you with youtube ads of your favourite brands

      • +3

        and they might remote contol ur kettle temp up to 1000 degrees and explode itself. I know they can do that Snowden told me.

        • haha, you guys are awesome

  • +5

    I like that kettle's cover is actually stainless steel underneath. The less exposure to plastic the better.

  • Telling Google or Alexa to start it from the bedroom is one thing.
    Telling Google or Alexa to refill it with water is another.

    I don't keep my kettle topped up if I'm not using it immediately, should i start doing that?

    • +1

      I guess it depends on if you want to get your step count up at the same time.

      Walk to the kitchen
      Fill kettle
      Walk back to bedroom
      Tell Google to turn kettle on

    • I guess this is the reason they don't have the remote start. If there is no water, then it won't increase the thermostat temperature and then it might need additional sensors which will make it more expensive. Also, not sure is the kogan one works without water.

      • +1

        It has dry boil auto shut off

    • lol I was thinking same thing.
      why wouldn't you just turn it on after filling it?
      people like to create first world problems for non-existent problems

  • I replace Kettle yearly because my parents always empty the kettle right after boiling, leaving the kettle to overheat by the residue heat. The cost of changing behaviour is greater than the yearly cost of new Kettles. Would this one be able to stand the residue heat if always emptied right after use?

    • You can easily fix this by boiling vinegar! Looks new after few cycles :)

      • I believe the word is residual, not residue heat.

    • +3

      Can also fix by boiling water with a squeeze of lemon juice

    • @enveloped: Why do they empty it after boiling i.e. for what purpose?

      • +5

        To make tea or other hot beverages.

        • -2

          Huh? As in on uses the kettle to boil something other than water, do people actually do that!

    • I don't get it why would it cause the kettle to break? or need replacement?
      Once water boils it stops or does it keep boiling on empty?
      Sounds more like you need to be buy better kettles.

  • Looks click and collect available at Auburn for the kettles.

  • -1

    Around $1 difference + 5% off with code: BF5TEC

    • Different product.

    • -1

      Code is not available for this product. Also delivery is $40+. Stupid post.

    • My bad, please ignore if a different product!

  • so this doesn't work with google home or any voice control at all?

    smart control for a kettle is silly to me, but considering i do have a google home for controlling music, if it doesn't at least have voice theres no point.

  • It would help if the product description was written in coherent English to allow consumers to understand the features.

  • +1

    Bought one, damn I really need to check ozbargain less :(

  • Can I switch this on via the app? :)

    • nope

  • does anyone know if this has an au plug?

  • +1

    Thanks, I grabbed a couple of the Viomi V2 Pro's.

    • Thanks to your comment in the other robovac thread I managed to grab a Viomi V2 Pro here.

    • Same. Just got one.

      • Nice man you just made it before the deal expired lol. Wondering how long it ill take to deliver now. They havent given me a tracking number so far so might email their support if I dont receive a shipping notice in 1 or 2 more days. As for the 2 year warranty hey thats 1 year warranty bonus so im not complaining as long as they give me the correct product.

        Once i get it i will test the robot to clean for me 24/7 haha. :)

        No more me to work my ass off vaccuming the floor like a robot when this can do the job.

      • I bought 2, Christmas is coming 😎

  • -1

    It sounds like viomit. 😅

  • Anyone got confirmation for pickup at Auburn. When I checked out it showed as stock available there. When I check the order online the status is showing as processing

  • +1

    I've had the Xiaomi kettle for ages. Biggest issue is that it doesn't have a remote turn on feature. The variable temperature is nice enough.

    It boils fast, and is extremely quiet. Has a single nice chimey ding when it's finished.
    Great thermal design, and the keep warm function is noiseless.
    It also keeps the water hot for a while if you don't pick it up straight away - as in it reheats the water for a period of time if you ignore it. Nice feature.

    As a dumb kettle, it's the best I've ever had. Everything feels nice, the lid closes smoothly and has some resistance to opening. Feels… Tight?

    As a smart kettle.. I would like remote start. It has automatic shutoff if no water is in it, so it's a pity that feature is absent.

  • Has anyone received their orders? Ordered both Viomi 2 and the kettle, no shipping notification and have yet to receive either.

    • I got nothing….except an email saying there will be a delay…

    • Still waiting on the smart kettle to arrive. The tracking number provided is not recognised by Australia post either…

    • I just got an email saying they are working hard to fulfill orders, but that was a week ago now. No further updates

    • Same here, still got nothing. no shipping notification

    • I just got my Viomi 2 robot delivered yesterday from Couriers Please delivery service.

      • Same, arrived today. Is your super wobbly on the base? Kettle itself is nice but the way it wobbles around just seems super cheap.

  • I received mine, however mi home (xiaomi home) app on android isn't able to connect to the device. While scanning qr code, I see the message "this qr code is not supported ". Also unable to reach the support centre. All the support call centre asks you to do is email them.

    • Ok when I downloaded the apk from website via qr code i was able to add the kettle to app.

  • Anyone having an issue with the kettle leaking? it literally leaks from the bottom back of the kettle even when there is hardly any water inside the kettle, and the kettle is placed firmly on the base station on a flat surface….

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