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Dremel 930 Hot Glue Gun Precision Non-Drip Tip, Dual Temperature + 18 Glue Sticks $24.50 + Del ($0 w/ Prime) (RRP $35) @ Amazon


Dremel 930 low and high temperature (105-165 degree Celsius) hot glue-gun for quick DIY jobs around the house and creative craft projects
Dual temperature setting: enables gluing heat-sensitive materials plus using high melt glue
Precision tip: for intricate gluing, Includes 7mm colour glue sticks allow for creative decorating, ornament making, jewellery design and more
Features drip control to prevent dripping of glue onto the project and silicon nozzle sleeves to prevent from burning
Extendable plastic stand: to easily position glue gun in a stable way

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  • Highly recommend getting a glue gun. It's one of those purchases that you don't realise how much you needed one till you have one. Especially when your a dad and get asked to fix this or that.

    • Bought my old man one generic branded glue gun along with a soldering iron.

      A must for dads asked to repair random stuff.

    • Hot melt glues seem to be ok for short term fixes but I've never found a hot melt that works reliably over long periods (except when used so that the glue forms a key within some cavity.)

    • You talked me into it. I'll add it to the pile of crafting stuff I hardly ever use. If I especially don't use it for personal use then I can deduct it too.

  • I got an ole Ozito cheapie from Bunnings a long while back and like that it is Cordless. Saves dragging powercord to those awkward places. Pity this wasn't cordless.
    Dremel is a great brand and have a cordless screwdriver which I use all the time and has lasted well being over 12years old now and battery still going strong.

  • I use mine for repairing foam RC aircraft, but not much else. Seems to work ok for timber. Best thing about hot glue is the quick dry time and it does not dry brittle so good for materials that flex a bit. As stated, best to clean/rough up the surfaces first for the best bond, and make sure the glue is hot and running well before applying. This is entry level, would not go cheaper.

  • Can this be used to glue marriages?

    • If you slept with her best friend. She might use it to hot glue your meat and 2 veg.

  • got ozito one 8yrs ago.. does the trick!

  • I'm seeing $39?
    EDIT: just updated showing out of stock.

  • Same i think they sold out