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[NSW, QLD, VIC, WA] Xiaomi Mi Curved 34-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor $499 ($0 C&C or +Shipping) @ Kmart


Looking around for deals on Cyber Monday and came across this one. Full credit to Press Start!

Not as good as ebay's deal for tomorrow though it's a good price if you can factor in discounted gift cards ($489.02 after 2% gift card).

21:9 ultrawide panoramic view lets you assess the entire landscape at a glass to give you the advantage
Ultra-High definition, high brightness, high contrast with high-definition picture quality
1500R extreme curvature designed to feel like your being surrounded by the screen and provide an immersive panoramic view
High 144Hz refresh rate puts you one step ahead of the action
One screen splits into multiple screens to make multi-tasking easy
Enhanced gaming experience
Adjustable viewing position
Eye protection
Stylish design

Other Kmart Cyber Monday deals.


  • This is an online-exclusive and gift cards can't be used on KMart online
  • Item excluded from free shipping. Shipping depends on postcode but Sydney metro is $15.45.
  • Click and Collect is offered for free if the store has stock, but this appears to be very limited.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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      • 1000 nintendo switches is understandable, but a whole giant ass monitor won't sell 1000 units in 10 secs.

        Couldn't even get a quarter of that amount to buy the historical low months back in a week.

    • Same price if you factor in cost of eBay plus membership. Already used the trial.

  • I have one shipped from China, which seems only supporting 120hz at 1440p, and 144hz at 1080p, good enough though.

    • +1

      you using HDMI?

      • Sorry for confusing, I mean I can not set 144Hz at its "native 1440p resolution". In detail, I used type-c to dp, and mini-dp to dp in two laptops, but can not do 3440×1440/144Hz, but can do 2560×1440/144Hz or 2560×1080/144Hz.

        Update: after researching, it seems that with dp 1.4 it can do 3440×1440/144Hz.

    • that doesn't make any sense - I already have one and it uses 1440p, 144hz with dp
      Theres only one model.

      • Sorry for confusing, I mean I can not set 144Hz at its "native 1440p resolution". In detail, I used type-c to dp, and mini-dp to dp in two laptops, but can not do 3440×1440/144Hz, but can do 2560×1440/144Hz or 2560×1080/144Hz, maybe since those laptops do not support dp1.4.

        After further researching, it seems that 3440×1440/144Hz will be fully functional with newly graphic card such as nv1070 and newer.

        Thank you.

  • Should I hold on buying this? I'm planning on upgrading my PC in 2 months so that I can support this monitor. Reckon I should hold off and hope it gets cheaper or take the plunge?

    *Not associated with Kmart but ozb is forcing me to say that I am 🤔

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    This product is excluded from the free delivery* offer and will incur a delivery fee.
    This product is only available for sale online in NSW, QLD, WA and VIC.


    • I also picked up on that… seems a bit early to say as to whether or not there is any C&C option.

  • +1

    Too bad without USB hub.

  • Happy to see KMart diversifying their range!
    Shipping is extra but doesn't mention how much.

  • -3

    boycott china

    • the dell is 3840x2160 and 60hz. the xiaomj is 3440x1440 and 144hz.

      • is the 3840 vs 3440 res worth the downgrade of hz?

        • Its about do you prefer ultrawide 16:9 at 1440p 144hz or normal 4:3 monitor at 4k. Unless you have a beefy gig for 4k gaming, otherwise go for something else.

          • @linhlink: I see. thanks!

          • @linhlink: Ultrawide is 21:9 and wide (normal) is 16:9.

            4:3 is rare these days. Some tablets (iPads) use them.

            • @MSG: You are right, I used the wrong ratio there. Should be 21:9 and 16:9 respectively.

          • @linhlink: ultrawide is 219, the dell is 169

            edit: noticed you were already corrected. all good

  • +2

    what time is this deal happening?

  • Thats a fine price from a brick and mortar store.

  • +4

    The deal is live now btw, I'm able to add it to cart and checkout (already got from ebay though)

    $17.43 delivery fee to Perth Metro, or free click & collect at selected stores in WA (Mirrabooka, Joondalup, Halls Head).
    $15.45 delivery fee to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane (click & collect: Broadway, NSW — Campbellfield, VIC — Cannon Hill, QLD + probably more)

    IMPORTANT: there doesn't appear to be an option to pay with a gift card
    "Unfortunately at this time, we do not accept gift cards online. Gift cards are available to purchase and redeem in store only." FAQ

    • Yeah the gift cards point has been a long running issue with Kmart online.

  • $15.45 shipping

  • Stupid question, why does it have the 4 video connections points in the back? I understand having 1 of each pending on what your GPU provides but what's the theory behind the others?

    Bought it yesterday through the ebay deal.

    • Using the Picture-in-Picture feature, maybe?

    • Some people have multiple computers/devices and don't want to have to keep moving the cable around (eg I have a desktop PC, a work laptop, and previously also had a SNES Mini on my desk).

      • Facepalm makes sense. I do the exact same thing right now. Definitely monday. Thanks guys.

  • Do you need a new GPU to use this monitor? I have an 8-year old nvidia geforce gtx 650 to boost? And would this be OK for the office use? (programming tools, MS office etc)

    • +1

      Should work fine.

      Obviously your GPU probably won't be able to push that many pixels at a decent framerate for gaming but for normal productivity purposes, the extra resolution should be just fine like any other monitor/display; although your GPU might limit the refresh rate to 30Hz or something.

      • Thank you. Bit the bullet and bought it via C&C.

    • +1

      This will not work the GTX 650 only has HDMI 1.4 which doesn't have enough bandwidth to power a 3440*1400 display at 144Hz. You will need to purchase a cheap new GPU or use your integrated graphics if available to output at full resolution and refresh rate.

      • +1

        Thanks for the warning. My GPU is the TI Boost version, so it has a DP, which syncs at 3440 x 1440 @ 60 Hz. Works beautifully for my needs (no gaming, work, programming and study). Fancy Zones is a must have for Windows 10 systems to split the screen in any way you like.

        Now to get a cheap soundbar for this monitor.

  • The queue to get in the door of our local K-Mart wasnt worth the wait to find out if there were any inside or not… there were at least 40 people lined up…

    • Deal said online only so I got one but C&C.

  • I think Kmart one is GST inclusive.
    Xiaomi store my not have included the GST.

  • Managed to pick one up just now and first impression is that the box is huge lol. Be doing the unboxing soon. Wish me luck guys.

  • You can choose to pickup on some stores. Not all stores have it. Free pickup. Even no admin "fee". Bought one online to day and to pickup from North Rocks store. Total price $499. If that store does turn out does not have stock , Kmart will ship it to your address for free. Not a bad deal.

    • Thanks, updated. I did see North Rocks still has stock available for C&C!

      • Just to clarify, the store you choose to C&C actually has to have stock initially. When you proceed to checkout, you'll be presented with this message where you can make a selection.

        • We got that message twice and in both occasions our orders were ready to pick up in 2-3 hours.

  • I almost went for this deal as I do video editing & ultrawide appeals and I've also just ordered an RTX3070 as it's VR friendly but the only games I play are via my Quest 2 VR headset so I don't actually need a monitor above 60fps really but 4K is really useful for video timelines etc.
    So I'm thinking I'll go for a small 4K TV , you get more screen for your dollar and often has android TV, Alexa and or Google built in. The LG OLED are silly prices in Australia so looking at QLED from Samsung or 3rd parties like TCL who have smaller QLED screens. As I'm not using it as a TV I don't think I need to pay a premium for a high end TV that upscales SD TV well either.

    As I'll be feeding it a native 4K signal it just needs to display the pixels at 60fps. (LG are releasing 4K TVs with HDMI 2.1 for high fps at 4K but again there's a big $$ premium for a gaming ready TV which I don't need).
    Anyone else using a 43 to 50inch 4K TV for a PC ? Thoughts ?

    • i am using 55" 4k LG c9 OLED 120hz as my main monitor

      waiting for 3080 to arrive so i can do 4k120hz. currently stuck at 1440p 120hz

      but i bought it for $1750. which is the biggest factor

    • Maybe do some Googling and read up on why not to use a TV as a monitor particularly around latency/input lag/etc… it's generally not recommended if you plan to use your computer (as opposed to just using it to watch Netflix/movies/non-interactive content).

    • I replaced my LG 32" 1440 165hz with a LG 43" 4K 60hz, have minor regrets but no enough to switch back. I haven't played many FPS since Wolf ET or Mechwarrior Online so it suits my style of gaming these days.
      The image improvement is immediately noticeable in games capable of 4K, and contrary to what I've read there's very little performance impact using my RTX 2080 Soup. My only real gripe is the monitor is too large. I used a 46" 1080 Samsung on my old gaming/work system so thought a monitor between it and 32" would work perfectly, doesn't though. Even with a little distance from the monitor I often find myself leaning left or right to catch something at the edge of the screen.

      Bright side is I now understand my perfect monitor for gaming would be 32" 4K 60-120Hz, and for work it would be 32" 1440p main with a 46" 1080p secondary :)

      • How far are you sitting away from the monitor? Was that also the same distance with the 46" ?

        • +1

          About 1 metre, was the same for the 46". The main difference seems to be the newer panels. On my older 3 1080p monitors, the 46" included, the panels seem "fused" no matter which direction they're viewed.

          On my newer 32" 1440p and 43" 4K there's "separation" between panels if I view from the side - it literally looks like a rear projected image, air gap, then a pane of glass. The final effect is almost like a wrapped around I'd find on a mobile phone. With the 32" I don't miss anything because of the size but with the 43" I do unless I'm further back.

          At this stage I've decided I won't upgrade my monitor or GPU until Display Port 2.0 becomes a little more standard or Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer is released :)

  • Are people aware of the light flickering issues with G-sync on this model?
    I'm keen but the light flickering is a bit of a deal breaker as I want to use for gaming.

    Flicker issue:

  • +3

    Those who did not order this deal may be happy to know they missed out on it being shipped by Couriers Please.

    • Mine has no progress at all

      • KMart says shipped for me (yesterday), but no courier scan yet.

        Normally with Couriers Please I don't get a scan until it is on board for delivery.

        But I would rather Aus Post or any other courier (except Sendle).

        • I ordered 8 days ago, and still no scan events! How about you guys?

          • +1

            @zoonki: Mine arrived yesterday. Metro Melb.

          • +1

            @zoonki: 9 days since I got an email but no updates on the tracking page.

            • @stillsinking: Yes, same. I just phoned Couriers Please and they said to follow up with Kmart as it hasn't been picked up from Kmart yet. When I phoned Kmart, they told me there must have been a problem (I'm guessing they didn't have enough stock) and cancelled my order for a refund. I'm not in a rush, so I think I'll wait for another deal to come along.

        • I was about to say that mine didn't have a scan either after 24 hours of being shipped, but just checked it again and it's apparently in my city now. Looks like they don't scan the initial progress indeed.

  • Airport West in Melbourne has stock if anyone wants to click and collect.

  • I found this monitor as unwanted gift for $300. How worth it is it?

    I am going to use it for work (programming) and watching movie/tv series. I don't think I'll use it for gaming.

    My laptop is xiaomi mi book 13 inch 2016.

    • Did you get it?

      • I might pick it up tomorrow. Still pending.

        • Think we’ve been eyeing off the same one lol. You in brissy?

  • +1

    Says online only but I rocked up to my local Kmart and just asked for one.

  • +1

    Grabbed one off marketplace brand new for $250. What a steal. Solid monitor

    • +1

      Wow, half price! Very lucky. Great bargain!

  • Its back in stock online only I just ordered one for $499 + $15.45 delivery fee

    • And… they're gone.

      • What I can still add to cart?

        • Weird… I see this when I go to the link.

          • @nickxau: Hmmm very weird maybe depends on your postcode mine is 3207 still lets me order I just triple checked

  • I just bought 1, after 10 minutes, it is out of stock online. maybe I bought the last one.

    • dammit was looking to buy one

  • +1

    The only downside to this deal was the courier company Kmart is using: Couriers Please (no please!)
    Arranged a delivery time with them twice, first they didn't show up and the second, they arrived earlier than agreed and then took the parcel to a collection point. Called Kmart to complain and demanded a refund on my shipping fee. If more people do that maybe Kmart will stop using them :)

    • +1

      Mine was using Allied Express, received mine in 2 business days from Ballarat to Melbourne. Very happy with the monitor.

      • Mine was delivered to Brisbane, that would be why it's a different company. Lucky you!

  • I have just attached the monitor to my freshly arrived Dell PC and realised there's a dark spot on the screen (doesn't quite look like a dead pixel, more like something small stuck inside the panel). If they will only offer me a refund, I'll be gutted as the monitor is out of stock now and I am very unlikely to find it elsewhere for the same price. FML!

    • waiting for the ebay boxing day special.

      • Well I just returned it to Kmart Cannon Hill which had some in stock and got a replacement, happy with that. Not sure if they'd still have stock on eBay for the Boxing Day, for you I hope so.

      • no ebay boxing day specials.

  • Back in stock on online for christmas day, just ordered mine.

    • +1

      Mine still says all sold out online

  • I was at Kmart Innaloo a week ago and they had one in stock. Amazed they had it, now they're stocking up.

  • Mine still says i could add another to my bag? are they checking by state/postcode in account? in in se qld btw.

  • Still OOS online

  • Give your local stores a call just in case they might have it in stock. That's how I got my defective one replaced.

  • 5 in stock at Hurstville, NSW.

    Ask for them at the service desk as they're kept out back.

  • *** back in stock online - $450!!! ***

  • Does anyone know of any stock in melb?

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