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[NSW, QLD, VIC, WA] Xiaomi Mi Curved 34-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor $499 ($0 C&C or +Shipping) @ Kmart


Looking around for deals on Cyber Monday and came across this one. Full credit to Press Start!

Not as good as ebay's deal for tomorrow though it's a good price if you can factor in discounted gift cards ($489.02 after 2% gift card).

21:9 ultrawide panoramic view lets you assess the entire landscape at a glass to give you the advantage
Ultra-High definition, high brightness, high contrast with high-definition picture quality
1500R extreme curvature designed to feel like your being surrounded by the screen and provide an immersive panoramic view
High 144Hz refresh rate puts you one step ahead of the action
One screen splits into multiple screens to make multi-tasking easy
Enhanced gaming experience
Adjustable viewing position
Eye protection
Stylish design

Other Kmart Cyber Monday deals.


  • This is an online-exclusive and gift cards can't be used on KMart online
  • Item excluded from free shipping. Shipping depends on postcode but Sydney metro is $15.45.
  • Click and Collect is offered for free if the store has stock, but this appears to be very limited.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +95

    Kmart sells Xiaomi products now?

    • -40

      That was what I was about to say.

      If this monitor had speakers, I'd be all over it. Crappy that it's depreciating quite quickly too :/

      • +60

        99% of monitor speakers are trash. Most people never use them

        • +12

          Better than nothing though.

          • +3

            @ATangk: Agreed. Not sure why I'm getting downvoted for having me own opinion. Lulz.

            • +45

              @adrianhughes1998: Mate, this is OzBargain - where your own opinion is always the wrong one xD

            • +2

              @adrianhughes1998: Cheap sound bar ? I think that would match nicely with this

              • +1

                @vanyellow: Already have one on my main TV. Wanted this Xiaomi to replace an old Sony TV and then plug in a Chromecast with Google TV into it. Will keep looking.

                • +18

                  @adrianhughes1998: replacing a TV with a monitor to use chromecast is an extremely bad choice.

                  1. bad speakers (or none) on monitors
                  2. chrome cast does not support ultrawide unless you're willing to see huge black bars
                  3. TVs have better OLED displays vs IPS on monitors
                  4. you can find larger screen size TVs at this price
                  • @skido: To add to that why would you use use a 21:9 monitor to watch tv/movies…..

                  • @skido: For video viewing, Best choice at same cost is looking for a secondhand plasma TV👻

            • @adrianhughes1998: grab something from Daiso/Danda, still sounds better than any in-monitor speakers.

            • +1

              @adrianhughes1998: I guess "Crappy that it's depreciating quite quickly" is too obvious for any monitor so your comment becomes a mere shitty rant. Full disclosure - I didn't neg you because I save my votes for JV :)

              • -6

                @ASX89: Any monitor aye. Didn't see it for ASUS TUF monitor for example in the six months it's been advertised on here. When a third of its value of the monitor gets chopped off for the Xiaomi, it's a bit of a bummer. It doesn't even qualify for a shitty rant because guess what genius, I don't own the Xiaomi monitor.

                Full disclosure - downvote away. JV Isn't the holy saviour of ozbargain - he gets heavily upvoted and heavily downvoted at other times.

                • +2

                  @adrianhughes1998: Do you select your monitors based on resale value? How often are you flipping monitors?

      • +2

        How fast are they depreciating?

        • 640 odd a few months ago

          • +1

            @adrianhughes1998: Are you one of those guys that just wait until the price of the item drops to the lowest? That is just a different way of saying I don't want to buy it, if so why beating around the bush.
            So what if the price keeps coming down, it means a lot more people are able to enjoy it. If you want to pay $640 no one is going to put a gun on your head trying to stop you.
            Just appreciate it, there is someone here trying to safe people some money.

    • +2

      That was the biggest surprise of all to me, glad it was the first comment here.

    • +1

      Same! Surprised2 i think this price is the new norm now

    • +6

      It’s Ximart now I guess :)

      • +2

        Xmart is good name.

        • +2

          Shop Smart, Shop SMart

          • @GaryQ: S for Shite, Suck, Spook, Slut, Skeet or Skank! awesome name for an adult shop?

          • +1

            @GaryQ: Hail to the King, baby…

        • +2

          Honestly, they could do much worse than filling KMart with Xiaomi products. We don't have the Xiaomi stores like they do in Asia.

          Most of the larger retailers (Kmart, Big W, Target) seem to be failing these days. Apart from clothing, I have no idea how they stay afloat. Even in recent weeks I have been in and the stores are basically empty with the exception of Target last week which had a reasonable amount of people in the toys section.

          • @Monsta-AU: Kmart marketing, hello, Hola, kakosi, anyone?
            Wo bu zhi dao

          • +12

            @Monsta-AU: Kmart made $440 million in profit last FY, the lowest in 5 years basically because they messed up stock orders during Covid and their shelves were empty. Kmart is a smashing success right now and was growing at 30-50% p.a. Target stores are being converted into Kmart's because they make so much cash.

            It's the #1 shop for homewares for families with kids, a.k.a people forced to regularly spend lots of cash. It's an Instagram darling for Mums.

    • +8

      Was also surprised to see that Harris Scarfe sells the Xiaomi Dreame V9 (or a close model to it?)

      Ozbargain and the real world colliding makes me uncomfortable

    • +3

      Will be great if the start selling all Xiaomi stuff locally at similar prices to the online stores, so we don't have to wait for delivery.

    • +11

      more so bangladesh especially clothes lol

  • +5

    No SA 😳

  • +16

    Seriously, Kmart is selling Xiaomi now? Xiaomi is taking over the whole world

    • time to bring T-800 from future

      • +4

        Would probably be manufactured by Xiaomi lol.

        • +7

          Mi T-800 Pro Max 5G

  • +1

    Why NT is so discriminated….

  • +4

    eBay will have 1000 units for $450 from tomorrow.

    • +2

      Need ebay plus?

      • Yes

  • +1

    If it is online only, you may not be able to redeem Kmart eGC online.

  • Lol Kmart sells Xiaomi since when?

  • noo wayyy loll Kmart?

  • +7


    xiaomi x kmart

    • +5

      My dream collab

      • never been more hyped than this 😩

  • +33

    Unsurprisingly, KMart have been PC master race for ages now.

    They sell LED lights, mechanical keyboards, gamer centric headsets, mice and other peripherals.

    Even gamer furniture.

    It's a good way to differentiate themselves from console plebs like Target and Big W.

    This is just the next step.

    RTX's by Christmas 2021.

    • +9

      It's OK we won't judge you shopping at Kmart, you don't to justify yourself on Ozbargain.

    • Ngl holy crap their RGB mouse pad are actually pretty good. Their mouses though, ehhh.

    • Kmart should basically copy Kogan as much as they can (and improve the website) they have the business scale to get good deals, they just need good people to run it.

  • -3
  • 2% cashback will apply for eBay purchases as well!

  • +3

    Nekkminnit rx5700 8gb $199 only @ Kmart

  • +3

    friend: what are you gonna get from Kmart?

    me: nothing much, just a 34 inch xiaomi gaming monitor

    • +32

      Missus: On your way home, can you drop into kmart to pick up a tray insert and that cute planter for me?

      gets home

      What's that 34" wide box?

    • +2

      would you like some socks with your monitor?

    • +13

      Do your bit. Drink more wine.

      • +2

        To be fair they save on R&D costs by ripping IP from competitors, often with State backing. I don't think anyone can compete in that space.
        It's also how Xiaomi can be across so many different products at the one time.

        • +2

          That's why you don't see any Xiaomi phones sold by big companies in the US, because they haven't paid properly for the patents.

  • Big W better up their game!

  • Xiaomi in Kmart. Oh how the world has changed.

    • +1

      This might actually keep them relevant. Full Xiaomi range in Kmarts across the country. I have had the idea for quite some time, it seems to fit.

  • bought mine during pre order back in July for $636.00 :(

    • Unlucky, you got caught out by the marketing, the monitor was pretty much never sold at its manufacturer RRP, what you paid was essentially the real RRP

      • Not sure if there's a RRP for Australia, since many websites advertised here are unofficial. But $499 is pretty much the same as its RRP in China in today's exchange rate.

        • Xiaomi lists it at $799 at launch i think

  • Where does it say it's only those states?

    • +1

      At the very top of the product webpage:

      This product is only available for sale online in NSW, QLD, WA and VIC.

  • +1

    Nice! Kmart starts selling Xiaomi products now. Gonna visit Kmart more.

  • Which mount/s would be best for 4 of these as 2x2?

  • At this rate, $400 will be the next price Target…

    • +1

      holding cash in hand to throw all over my laptop screen if that happens

    • +2

      Kmart and Target are owned by the same company. No reason for them to compete with each other.

      • Don't think he meant the store target..

        • +4

          They definitely meant the store otherwise they wouldn't have used a capital T.

          • @donga100: I wouldn't assume that. You see a whole lot of weird capitalisation on OzBargain.

  • +5

    What a time to be alive

  • Is this IPS or VA panel?

    • +2

      VA. wife has one and can confirm its a very nice screen.

      • +1

        Can confirm his wife has one and it is a very nice screen :D

        Jokes aside one of the guys in my team bought it and im super impressed… im gonna replace my 2x 23/24" screens with it

    • +1


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