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Apple TV 4K 32GB $211.65 Delivered @ digiDirect


Black Friday deal not sure when it ends.

Key Features of the Apple TV 4K 32GB

4K High Dynamic Range (Dolby Vision and HDR10) for stunning picture quality
Dolby Atmos for three-dimensional, room-filling sound
A10X Fusion chip for ultrafast graphics and performance
Apple TV Remote for navigation and search
AirPlay to view photos and videos from iPhone and iPad on your TV
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and thousands more apps in the App Store

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  • Thanks OP - Not as low as the price error from JB, but I'll take it. Will use 28 degrees card with Price Protection in case this drops in price in next 12 months.

  • probably worth trying to get a OW price beat.

    • Good idea! But too bad officeworks shut around me this late. Will just use 28 degrees and claim back on price protection later.

  • This (JB Price Error) is a real Black Friday price.

    Black Friday price should be at least lower than this ($199).

  • Brilliant, thanks OP. I’ve had my fourth gen (non 4K model) for years. Just brought a Sony X9000H to go with my new PS5. About time I finally make the switch to 4K 🤩

    • I have had the x9000 65” for a few months, rarely use my 4K Apple TV now, Sony apps are excellent IMO. Apple TV is coming as a a app too, won’t even need the atv then.

      • How are you liking the Sony X9000? I’m used to get Aldi and Ffalcon budget TVs so can’t wait to finally see the improvement that a midrange TV will bring.
        I love the Apple TV remote and prefer using that over a traditional remote.

        • Great got it for $1945 delivered at good guys, remote is actually good.

        • Don't have Sony, but, 85% of the Apple TV functions I can control with my Samsung remote. Only a few I can't like some of the additional KAYO options/features.
          But you can navigate ATV menus fine with it, exit apps, select apps, volume etc fine. Personally hate the ATV remote.

  • It’s potentially a better deal to buy it directly from Apple for $249 as it comes with a bonus $70 Apple store gift card.

    • ^^Exactly, and you can stack with CR 5% @ Apple tonight too.

    • Yep came here to say what’s up or get 64gb

    • Perfect idea. Canceled my digiDIRECT order and going to order from Apple. Brilliant thing is that I can also use price protection for that $249 price when it goes on sale, probably getting $50 back at least. It would effectively take price down to $129 taking into account the gift card.

      • nice one, it probably will drop as i keep reading a new model will come out but when…

        I don't have an apple tv yet and don't need at the moment, using vodafone tv. Thing is i would like antena out as i have a projector vs using freeview. my understanding of apple is this

  • Cheaper at Apple…

  • Does anyone know if ATMOS works when using the ATV PLEX app?

  • +1 vote

    Unless I'm missing something, this is cheaper at Apple, and you get a gift card to boot….

  • +1 vote

    Wish they sold these with cellular so can just put a large sata SIM card in and connect to the older folks TV - you know, those without home Internet and don”t know what HDMI is… but still would really appreciate iView and Netflix.

  • Can this do Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, and DTS Surround?

    Does it have Optical Audio input?

    I already have a 4k TV Panasonic OLED with a bunch of Apps. Is this Apple TV a good thing to have too?



    • We have a Samsung TV and always used the TV apps for Netflix, Prime, Disney+ and Kayo. We got rid of foxtel and got Binge, but there was no Samsung app for Binge. So we bought the Apple 4K TV to use it and all the other apps. Binge recently appeared as an app from Samsung, so we don't use the Apple 4K TV anymore. The Samsung apps tend to be smoother and never out of sync compared to Apple (yes, already tried all the configuration options, It's an Apple TV thing, especially on Seinfeld etc).

  • Just a warning for anyone with tiled floors. The remote is glass and $89 to replace (siri remote).
    Buy a silicon sleeve