This was posted 1 year 3 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Apple TV 4K 32GB $159 (Was $249), 64GB $199 (Was $279) @ JB Hi-Fi (Available In-Store and Online)


Available in-store and online (price confirmed in-store)

Apple TV 4K 32GB
Model: MQD22X/A
SKU: 505393

4K High Dynamic Range (Dolby Vision and HDR10) for stunning picture quality

Apple TV 4K 64GB is $199 (normally $279)

Full details at Apple:

Cheaper than Apple TV HD @ $209

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    Excellent find!

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      what is this product?
      is it like google tv/chromecast thing??

      • It’s an Apple TV. The 4K model.

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        Yeah it's basically the Apple equivalent of the Chromecast with Google TV

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    Plus extra 10% off

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      Why is getting cold votes? It’s a good point! Btw If you pay by credit card there is a 1% charge, hence is 9% off

      • People don’t want others to know. If they are not eligible. No one else should be finding it out either.

        you can pay with EFT for surcharge free transaction but it takes 3 days.

        • Yes, I know I bought some Priceline about a month ago. It still took a while despite paying by cc.
          I’m thinking of buying the new iPhone, might buy with vouchers and buy the Apple care.
          Initially I was thinking of just using the Amex (which repairs phone screens in the unlucky event) but if I save 10% off $1700 I can just add a bit more and just get the Apple care

          • @fozzie: From what I heard, first transaction takes longer for verification purposes.

  • Why is this so cheap? That's not like Apple to discount something so much.

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      New Apple TV with Apple's newer ARM designs coming soon.

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      it goes on sale when the next one comes out. they have to get rid of old stock.

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        Yeah right, didn't realise there was another one announced. Still, for ~$150 this is pretty good. The new one will probably be double the price.

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          It hasn’t been announced yet. Just a stack of rumours going back two years. Certainly time for an update though.

    • -1

      Sabrina ?

    • -1

      Maybe people realised you can do more with an xbox.?

      • +7

        Actually no, the Xbox will really struggle to do what even the 4K Apple TV can do

      • +4

        The Xbox sucks as a media player.

        • -1

          My xbox running plex is awesome. Never need anything else. Not sure what you've tried but if you haven't tried plex on it. You should give it a go

          • +1

            @nfusion: If your running a media server, all of the video is transcoded on the server, hence requiring less processing power on the xbox. Same goes if your using their web shows.

          • +5

            @nfusion: The supported formats is very low on Xbox, so your Plex server will be transcoding a lot of stuff compared to the Enhanced Player on Apple TV.

            Other streaming apps are either buggy or don’t exist from my experience.

    • New model is due. Probably trying to get rid of old stock. This model is a bit slow with games. Some Apple Arcade games run slow. Apple haven't made an announcement as of yet though. This could be an indication that an announcement is sooner rather than later.

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        Nope, was a pricing error :(

    • about to get it's ass kicked by google latest chromecast thing

  • New 4K Apple Tv coming mid November…

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      It will cost at least double

      • Its not been updated since 3yrs so will also be double fast and possibly redesigned box and/or remote?

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                  "console quality gaming"

                  lol, dont even repeat this again

                  • +2

                    @nikoris: This thing could do Switch level games easily, probably higher. The specs on this are insane for the price. It just needs some devs to take the platform seriously and stop just porting shitty mobile games.

                    • @PainToad: lol these arguments are so ridiculous.
                      If a simple TV box could perform like a console. then consoles would have the same size, wouldnt they?
                      And anyway, i dont care about gaming on a TV box, i had a shield and never used it.
                      Who cares, when you can buy so cheap consoles nowadays?

                      • -2

                        @nikoris: Well, unlike consoles, there are heaps of games you can play free, not a cent to spend, on Apple TV, even a passable flight simulator. Now, that's a proper bargain at $160. New.

                      • @nikoris:

                        then consoles would have the same size, wouldnt they?

                        Umm if you take the controller and screen off the Switch it would be about the same size. Your argument makes zero sense.

                  • -2

                    @nikoris: The A12Z in the iPad Pro (which is now fairly old) is about as powerful as an Xbox One. Console quality gaming is very much within reach.

                    • +12


                      The A12Z in the iPad Pro (which is now fairly old) is about as powerful as an Xbox One.

                      Nowhere near. They dont have the memory bandwidth or the cooling to perform anywhere near a console PERIOD

                      Please people, dont just repeat what apple says at keynotes. Theyve been comparing Ipads with consoles forever

                    • +4

                      @tp0: I just want to point out too that the A12Z SoC debuted in early 2020. Xbox One was released in late 2013. Even if you meant the A12X, that SoC came out in 2018.
                      I'm not here to bag anyone, but some perspective needs to be given here, the Xbox One is much older than the iPad Pro with A12Z SoC.
                      An iPad and an Xbox are different machines, running different architectures, built differently, etc.

                      An Apple TV can definitely play games, and I'm sure Apple will release a more powerful version shortly that can play more graphic-intensive games that could be compared to last-generation console games.

                  • +3

                    @nikoris: Looks like you need to do your research better :)

                    • +6

                      @3zzy: please stop commenting on my posts

                      • +12

                        @nikoris: Maybe it’s best you stop telling people what they can and cannot do :)

                      • +4

                        @nikoris: Sure

                        • -4

                          @3zzy: thanx i dont have time to argue with people like you

                  • +1

                    @nikoris: Depends on comparison. It certainly does as good a job as some of the older consoles.

        • Never in the years I’ve had it have I thought my Apple TV 4 was too slow.

    • +2

      The latest I can find about an update:
      I don't think "mid November" should be taken seriously.

      • Makes me wonder if it's basically the new Mac Mini (due by year end, rumour of a November launch). It wouldn't be hard to have a TV mode in it but also runs MacOS.

  • -3

    you’d want to wait it out much better CPU and storage, possibly new remote design….

    • +26

      Possibly not anywhere close to $159

    • +27

      Agree. I reckon wait at least 30 years for the one you stick inside your ear so you can be in the movie.

      No point getting in on anything this early, with our primitive technology.

      • +31

        I never buy anything ever in case something else comes out at some point in the future. The only way I purchase goods and services is if they circumvent linear time.

        • +1

          Gold, thanks for the laugh mate.

        • +4

          I don't see the problem.

          • @McFly: Well except for all those disappearing photo problems, and lets not get started on the reverse oedipus issues. Eeeww.

    • +4

      I cant see the point of a better CPU, the current models play 4k fine if thats all you are after

      • +1

        Newer SoC for games, not video. Perhaps, 802.11ax.

      • for games???

        • +7

          No they aren’t.

      • @WhiteEvo6
        "I cant see the point of a better CPU, the current models play 4k fine if thats all you are after"

        .. at last, some common sense. If you NEED it for now, then you buy it for now… you can only 'future-proof' these gadgets for a limited amount of time into the future, even though these gadgets become redundant immediately upon release. On release date, the manufacturer has or is already designing the next replacement and then the marketing department take over the task of telling you that you need this the moment it becomes released. Basically, Apple designs their products for the sheeples who are convinced that their wants are actually needs (poor bastards).

    • CPU design caught up with UHD Bluray about 6 years ago when I bought a Amlogic s905x android box for AUD$80 from Geekbuying (thinkgeek, geekbest all-in-on-express-geeks???) .

  • +19
    • +1

      There's a good chance it will sell out before people make it to OW.

      • Plenty of stock around.

        Unless this is a price error and JB Hi-Fi adjusts the webpage in the morning, price beating at OW is doable.

      • +5

        Call 1300 OFFICE do it over the phone pick up in-store

    • +1

      Or 5% discounted JB gift cards from Suncorp Rewards if you have access

    • +4

      Yep, got 5% price match at Officeworks tonight $151.05.

  • +1

    Apple tv app is being rolled out to Android Tv at the moment.. I have it on a samsung tv. But don't have an account to try it.

    • +3

      They had to do something. When you can only watch it on Apple devices they’re really restricting their potential market share.

    • Will you be able to do everything on the app the same as the apple tv box?

    • +1

      Don't bother, it's garbage. It has a few Apple produced shows that you can watch for your monthly fee, and the rest is just links to buy stuff from their store. And they're all mixed in together with no way to tell what's what until you get to either a watch or a buy button.

    • Been on our samsung since day 1. We don't use it. The shows are average anyway compared to Netflix, Amazon and tubi.

    • +2

      Apple TV app's only purpose is to watch Apple TV+. It's not in any way an equivalent of the Apple TV device.

      • and also, iTunes Movies, TV series that had been either purchased or rented from your apple account

    • You can just try for 7 days. You can register here:

  • Do these come with 4k hdmi cable?

    • +23

      Because environment. You would be lucky to find power cable in next one.

      • +4

        Probably no remote too because "just use your iPhone, Apple Watch or Homepod you don't need a remote"

        • I returned mine because of that stupid remote.

      • I'm waiting for the box that it comes in to be the housing for the unit. Recycling!

      • +4

        It's such a crock, if they cared about the environment they wouldn't use proprietary cabling and ports.
        The easiest way to cut down on technological waste is to support a unified system.

    • Nope.

      • So just any 4k hdmi cable on Amazon will do then? Any suggestions?

        • +2

          Any cable marked "Premium HDMI Cable" should work up to 18Gbps.

    • No hdmi cord

      • -3

        That can't be true. I bought this a month ago, cables are in.

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