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50% off Microsoft 365 Family for The First Year - $64.49 @ Windows 10 via Major Update Offer


Hi everyone first time post

I jumped on the computer this morning restarted to install the major update that was queued and bam - offer for 50% off normal price on the last screen.

Enjoy, hopefully I complied with the rules bit tough as I'm posting this off the mobile phone.

Edit* so looks to me like it was linked to windows 10 feature update 20h2 - just updated windows and on the last screen the offer appears.

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  • Literally just paid the full $130 a few hours earlier… fml

  • +6 votes

    I jumped on the computer this morning

    I just jumped on mine and now it won't even boot !!!! ☹️

    • Must be one of the 5 people… :(

    • There's only good if you want to mix your work/school and personal documents

    • Schools might be different, but the home use program has changed now (I work for a government department and always got the free/nominal charge copy of office). Because it's now a subscription, best I seem to be able to get is 30% off the marked price.

  • So how can I get this offer? (Without involving jumping on my computer)

  • Remember when you bought MS Office and you owned it forever!

    • +13 votes

      And it gave you 5 installs by 6 users and 1tb of cloud storage space for every single user …..

    • The thing is what makes this Microsoft 365 family deal semi popular isn't the included MS office but 1TB cloud storage for 6 accounts/year.

      OneDrive can sync multiple accounts on a single PC so you could effectively get 6TB cloud storage at ~$70-110/year (as long as each of your respective root folders doesn't exceed 1TB )

      With right circumstances this is cheaper than Google drive and Dropbox. the negative is they like scanning your folders but you should be fine as long as you don't have dangerously illegal stuffs in there.

      • You mean when circumstances = family? Lol

      • Every cloud storage service scans your files.

      • @paradoxez, have you managed to sync more than 1 personal OneDrive account on the same PC login? If so, please share how, as that would be very useful.

        My understanding is that MS only allows you have one personal OneDrive account synced per W10 login/MacOS login. You can also have a business (paid) OneDriv synced, though not more than one Office365 personal OneDrive account by default.

        • Damn you're right, it seems you need third party app to sync multiple accounts which just kind of defeat the purpose haha. My bad, I just kinda shared each account with my families and 1TB for each member already worked out so far.

          Would each accounts sending their shared folders invitation work I wonder?

          Cant seem to edit my original comment any more. Probably too much time passed

          • @paradoxez:

            Would each accounts sending their shared folders invitation work I wonder?

            Pretty sure that's how people have been doing it, IIRC. Plenty of info around if you do a search.

    • I have Office 2016 for Mac and unfortunately it stopped working on Catalina and forced me to upgrade the 365. I have installed Open Office since and its pretty good for my use.

    • Funny how the price doesn't get mentioned with these nostalgic reminiscences, given how that would destroy the idea being promoted…

    • You can still buy it and own it forever, there is a different price for it and it does not include cloud storage.

    • yes, that's why I jumped to wps.

    • Didn't come with 1TB each of onedrive for six people. It's very nice having onedrive available on my iPhone and iPad at all times. I only wish I could have all 6TB in one account and screw my family members.

  • Is there a link to this offer?

    How to get this?

  • I updated an older system from Windows 10 1909 to 20H2 a couple of hours ago, and wasn't shown the office.

    This is most likely a targeted offer.

  • Jumped on this yesterday when my spare PC booted with it on screen. Probably worth the upgrade from Office 2007… Didn't love the subscription part but I'll worry about it in 12 months.

  • I think this is overpriced nowadays considering you can use their Word/Powerpoint/Excel for free online, or use Google Docs

  • Didn't work for me. Was keen to jump on this as well. Was looking for a BF deal on the business plans.

  • If your child attends a government school in Victoria, you can get it for free for as long as he or she is enrolled at the school

    • You mean high school right?.
      I do have an edu email but I guess I am not eligible because daughter is in primary school

      • Are you a teacher yourself? Your daughter's school should be able to provide you with free office365.

      • My son is in grade 1 and I now have access to family Office 365. I had to ask the school for an email address. But I wanted it so I could buy my son a tablet from the Samsung education store. As in I got the new tablet he got my old tablet. Most stuff is 20% off the regular Samsung store!!

        • This is whats always confusing to me.
          When I try to create an edu account in Samsung education store using kids edu mail, It says "You must meet the minimum age requirement.".
          However, I do not see the option to attach the edu email to my own samsung account. How did you create the account?

          • @jsb: Oh, yes you have to lie, I remember that now, I forgot what the minimum age was though.
            I can't remember attaching my sons edu email to my email, it was a while ago now.

  • no luck here… just a big old nothing burger!

  • I just updated 2 PCs to 20H2 and wasn't shown any kind of screen like in OP's picture. That looks like the screen you get during setup, or during a major upgrade… after the "we're getting things ready for you" type screens.

    All I got was a 'feature update' which I installed through Update & Security in control panel, it restarted and I logged back into Windows.

    Did this happen to anyone else?

  • I got the offer. I have been using office 2013, so took up the offer.

    • How? Did it just show for you when you logged into Windows? Or during a manual update process?

      I can also confirm I updated a laptop this morning with no such offer evident :-/

      • It just showed up in the screen when I log in. I didn't do anything special. It probably detected I had an old version of Office!!!

  • Updated 3 machines. One with Office 2013, one with Office 365, one with nothing.

    Note offered on any of them

  • I got it today… Thanks OP

  • Purchased last night. Perfect timing as my NAS just died and I needed an alternative for 3TB of storage. Worked perfectly :)

  • Thanks Op.
    Got really excited but, like most here did not get the offer most likely as I am on a current office365 business subscription. I looked at the office works link as an alternative then I remembered why I chose a business subscription in the first place. Custom email domain…