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Foreo Luna 2 for Men $140 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This appears to be the cheapest it's been for this superseded model. Other Foreo models also on sale.

Use SB for cashback on premium beauty and Zip for extra 10% back.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    91% More Toned Skin.


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      "Activate the LUNA 2 for MEN’s Anti-Aging Mode. Press its anti-aging surface onto wrinkle-prone areas"
      Made of: Silicone

  • Is this snkae oil or does it really improve shaving? I moved to a safety razor for thr first time a week ago and my neck looks like Freddy Kruger has given me a love bite.

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      Lol, i am in same boat. After a decade of trying all kind of crappy Gillette blades, and having razor burns and nicks and cuts , i got the old school german mace double edge safety razor. To my disappointment i still get razor cuts, in fact even more now with the damn DE razor.

      At this point i am willing to try any snake oil to save the bloody face every time I shave.

      Having said that, Foreo seems like a snake oil, the kind of snake oil I still fall for lol how is it different from a manual silicone face scrubber?

        • thanks mate! Review says the smaller one is too small :/

          I bit the bullet on the bigger one, seems like this is old stock clearance, the Foreo Men 3 is out already. I will return to Amazon if it is just BS

      • Would like to know people's experience as well

        Xiaomi has their inface product which looks similar. Anyone used?


        • i will report back on Foreo :-d couldn't resist this with the 10% zip cash back and shop back CB on premium beauty 7.5% brings it down closer to $115

          • @hermitcrab: what's the catch with zip? I've never used it - who ends up paying for the interest free?

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          I use a Foreo my partner got me. I like to use it with face wash, but honestly, it's the exact same thing as what you can get xiaomi or aliexpress for like 10 dollars. it's just rubber. doesn't do anything magical.

  • Superseded model lol. Like anything has changed!

  • Unbranded ones do the exact same thing at like 1/8 of the price

    • like miniso?

      • probably, battery length might vary though. foreo ones seem very decent

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