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GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter USB QC3.0, Type-C $99.99, 1200A $78.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Amazon AU


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Save $50 when you purchase 1 or more GOOLOO 2000A Peak Jump Starter GP2000(☞ Only $ 99.99) offered by GOOLOO Direct. Enter code DP28Q4OX at checkout.

1.[Powerful and Reliable] - It provide instant current, without the need for a donor vehicle. You can start your vehicles (up to 10.0L Gas or 7.0L diesel), Motorcycles, RV, tractor, light-duty trucks, mower, cargo vans, ATVs, snowmobiles, oil boat, yachting in just a few minutes.
2. [Power Delivery 15W Type C Input and Output]: Supports USB type-C charging (5V/3A); you can use it to charge your other devices or charge the jump starter itself.
3. [Quick Charging Output]: The Quick Charge 3.0 USB ports can be used to charge virtually any USB powered device at lightning speed, such as smartphones, tablets, GPS, camera, kindle and more.
4. [Advanced Safety Technology]: The intelligent jumper clamp combined with 8 protections including over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, making it totally safe for anyone to use.
5. [What You Get]: GOOLOO Heavy-Duty Jump Starter, 12V Battery Clamp, Wall Charger (With UL Certification),USB-C Cable, Type-C to Type-C Cable, Storage Case, User Manual. Our 12 + 6 month extended warranty & 30 days money back and 24/7 friendly customer service. This is the best gift for mom.

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  • Anyone know the difference between 2000A and those 10000 or 20000 mah?

    • 2000A is peak current, the mAh measurement is total charge. They're different measurements

    • Not sure where you're quoting the figures from, and suburbanmale answered a little too quickly. ;-)

      20,000mA (milliamperes) = 2000A (Amperes). It's merely citing the same output current in two interchangeable ways (similar to how $20 = 2000 cents). So 20,000mA = 20A, and 10,000mA = 10A. So obviously something that can output 10A/10,000mA (theoretically) contains 'half' the capacity of one with 20A/20,000mA.

      • Shush fool…. you don't know what your talking about.

        20000 mAH is milli.AMP.hours This refers to the total charge the unit holds
        Relevant when using it as a power source.
        2000A is the amount of peak current the unit can provide when cranking a motor
        Relevant when using it as a jump starter.

        Excuse the harsh tone I get snippy when morons post shit that's wrong.

        • And they're both the SAME quantity. (You moron posting shit.)

          • @Faulty P xel: (profanity) you are dumb. And committed to remaining so.
            But i'm not giving up on you like your parents and every school teacher clearly has.

            20000 milli Amp hours ok bear with me
            Milli means1000th. and milli meter is 1000th of a meter.
            so 20000 milli AMP hours could also be expressed as 20 AMP hours
            20 is not "the SAME quantity" as 2000 … please tell me you can understand this.

            Again AMPS are not the same thing as amp hours.
            AMPS is a measure of current .
            AMP hours are a measure of battery capacity.

            Please be less retarded in the future or at least understand you are retarded and be quiet on the internet.

  • I bought the GP2000 GOOLOO Jump Starter a while ago. I think it's the older model to this one, anyhow I wanted to know if it worked but I didn't want to flatten my car battery to find out. My neighbour was restoring his old Kingswood, the battery was dead dead dead! We used this jump starter and the car started after the engine turning over for at least 10 seconds before finally starting. This things is tiny compared to the Kingswood battery. I'm really impressed with this device. It also works as a power bank, I can (fast) charge my phone with it. Oh and importantly it holds its charge for a long time also. It's been sitting in my car for 9 months without being charged and it's still fully charged!!

    • That's what I wonder how useful these are. Seen them advertised but have always serviced my car on time and never had it break down. Never paid for roadside assistance either, because can always join up on the spot if it does happen.

      That being said, I have a feeling having one in the car is better than not having one. What are the benefits of having one ?

      • I have an older car, so if you leave the door not properly closed, or you leave the interior lights on after looking for something in the dark, you can easily drain the battery by accident. Also, batteries can deteriorate pretty quickly with little warning, especially in extreme cold. for $100 its insurance that having a flat battery (for whatever reason) won't be much of an inconvenience.

        • thanks mate, both very fair points. also wondering what the difference between this and something like OzCharge that AutoExpert's John Cadogan champions. not sure what the extra advantage of paying more for something like that would bring, if any at all..

          • @adrianhughes1998: Both do essentially the same thing. I suspect a lot of the price of OzCharge goes to marketing.

            • @renza: thanks for this, yeah would make sense.

              also wondering if this can be used as a battery charge maintainer device like Gooloo also sells. or even worth having a battery charge maintainer, since most batteries die after 2-3 years anyway don't they….

              • @adrianhughes1998: No. I haven't checked what you're referring to but it sounds like a charger, or trickle charger. This device is designed to stored (at 60% capacity apparently someone said below) until needed, then pump a few hundred amps into the starter motor and ignition system to start a car that has a weak/flat battery. Then you disconnect it, take it home, recharge it slowly, via a very small current.

                Whereas chargers/trickle chargers plug into a power point, and recharge a car battery with a much smaller current.

                In other words if you tried to 'trickle charge' a car battery using one of these, it probably wouldn't put much of anything into the car battery. It's meant to put out lots of current for seconds, then disconnect.

      • I believe your comprehensive car insurance will cover towing of your car if it breaks down or is that only if you get into a car accident???

        • accidents only not for breakdowns that's covered under roadside membership

          • @Poor Ass: Yeah ok. Someone mention to sign up on the spot for road side assistance when car breaks down. I would have thought that was not allowed. Anyway getting one of these jump starters is a good backup insurance plan.

    • Keeping it fully charged isnt ideal for the lifespan of the powerbank, should be best kept @ 60% for storage.

      • More ideal to be able to use it when you need it than to keep it at 60% just for the sake of longevity.

        • Thats fine and understandable if you need it in a pinch for emergencies etc, just be prepared to buy a new one every 1-2yrs. Its not like old bulky jumpstarters with the SLA batteries - those can be kept fully charged and ready to use no problem.

        • Simply look up on how to store LiPo batteries - its common knowledge.


          I recommend to our customers that they put their LiPo batteries in storage mode after every run. This isn't necessary per se, but it does build up good habits. If you do it every time, you don't have to worry about whether or not you remembered to put it in storage. I have had many customers come to me with batteries that died because they charged it up, intending to use it, but life got in the way and they never remembered to put it back to storage voltage. Lithium-Polymer batteries can be damaged by sitting fully charged for as little as a week. This doesn't mean they will get damaged every time you leave them for over a week. It just means they can, and I've seen it happen. So don't forget to put your LiPos at storage voltage when you're done using them.

  • +10 votes

    Project Farm released a new jump starter test video last week, the GP2000 rated pretty good.

  • This works. I had an old smashed car in the garage of the unit complex I live in. I jump started it and moved the car in the space that an (profanity) who also lives in the same complex uses

  • Will the code work with 10% CR?

    • Don't know but 10% is on Apparel & 0% in Automotive (I assume this falls under this category) or 4%-5% in Electronics in both CR/SB but no harm trying

  • Noticed the Noco deals as well, how do these compare?

    Deal - Save up to 30% off RRP on selected NOCO Boost jump starters and GENIUS battery chargers. Discount applied in prices displayed.
    Link - https://www.amazon.com.au/deal/b0949a5a/ref=gbps_img___b0949...

    Looks like some of these are lowest price ever via camelcamelcamel—>

    Deal - Save up to 35% off RRP on NOCO Accessories. Discount applied in prices displayed.

    Link - https://www.amazon.com.au/deal/f34d14bd/ref=gbps_img___f34d1...

    • Based on the youtube review, the NOCO are more expensive and slightly less peak power but can crank for a lot longer.

    • Based on the video posted here I'd go with the Gooloo 4000. First the 2000 might be too small to start some vehicles. So if you're going to buy one anyway, it's worth a little extra to get the 4000.

      Next, the Noco may crank for longer, but a good strong current is more important and will start an engine sooner. Most of the current goes to engage the starter motor solenoid then spin the starter motor. But you also need spark to activate injectors/ignite fuel in the cylinders.

      When you listen to that guy cranking with the Noco it's spinning the engine quite a bit more slowly. I've had weak car batteries that turned an engine much like that Noco does in that video, and they weren't putting out enough current to start the engine. So you try cranking another one or two times and they're empty. That's what that Noco is going to do to at least some people.

      But note the 'oomph' (current) the Gooloo 4000 pumps out. i.e. How much faster the Gooloo spins that engine. That means the Gooloo is having a much easier time spinning the starter motor, so there's no voltage drop drawing current away from the ignition/injection.

      The Gooloo 4000 is cheaper, audibly and visually puts out more current, which means it has plenty left over for a good spark from the ignition system. So unless someone's car is a heap with other problems making it difficult to start even with a charged car battery, then there's no need for extra (and slower) cranking time. What's more important is a good healthy spin of the engine combined with a strong spark.

      That said, I prefer ones that have supercapacitors instead of batteries like these ones. But most people won't pay the extra $ for them. You connect the super capacitor type to even a dying battery and the supercapacitors slowly charge to full capacity over several minutes. Then you start the car and the capacitors discharge the small current they built up in one big burst. If it doesn't start you can do it again. This means you can do it several times, whereas when these battery ones go flat, that's it, you're stranded until you recharge them.

      Oh yeah and the Gooloo 4000 has more robust leads than the 2000. That's the other reason I'd get the 4000 if I was going to get a battery type. No point saving a little $ only to have the lead break when you need to use it.

      • I just watched that USA video again. In regards to super capacitor types I meant a GOOD one, NOT the one in that video. Good supercap ones are typically (at least) 3x-4x the price of battery types. If you're looking at a supercap type that is a similar price to battery types then it's probably junk (as that video shows).

        For those not buying China there is an Australian company that makes a few of varying capacities. But a quick youtube check showed their smaller ones don't give more than a few seconds of low-speed cranking. So I would only buy their largest/most expensive one. And I couldn't find any mention of where they're built which seems odd. If they are made in Australia you'd want to be crowing about it:

        https://www.ozcharge.com.au/collections/jump-starters/produc... $499

        Others here: https://www.ozcharge.com.au/collections/jump-starters

  • Thanks OP, just picked up the 2000A one

  • The crocodile clamps on these are extremely fragile so handle them with care. I bought the 1200A one a couple of months ago and had to use it while I was on holiday. However, while taking them out of the case, one of the crocodile clips broke. Fixed it with cable ties and managed to jump start my car. I returned them for a full refund. I think it's good having one of these, especially for an older car, but I'm waiting for a deal on some other brand with better clamps.

  • Saved me twice in vic lockdown, safely jump started 960cca suv battery with little fuss. Also used a few times with 12v adapter for air inflation, perfect for that blow up pool or air bed for unexpected guests

  • Got one - my third - one for each vehicle now. I go off-road, drive on the beach a lot, and one of these would be very useful for a flat battery away from the RAC and major infrastructure - a get out of jail card. I've used one to start one of my cars at home. Yes, I could have gotten the RAC out but you usually have to wait at least an hour for them. One of these gets you going in minutes. Also great when camping away from power to charge phones, tablets etc. Worth $99 anyway.

  • Can you leave these in your car on a hot day? (eg 44C so maybe 64C in the car? )

    • you should not leave these in the car, on a hot day.

      so, leave it in a padded bag, away in the shade,

      e.g. near the spare tyre, or even in a soft cooler bag…
      but deep in a dark, shaded part of the car.

    • It's a lipo so usual rules apply. Heat makes them puff prematurely.

  • Bought this over 6 months ago. USB-C was DOA
    Contacted them 3 times (via Amazon)
    They contact back and dont follow through with refund or replacement.
    Never again

    However saying that. Beter Tech out now

    • Amazon don't cover?

    • I wonder why. I ordered 4x of the same double-disc CD set from them. I got onto livechat and asked them to pack it in a box not a bubble envelope, because the cases are thin and would probably get cracked. Of course the packers ignore her and 3 of the 4 arrived cracked. So I got onto Amazon's livechat again and they refunded the full amount and let me keep the CDs.

    • I got the Gooloo 1200A, and contacted them and said i wasnt happy with the claims of it starting 7L engines when it struggled with my approx 6.5L engine. I got the 2000A unit instead no hassles and they were great to deal with.

  • What is the maximum of engine capacity (liter) for this jump starter (2000A)?

  • The code DP28Q4OX doesnt seems to work anymore