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Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard (Red / Blue / Brown Switch) $95 + $11 Postage / Pickup @ Umart

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • thought it was $11 for a sec

  • I think you meant $95 rather than 95c.

    edit: nevermind, title fixed!

  • 95c or $95. please fix title

  • Yeah.. was typing it on my phone.. didn't realise

  • I think the black brown switch is the same price as well

  • And the black blue switch… Nice

  • I read a bit about mechanical keyboards recently, and I think most say Brown switch is better than Blue switch. Maybe I am wrong please correct if I am wrong.

    • +12 votes

      Personal preference really

      • I read blue is extremely loud (loudest switch I think) and so makes it cheap feeling.

        • +13 votes

          I would not buy blues for work because they are too loud but they definitely feel good - not cheap feeling at all. (Source: have browns and blues side by side)

        • I like the blue switches much more than brown I used before, it's more loud but feels much better for me. Worth trying in the shop a few different version. I also found I like the cherry mx blue switches quite a bit more than blue switches in the kogan keyboard (now sure who manufactured it).

        • The sound doesn't change the feel of the keyboard, it's a result of the tactile mechanism. Best if you can try some out some IRL if possible (mates or shops?) to get a proper feel and idea if you've never used tried them before.
          The material of the keyboard itself can also influence the key "acoustics" and feel. Imo the AP2 is great, functional and worth the price but it does feel a little non-premium (I have this in brown). My majestouch 2 one in cherry brown feels way more solid and satisfying for example. It is just built differently.

          • @Terencee: Hi thanks for your comment, but so complicated I have trouble understanding.
            I usually just stick with the cheapest option.
            I was looking at a $10 Dell low-profile USB keyboard recently, but still have a working one so using that.

        • Some ppl say blues make them feel like superman is typing, but theres high pinging sound of the keys. I went with the all rounder MX Browns but over time I actually prefer somethihnng super light like Gateron Clears. Probably doesnt matter what you get first since there will always be a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th keyboard. Another option is removable switches and change on your mood. I actually want to type Panda's next.

          • @darkage: Chose brown as a middle ground, but it turned out to be a bit stiff for me.

            Would be choosing red next time with no tactile bump.

    • It's all personal preference - grab one that sounds like it'll suit your situation the best (e.g. quiet environment = browns or reds), and see how it works out.

    • brown sounds like chocolate

    • As others have said it's just a matter of which sound you like better. The blue ones are noticably louder and have a higher pitched sound which many people assosciate with the classical mechanical keybaord sound but it can also be too loud for a lot of people.

    • Depends if you prefer tactile or clicky.

    • I bought a brown and a blue one and preferred Gateron Blue for typing (I don't game)

  • I have an Anne Pro 2 with Kalih Box Whites for 8 months now and have used it at work before the pandemic hit.

    They are easily customisable by their Obins Kit software but one thing to note is that I have issues with key repeat every 5 minutes or so in Bluetooth mode so watch out for that. (What I mean is it will hold down your key randomly when you press it so 'a' may result in aaaaaaaaaaaaa….)

    That being said, box whites are the best switches I have used so far and I am still using it daily

    • it will hold down your key randomly when you press it so 'a' may result in aaaaaaaaaaaaa

      That sounds terrible for a keyboard.. well bluetooth problems I guess..
      I would prefer wired keyboards with USB.

    • How have you found using the 60% keyboard? Would be fine for Vim I'd expect but for everything else would be hard not to use the navigation keys. I thought I don't use the numpad and got the tenkeyless keyboard to discover in some cases I still use the Enter key in the corner, and it's a habit not easy to break.

      • +2 votes

        I've been using pok3r before the Anne Pro so I am used to 60% while I am trying out a split keyboard (ergo dox) as I have been gifted one, I will never go back to a full size or TKL keyboard if I had the choice. I use Caps Lock as a FN key so Caps + WASD will give you the arrow keys. I have pretty much never used the Numpad area so it doesn't affect me at all.

        • People have always told me if use PgDn/PgUp/Home/End etc then don't get 60%. But I ended up getting because of working on a tiny desk and it was the best idea ever. The keys are available somewhere else anyway, you get used to using them.
          Also trust the numpad is not required unless it's all you are hitting it all day (eg. data entry) even then you can get a numpad separately?

      • i'm a programmer (vim too)

        i have a TKL ducky and full size corsair k70

        personally i like having numpad - i also use the rh corner return key a lot too.

        the TKL ducky is fine, and it's not that inconvenient, but at least a coupla times a day i have to enter a number and its a little more inconvenient without numpad.

        if it were the other way (tkl was the norm and 100% was new, people would be amazed at the comfort and features of a full size keyboard. Oh, i also like media keys)

        the ducky is nice tho. the stock keys on the corsair are not great - i've replaced them with pudding keys that cost about $40 on alixpress and are a bit nicer.

      • With other keyboards might be an issue, but with this one you can use the Tap Key function and you get yourself an arrow key set at the lower-right corner. Also, check this article by a programmer too https://medium.com/@thomaz.moura/how-the-anne-pro-2-mechanic...

    • Yeah, I have one too and the keyboard itself is very good for the price but it seems the software is garbage, bluetooth doesn’t work at all anymore for me, keyboard needs to be unplugged and plugged back in after the computer wakes up from sleep, etc.

    • I afraid it is not the only issues. I am typing this with my AP2. Have been using this for maybe a year now. The software is a bit hit and miss. The customizable settings reset itself from time to time if you charge while plugging in usb to a computer instead of just a power adaptor. Bluetooth also kind of shaky and cannot connect reliably (some times)

      That being said, I still like the keyboard, Good size, useful magic function key and tap function

    • Also have kaihl box white. Using it everyday with no issues.

  • Do these work with Apple iPads?

  • hows the ergonomics tho? concerned about my wrist after prolonged usage.

    • I had some teething issues with mine and my wrist causing some discomfort but found it was more due to the position of the keyb on my desk that the angle of the board. There is a wrist rest you can grab designed for the glorious 60% that would be a good compliment for this though if you were really concerned.

  • This is the regular price for local stock. Also the RK61 is a better buy than the Anne Pro 2. I returned mine because of the key spamming issues.

    • regular price for local stock.

      Actually it’s currently $165 on Amazon for US stock, and all previous deals have been similar price for international stock.

      I returned mine because of the key spamming issues.

      Works wired USB too apparently.

    • Is it? Can you post a link to a store with same price for local stock? I actually purchased this myself so I'm interested

      Edit.. I guess you can.. through AliExpress.. easier to chase up warranty through umart though.

      • Looks like Umart is the only place that sells it but it was definitely around this price when I purchased mine from Amazon. It might have even been cheaper from memory, maybe $80.

        Edit.. I guess you can.. through AliExpress.. easier to chase up warranty through umart though.

        Umart probably isn't the easiest place to return anything to either.

        In any case there are a lot of comments online about the issues with this keyboard. I wouldn't recommend it. In comparison, I haven't had any issues with my RK61 and it costs less.

        • Mech keyboard prices have gone up a lot for some reason, I bought a budget low profile keyboard with Kailh switches for ~100 last year, it's now double the price. Same with Ducky keyboards

  • I have a brown switch rk61.. it's real nice.. I also have a blue switch motospeed CK 62…. I'm trying this out in the red switch.. this weigh's more so I was assuming it might feel a little more premium..

    I plan on building my own custom 'forever' keyboard soon.. so I'm kinda just trying the switches out.

    • There are switch testers out there if you really want to try the keys out, though with the amount of switches out there… I've seen something that's like 72 switches and that's not close to covering all the switches out there.

      • Now you tell me

        • Heh, I ended up getting a Cherry MX key switches tester. All it ended up telling me was that Cherry has lost the game on switches.

          Though I guess the problem with having a switch tester is, after you use it once or twice, it no longer has a purpose outside of being a good fidget toy and maybe letting others around you to try them out and see which one is suited for them.

  • Gaming keyboard without F1-F12?WTF

    • It's not a gaming keyboard, it's a 60% board, so no function key row, no arrow keys.

      Well, you probably could use it as a gaming keyboard if you really want to, but I don't think it's being marketed as one :P
      It's just a small wireless mechanical keyboard.

      • My bad,didnt read the title carefully just click the link and about to buy it but find out there is no F1-F12,saved 95 otherwise Id be waste 95+11

        • LOL, yeah, I have seen a lot of keyboards with different layouts.
          Some of them do catch me by surprise :P

          Like there are ones without windows key, that shaves even the number keys row, etc etc.

    • This 60% keyboard is marketed as a gaming keyboard, and it seems to be popular…

      • Gaming keyboard with no pro gamer use,every keyboard said they are "gaming" to add the value but there only couple keyboard is ok for gaming same as mouse.
        And Ive used a lot of Razer keyboard just want to say they are make ok mouse but keyboard is shlt.

        • Ok thanks. Probably just Razer marketing then.
          They mention “optical sensor switches” for quickest response for gaming.

          I have zero experience in gaming. Just posted the deal.

          • @thebadmachine: The gaming is about feel and feeling most keyboard arent real gaming no matter what they mentioned, thats why most pro gamer stick with so few keyboards

            • @yuisakas: Just curious, I recently ‘tried’ gaming because there was free game deal on ozbargain.

              I normally have trouble sitting at computer (quickly get sore neck & back) but that is another story.

              I tried playing the game and quickly found it becoming stressful & confusing. If you become good at games does that go away? I find it hard to understand how gaming can be enjoyable.
              I try again but same result.

              • @thebadmachine: Gaming means Starcraft1/2,dota,lol,cs etc these games need you to play 8 hours or more to be good to earn money as a job ,thats what "Gaming keyboard" for.The cute game doesnt means gaming,regular games you can use whatever keyboard you want and you cant find out any different.
                And you will have finger problem/ back problem/elbow problem if you are gaming

                • @yuisakas: That's called Esports or professional gaming, just a small part of gaming. Agree that this is not a gaming keyboard. But I don't see they market this Anne Pro 2 as a gaming keyboard. It is titled as a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. Take it easy mate, most "sports cars" are not able to do F1 nor rally racing.

                  • @tedzozb:

                    It is titled as a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard.

                    Yes a few comments above mentioned they work for iPad. Maybe that’s what it’s for.
                    Also who needs Bluetooth for using with computer, you are going to be next to the monitor anyway, just another battery to recharge.

                    I think professional gamers will be looking at $1000 keyboards if it is their job and it is professional industry products.

  • Great keyboard I have one but the Bluetooth isn’t great at all just a heads up if you use it mostly wired like me than it is fantastic

  • Am I going to feel like I am typing on a Commodore 64 on these?

    • Actually it will feel like typing on a keyboard.

      • A commodore 64 keyboard?

        • Maybe. A keyboard is a keyboard.
          Except a one handed keyboard but I am confused as to how it works because I checked and more than half the keyboard is missing (maybe you hold down a button and type and it gives you the other half).

          • @thebadmachine: That's more for gaming. Like say those ones that really only need like the left hand side keys (or at least after changing the keys) for gaming.

            To clarify what I mean, it probably is marketed for people who want as compact layout as possible without losing the functionality for gaming. Hence why I said gaming.
            It doesn't mean that you need to buy that to play games, it's just targeted for gaming crowd who play certain type of game.

    • I dunno, how does Commodore 64 feels like when you are typing on it?
      I think in terms of what it feels like to type, I have no clue since I never used a commodore 64 before. That said, it does look very different to what Cherry MX type switches look in terms of how they work?

      If they are like linear like the reviewer is talking about, my best guess is that red switch would come closer than say brown one (which is tactile), and blue one (which is clicky). That said, I don't know, maybe red switch feels bit light for you when you press it, maybe it doesn't have the same feel when you press it because of how it responds to pressing (due to difference in spring) etc etc.


  • Good find

    I just ordered one.