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$100 off Brydge Pro+ Wireless Keyboard & Trackpad for iPad Pro from $249 + Shipping @ Brydge


Our best selling keyboard just got better.
Featuring an oversized trackpad that is designed to seamlessly work with iPadOS. The Pro+ will transform how you use your iPad Pro.

Oversized Precision Touchpad
Aluminum Body
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Up to 3 Month Battery Life
Backlit Keys
Upgradeable Firmware

I paid full price for one of these, reckon it's way better than the Apple one.

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  • Do the trackpad gestures work after all the updates?

    • I have one of these and sorry no they don’t. Even with the most recent updates the trackpad is still quite limited. There are a few inbuilt gestures like you can scroll with two fingers but even that is pretty janky (it moves in like steps, almost like it is mapping to the down key being pressed very quickly). The new apple gestures don’t work at all (4 fingers up to go to home screen, 4 finger swipe to change apps etc).

      I have both this Brydge Pro and the new Apple Magic Keyboard but I wouldn’t say there is a clear winner. They both have their pros and cons. This is a quick summary of the pros and cons I have found.

      Magic keyboard pros:
      *Keyboard more comfortable
      *Trackpad works a lot better
      *Holds the ipad up a bit higher (kind of better for your neck I guess)

      Magic keyboard cons:
      *Only really one angle you can put it in
      *Not great on the lap (the angle isn't great for the lap and it's very top heavy)
      *Have to dive into the settings to adjust backlight settings
      *Reduces battery life

      Brydge pro:
      *Can adjust it to multiple angles
      *Works great on the lap
      *Feels more solid like it will last longer

      Brydge cons:
      *Trackpad is only really handy for clicking things
      *Slightly more difficult to pull the ipad off it compared to the magnets of the magic keyboard
      *Have to charge two things separately

  • Would like to know too ^, keen as lol.

  • I've been eyeing for this for a while now and the lowest price I can find is this for $182: https://www.solutionsbybrandon.com.au/brydge-brydge-pro-mobi...
    Though I haven't had experience buying from this website/seller

  • Will this one work with ipad air 4?

  • $23 shipping nah, on ebay for $231 shipped, or mwave for $230 not sure about shipping.

  • i've heard its terrrrible.