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[WA] Frozen Chicken Feet 1.5kg $4 ($2.67/kg) @ Spudshed Jandakot


Fresh chicken feet usually sell at asian butchers for $6/kg. This offer equates to $2.67/kg.

What's the best way to enjoy them you may ask me? I have one very simple recipe for you:

  1. Boil them for 10 minutes.
  2. Wash them clean in cool water.
  3. Soak them in vinegar with heavy seasoning: lots of sugar, salt, chillies, peppers, etc. Put in fridge overnight or for 24 hours.
  4. Enjoy, and thank me later.

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      more for me i guess

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      You must have cold feet about this deal.

      • I'm not sure how I feel about this deal

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    it's an asian yum chan delicacy

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      And they can keep it.

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        Yeah, they really need to assimilate and eat more Australian foods, like random bits of meat chopped up, mixed with cheap gravy and shoved in cheap pastry. Then you just leave it in a hotbox for half a day and consume. Delicious.

        • Wait till you try bacteria infested milk!

        • A man ate a half day old gas station random bits of meat, mixed with cheap gravy and shoved in cheap pastry. This is what happened to his liver.

    • Isn't Yamcha the worst?

      • I like it. Why is it the worst?

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          He's referencing a character in Dragon Ball, as he is pretty much the weakest of the bunch.

  • Hi OP I see the Chinese getting them, do they use the same recipe ?

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      You can use the recipe as provided by OP (has more of a crunchy consistency and tangy flavour) or this one (gelatinous consistency and soy sauce based). You can find both at yumcha dimsum places


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        I would add that to wash thoroughly and boil with Ginger and spring onion to get rid of that funky stank

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    Not in WA but this post make me want to go and buy chicken feet tomorrow

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    What’s the radio of vinegar/sugar/salt?

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    Fresh ones are $3/kg at my local woolies.

    I'm in a predominately Asian suburb (SE Melbourne) so they are usually sold out.

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    Yum, chicken feet..

    Wonder if they are 'free-range' or if they stand in shit their whole lives?

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      I've heard chickens are more disgusting than pigs, eat their own crap, etc….. but you probably already know that and still eat their meat like I do.

    • Erm… NO YUM!

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    How much per kilo for chicken a-hole?

    • Same as lips.

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      It's called a cloaca, and it's a vagina and rectum in one. BOGOF!

    • Deep fried chicken ass is the best bruh.

      • You mean chicken nuggets?

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    1 boil them for 10 minutes.
    2 wash them clean in cool water.
    3 soak them in vinegar with heavy seasonings, lots of suger, salt, chillies, peppers, etc. Put in fridge for overnight or 24 hours.
    4 enjoy and thank me later.

    5 Use discarded toe nails to remove chicken caught between teeth

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      6 Recycle the eminent diarrhoea through mouth piece

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    Being westernised over the decades I would say ewww but the Asian in me says woo hoo what a bargain!

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      Odd pillow talk

  • Not that cheap and also frozen >.>

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    Perfect snack right out of a freezer for those nasty summer heatwaves

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    There was me thinking step 4 would be chuck the feet out and drink the water…

  • I would not call this cheap at all, and it's frozen…

    For a pretty decent recipe: https://www.wenthere8this.com/delicious-braised-chicken-feet...

    Have tried this and it's pretty legit. Love the flavours. Not the same as your yum cha variants, but still good.

    • Can I put them on the BBQ with the chicken wings ?

      • You can try but there isn't much meat in the feet, so it'd cook quicker than your wings. You'd also want indirect heat so you don't burn it.

      • You can. Great for snacking with beer.

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    Love me some Avian Appendages

  • Cook it with ramen broth to give gelatinous texture.

  • Best way to enjoy them is to marinate them with salt and chilli then grill them over charcoal. Best dish to serve with beer

  • I have a few rules for picking a good foreign cuisine restaurant, and one of them is that there should be something intimidating on the menu. Chicken feet has always ticked that box for me, so much so that I've never tried them despite being tempted. The gelatinous look has always put me off. How should a newbie start?

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      By putting it in your mouth.

      • Then what?

        • Then you PIITB.

        • -2

          Run for the bathroom

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    Back home in Russia local chicken farms are thriving now. China is buying that stuff as crazy, but before that it was considered as a landfill byproduct.
    Anyway there is a recipe:
    1. Sprinkle pink rock salt over a chicken feet
    2. Put a feet in a fridge and cover with a cotton cloth soaked in virgin Spanish olive oil
    3. Week later massage the feet and transfer in a bowl with ice.
    4. Next morning dump it in a rubbish bin and look up for a good deal on 3060 RTX card on ozbargain web site

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    make sure the nails aren't painted before eating

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    went to get some chicken feet but they said they just ran out

    • I know you feel sad, so go home and watch Happy Feet

  • All I can think of is how much sheet those feet been stepping in.

    They taste great though.

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      You do realise there is a tough protective layer that gets stripped away before you cook them, right?

      I should clarify, the protective layer is removed before the sale of said feet.

  • Yummy

    They are great. But in my family, we just put them in the chicken broth to cook with the chicken frame.
    Then eat it prior to the soup.

    Cut the talons off before cooking them.

    You can buy them in any butcher in Europe but here I need to go to the Asian shop, which is 45min one way.

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    Seriously WTF

    • Chicken feet special lol

  • Prefer the fried and steamed black bean sauce one.
    White one is yummy too.

  • for a non-chinese approach to chicken feet, my go-to is a thai style salad. the texture of the chicken feet really works well with this dish.


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    Reminds of the one about the rosella soup recipe.

    1. put rosella in 4 gallon drum with bay leaves, brick and half fill with water.
    2. boil for four days
    3. pour out water.
    4. eat brick which will still be more tender than rosella
  • Revolting

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    I buy about 2kg chicken feet per week. My dogs love them,

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    Y'all diss this food when you eat chicken nuggets, meat pies and frankfurters full of left over animal carcasses and intestines hidden throughout XD

  • Came for the comments, not disappointed.

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