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Wera 932/918/6 Screwdriver Set $44.42, 1160 I/7 VDE 7 Piece Set $27.71 + Delivery ($0 w/ Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Great pricing coming out of the Amazon UK store on Wera screwdriver sets.

Wera 932/918/6 Screwdriver Set Kraft Form Chisel driver and Rack 6 Pieces @ $44.42 AUD + delivery
Currently $81.83 on Amazon AU and $95.90 at Bunnings

And for the inner sparky and to score free shipping there is the Wera 1160 I/7 VDE 7 Piece Set @ $27.71 AUD + delivery (change seller to Amazon UK for pricing)
Currently $44.85 on Amazon AU which in itself is a great price when compared to local stores at $55+


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Very nice price coming out of UK stores. But just note, the set you linked is for the PoziDrive tipped drivers.
    Somewhat rare in Australia, so best get the the Philips set. Wera Kraftform Plus 900 series 932/6

    • Good catch, missed the 918 PZ / 917 PH difference for the Phillips heads

    • PZ is far more common than you may think, it's just most people don't realise there's a difference or know how to ID which is which. I'd still get the philips set for most people but anyone into DIY should have both.

      • 100% agree. I'm seeing much more PZ these days.

        So annoying that people in the industry can't even identify the difference and continue to use a PH bit with PZ resulting the them rounding out the head of the screw through cam-out.

        Yeah it works once, but it makes life much more difficult for the next sucker to come along struggling to remove a rounded screw head.

    • Do you have a link to that set?

  • The VDE set is showing free delivery (I have prime) so they might have removed the international minimum limit? Awesome

    • I'm not seeing that, though wish I was..

      Are you buying from Amazon UK seller @ $27.71 instead of Amazon AU @ $44.95?

      • Ahh crap!
        I clicked on the link you provided but it linked the $44 version hmm

        • Scroll down and select other sellers, Amazon UK at post pricing

          • @cycloneaussie: Yep got it, showing as $37 now + $11ish for the slowest postage

            • @cam83: Weird, still $27.72 for me
              Amazon surge pricing hard at work…

              • @cycloneaussie: i had to keep reloading / tried a few times and eventually it came up as $27!

  • +4

    There's also a 12 piece set for $72.69 (free shipping for prime international orders over >$49) and a 334/6 set for $35.53 posted by a fellow ozbargainer here:

  • Not sure what the hell I am doing wrong but cannot get these prices to show .

  • Great find. Just got one Cheers!

  • +1

    Ok ill bite
    Whats the difference between these and Stanley screwdrivers from bunnings

    • +2

      There won't round heads and wreck your day.

    • Full thru-tang and metal cap that you can bash with a hammer and use as a chisel.

      Bunnings sell this same set for $96

      • not exactly the same - the flatheads are the same 932 but the phillips heads are 918 in this set as opposed to the 917 in Bunnings - see first post

  • Since this is a german brand, do you pronounce it as Vera?

    • Yep

      • Thanks mate…

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