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twohundredº Cold Brew Coffee Maker: $44.99 Delivered (65% off RRP $129 // 40% off Nov Sale Price of $75) @ twohundredº Amazon


DEAL EXTENDED (back on sale at 8pm)

Amazon scheduled the Cyber Monday Lightning deal on our coffee makers to run today until 7:25pm, so this has now ended. However, we’re still getting a lot of interest, so we have created a coupon code to extend this deal for those of you who might have missed out earlier in the day, or wanted to purchase more than the one permitted on a Lightning Deal. This will become active at 8pm AEDT.

Same deal as the Lightning Deal: $44.99.
Use discount code XMASCOLDBREW

You should be able to purchase up to 5 at a time with this code.
EDIT: You should be able to use the code multiple times, but this will need to be in separate transactions as it will give you $30.01 off your basket total each time. Sorry for the inconvenience!

To use the code, add the cold brew coffee maker to your Amazon basket as usual and go most of the way through the checkout process.

Once you get to entering your payment information, there'll be a drop down menu under the heading "Gift Cards".
Here you can enter the coupon code (XMASCOLDBREW) and this should reduce the price to $44.99.
Any problems please let me know :)

Sarah - twohundredº

Hey OzBargainers! Christmas is coming and Amazon are running a Cyber Monday deal on our cold brew coffee makers, perfect timing to get your hands on the perfect Christmas gift (especially after the weekend's sweltering temperatures for many of us)!

$44.99 delivered; that's 65% off the RRP $129 and 40% off the November sale price of $75.

Deal runs today, Monday 30th November, until 19:25pm AEDT
Only available for a limited number.

As a small, family-run, local business (based in Manly NSW), we pride ourselves on providing customer service that is second to none. We are on the Aussie time zone, meaning we are easily contacted throughout the day if you have any questions / problems with your order.
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you are not happy with your coffee maker or have any problems, you can request a full refund through Amazon or contact us for a replacement to be sent out free of charge.
Don’t just take our word for it; you can see what some of our customers have to say here.

Please feel free to drop us an email (before purchasing or once you've received your coffee maker) and we'll answer any queries you might have:
 [email protected]

Amazon limits purchases on their Lightning Deals to one per customer (this is out of our control). If you would like to buy more than one, please message me (or comment here) and I can create a code to allow you to purchase more at the $44.99 offer price once the Lightning Deal has ended at 7:25pm :)

We have been incredibly grateful for the support shown by the OzBargain community when we have run deals in the past. That’s why we ONLY showcase these deals on OzBargain, to make sure you guys get the heads up and the chance to make use of the deal before anyone else spots it.

Happy bargain hunting! :)

Sarah - twohundredº
[email protected]

The twohundredº cold brew coffee maker can be used to cold brew fruit infused teas and fruit flavoured water as well as for cold brewing coffee, and because there are no plastic parts (it's a beautiful borosilicate glass carafe with a fine stainless steel mesh filter), it won't hold flavour between brews.

It's easy to clean with a quick rinse after use and is dishwasher safe, although we recommend being careful how you stack your dishwasher to ensure nothing is knocking into the carafe.

It comes with a silicone gasket, which you transfer from the filter to the lid after the coffee has finished steeping, to give a near-airtight seal. This means your coffee will keep fresh in the fridge for a week and, importantly, won't taste like fridge smell!

To easily make cold brew coffee at home using the twohundredº cold brew coffee maker, all you need is about 50g of coarsely ground coffee beans and some cold water. You put the ground coffee in the filter, fill the carafe with cold water, and allow it to steep for 12-24 hours. In the morning, you'll have a delicious cold brew coffee concentrate, which you can drink as it is if you like it strong, dilute with ice / water / milk / coconut cream etc. if you prefer, or even heat up in a mug in the microwave if you prefer your coffee hot but without the bitterness.

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  • That first one's a tea pot. Not ideal for cold brew.

  • Used mine once last time before it cracked :'(
    Very nice looking carafe but the design is a bit unintuitive, requires you to remove the rubber seal and replace it every time you make a batch

    • +10 votes

      Hi ohhidayo,

      I’m really sorry to hear this! Did you get a refund already from Amazon? Due to the hand blown process, one or two do sometimes slip through with minor (usually invisible) imperfections, causing them to be more fragile, and sadly it sounds like yours was one of them.

      If you haven’t already received a refund, please message me with your Amazon order number and I can either send you a free replacement or a full refund, whichever you would prefer.

      Sorry again that you were one of the unlucky ones on this occasion.

      Sarah - twohundred°

      • Hey, is this a common occurence? Mine literally cracked (after a few uses) sitting on my desk and I only purchased this item on the 1st June 2020.

        • +4 votes

          Hi christopher8827,

          No, it's not common, but when we post these deals here we tend to sell a high volume, and therefore the number of people it happens to looks higher than you'd expect! For transparency, I'd estimate it happens in around 1-2% of our sales. This is why we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee - we know that with selling a glass product there are always going to be times when someone receives one that isn't as durable as it should be.

          Same as my comment above - if you haven't already received your refund through Amazon, please email ([email protected]) or message me with your order number and let me know if you'd prefer to have a replacement sent out or a full refund :)


  • Stupid question, would microwaving a coldbrew make the flavour worse?

    edit-didn't read the full OP.

    Will be ordering to try it out.

    • +3 votes

      Hi xhanatos,

      Not a stupid question at all! No, it won't, and for people who prefer their coffee hot, we fully recommend this.

      Cold brewing works by slowly extracting the flavour from the coffee grinds over time, giving a smooth flavour. Hot brewing coffee scorches the beans, which is what releases the bitterness. By heating the cold-brewed coffee after it has finished steeping, you are retaining the smooth flavour of the cold brew with no bitterness :)

      Hope this helps!

      Sarah - twohundredº

  • Big cold brew drinker. Used many different brewing mechanisms/tools. Keen to give this one a go.

    • Hi dheywood,

      Thanks for your interest and for supporting our little business! Hopefully you will love it (and the cold brew it makes) :)

      As a veteran cold brewer I'm sure you already know all of this, but we highly recommend experimenting with things like the coarseness of grind, amount of coffee you use, steeping duration and room temperature vs. refrigerated steeping, which all affect the flavour profile, to find how you like it the best :)

      Sarah - twohundredº

  • I bought one of these a few months ago and loved it before the top lip randomly cracked while it was sitting on my kitchen counter overnight.

    While it was unfortunate, I will admit that the quality of the cold brew was quite good and it is easy to use. I would buy this again but I've already ordered the KitchenAid kit.

    • Hi rushil01,

      I'm sorry to hear you received a defective unit that cracked. Have you already received a refund through Amazon? If not, please message me with your order number and I'll process you a full refund.


      Sarah - twohundredº


    I actually have something like this already (it's for tea but… same thing) but I haven't used it - what is cold brew actually like? I mostly drink espresso + milk drinks, have never had cold brew. What's the flavour profile?

    • +2 votes

      Less acidic, more chocolatey (even when using beans which would give you a fruity flavour when brewed hot). It's kind of the opposite of espresso, to me. If you brew a concentrate you can still use milk, though. Try using cream or even condensed milk and some ice for something decadent.

  • I like the design but mine also cracked and the seal didn't fit properly. I paid $75 and it wasn't worth the quality. The RRP is misleading, $44.99 should be the regular price imo

    I will add that their customer service is great, no issues there.

    • EDIT: removed my comment as I realised that I may be wrong about the RRP given the price of others in the market.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Ononono,

      I'm really sorry to hear you received a defective one that has cracked and had a poor-fitting gasket.

      As per my previous posts, if you haven't already received a refund from Amazon, please message me with your order number. I can issue you a full refund for $75, or if you would like a replacement, I would be happy to refund you the difference between the $75 you paid and the current Lightning Deal price of $44.99 (so $30.01) and send out a free replacement. Let me know which you'd prefer :)


      Sarah - twohundredº

  • Ordered one for Christmas, very excited!

  • Wait till 4pm to get an extra 12% off cashrewards guys.

  • Hi rep,

    I'm looking to grab a few for family members for christmas, could I please grab a code to order a few more? :)

    • +1 vote

      Hi mangobango,

      Thanks for this! I have set up a discount code that will become live at 8pm today after the Lightning Deal expires (I can't set it up earlier I'm afraid!)

      The code is XMASCOLDBREW

      You should be able to purchase up to 5 at a time with this code.

      To use the code, add the cold brew coffee maker to your Amazon basket as usual and go most of the way through the checkout process.

      Once you get to entering your payment information, there'll be a drop down menu under the heading "Gift Cards".

      Here you can enter the coupon code (XMASCOLDBREW) and this should reduce the price to $44.99.

      Any problems please let me know :)


      Sarah - twohundredº

  • We got one of these a few months ago. Very happy with ours. Cold brew coffee is delicious, esp. with these 41 degree days, when I still need a caffeine hit. I've tried it with iced tea too and works well.

    • Hi OzzyJess,

      Thanks for the feedback and for being a customer! :) It certainly comes in handy on weekends like we've just had! Have you tried adding some fresh mint to the filter when brewing tea? It makes a really refreshing brew on a hot day!

      Thanks again,
      Sarah - twohundredº

  • I have three of these bought last year. Can vouch for its quality and aesthetics. Compared to the Hario (which I have two of), I prefer this as I find it easier to clean and feels nicer on the hand when I pour. Thanks twohundredº!!

    • +2 votes

      Hi Monstro,

      Oh wow, that's great to hear! Thanks for being a (repeat) customer, so glad to hear you are loving them :)

      Also really good to hear some unbiased feedback about ours vs. the Hario. We get asked a lot about the difference between the two and reason for buying ours over a cheaper plastic version, and whilst we truly believe ours IS better and worth the money, it's always good to hear when someone without a vested interest shares our opinion! :)

      Thank you,
      Sarah - twohundredº

    • How do you find the filter and seal? After reading the seller's good engagement here I'm not really concerned about the thing cracking, but I'd like to know that the filter and seal are up to par. In particular I'm concerned about the seal wearing out after removing it from the filter to stick on the lid and vice versa. It'd be nice if you could pay a little extra for a spare lid and seal and just keep one lid with the seal on and one without.

      • +1 vote

        Hi Diji,

        Thanks for your interest :) I’m going to let some unbiased OzBargainers chip in here so you get honest feedback, but we do generally receive good feedback about the unit as a whole including the stainless steel filter and silicone gasket.

        In case no one pipes up though, please also know that our satisfaction guarantee covers the whole product, not just if the glass cracks. If you’re unhappy for any reason after purchase just drop me a line at [email protected] and if we can’t find a solution, we’ll issue you a refund :)

        Sarah - twohundred°

      • +1 vote

        Also just seen your comment regarding a spare lid and gasket; we have a handful of these left in our own stock outside of Amazon; we’d be happy to pop a spare in the post for you at the cost of postage, or if you’d rather see how you go (ours is still going strong after 4 years), if you do have a problem in the future we can send you a spare then :)

      • Hey Diji. I use mine weekly (I make a lot for myself and my co-workers) and the seals (silicone gaskets) have held its shape after regular use - both to seal with the lid when storing/resting and to seal with the filter when brewing. Worth noting that I wash everything else in the dishwasher while I hand wash the seals. Not afraid to pop them in the dishwasher but I just think that silicone ventures better and lasts longer when not exposed to higher temps.

        • +2 votes

          Good to know! I went and bought one since it's barely more expensive than the Hario, looks nicer, and is Aussie.

        • +1 vote

          Hi Monstro,

          Thanks very much for chipping in here with an opinion, good to hear it's all holding up well! :)

          Sarah - twohundredº

      • The seal fits well with the filter in place, but not so well with just the lid IMO. But I'm still pretty happy with it for the price, this is my first time trying cold brew and it was easy with this.

  • I bought mine about 6months ago and it works great. I noticed there is a bit of very fine sediment that passes through the mesh but I would imagine this would occur with any cold brew device. This occurs despite me using a course grind setting on my porlex. However, this isn't really a problem until you get to the last amount of brew, but you can easily fix this by filtering the coffee with a paper filter or even a paper towel (sounds stupid but it works!).

    I must say I also appreciate the metal filter and glass design because it stops any flavours or odours adhering to it - unlike plastic.

    Overall, I am very happy, and the customer service experience was exceptional - Highly recommend :)

  • Just bought a second one. A single one cant pump out enough for the demand. Combined with beans from Manna Beans plus a course grind via a Porlex hand grinder and you end up with a super smooth brew. My partners' boss loves a delivery of cold brew so I am always trying to brew another bottle to send that way. I also brew with decaf beans for that late afternoon coffee flavour without the caffeine hit.

    • Hi nanonoise,

      Thanks for the feedback - and for being a repeat customer! Haha, I love it that you are good enough to also be fulfilling your partner’s boss’ cold brew needs!! :)

      Also great to hear you enjoy it with decaf beans too - we sometimes get people asking about this as an option.

      Thanks and happy cold brewing,
      Sarah - twohundred°

  • I'd bought this when it went on sale mid year and had used a couple times also before mine cracked. Unfortunately (unlike others here) mine was due to my own error with accidently bumping it while it was in the dish rack and the mouthpiece cracking. Do you offer replacement glass for purchase or would I need to buy the entire unit again? I still have the filter, seal and lid. Thanks

    • +1 vote

      Hi shifty093,

      I’m sorry to hear yours had a run in with the dish rack…!

      Sadly we don’t have any of the glass carafes on their own. However, if you’re able to message me your Amazon order number from when you purchased earlier in the year, I’d be happy to issue a partial refund to allow you to effectively buy a new full system at a further $5 off. I’ve heard from a few customers in your position that they have appreciated having that extra lid and gasket with a new set anyway, so make sure you hang on to those!

      Sarah - twohundred°

  • Missed this last time - happy to snag one today

  • Bought one with the 10% off Amazon gift cards via Zip. We'll see if the 12% from CR tracks too. :)

  • Great thread, thank you.

    Also: purchased, OzBargain team have allowed me to make an educated decision. Cheers ;)

  • Hi Sarah,

    I punched in the code XMASCOLDBREW to purchase 2 but it only comes up with a $30.01 discount? Are they still meant to be at $44.99 each?

    • Hi AVTT,

      Oh that’s annoying! Yes, they are supposed to be $44.99 each, and I assumed Amazon would apply the $30.01 discount to each item in your basket (to make them $44.99 each), not to the total amount. Frustrating!

      If the discount is only applied to the total then I’m afraid you’ll need to place two separate orders and use the code each time. I’m sorry for the hassle - I can’t see a simpler way round this.

      You should be able to use the code on as many orders as you like - please do let me know if you have any problems though.

      Thanks also for pointing this out, I had no idea!

      Sarah - twohundred°

  • This looks like a cracker of a deal!


    Hi all, I am keen to try something like this - I'm interested in people's perspective on whether this will do the same job? https://www.t2tea.com/en/au/t2-jug-a-lot-2.0l-black-H999ZZ21...

    Someone gifted it to us for tea but we don't really drink tea. Will it make cold brew coffee?

  • Just received mine, looks way nicer than the Hario and T2 jugs and is really more comparable to Hario's more expensive jug which is something like $150 RRP.

    My only slight disappointments are that there's no mention of using boiling or hot water in it (for brewing hot tea and chilling afterwards), and that it doesn't have millilitre markings alongside or opposite the ounce markings. Not a huge deal, though.

    I've yet to use it since it's just been washed and is now drying, so I can't really comment on actual usage.

    The filter holes appear to be the same as my tea infuser so you won't want to grind too fine, but that's a given for cold brew anyway. If you want to do any experiments with fine grounds then get yourself a secondary filtering method. The filter basket goes quite deep into the jug, so it seems if you wanted to make less coffee at once and use less water, you could. From eyeballing it, I would say the minimum you could do is 600, maybe 500 ml of water.

    The rubber seal comes off of the filter quite easily so that you can slip it onto the bottom part of the lid, so that the lid fits nicely once you remove the filter after brewing. I might worry about wearing out the seal after a while of repeatedly doing so, depending on how strong the material is. I figure it's probably got to take a fair beating since you'll need to remove it for cleaning, though, so I'll trust it to hold up to repeated use.

    • Having now used it, I actually don't think you can really go under the full capacity due to the shape (the water will sit under the filter). I had a little mishap where I overfilled it due to measuring the coffee incorrectly and made a big mess. Hopefully I didn't lose too much coffee and the result tastes fine!

      • Tastes like cold brew should. After brewing, I think including an extra lid with seal or something would do a lot to improve ease of use. It's just kinda fiddly to have to remove the filter, slip off the seal while the filter is dripping coffee, and then slip it onto the lid.
        It also would be great if the filter basket extended closer to the bottom of the vessel so that you could use less water. Not that a full carafe is too much coffee but it's nice to have options when brewing.

        They're minor niggles though, so if you want something to make cold brew coffee in, I recommend this. You're supporting an Aussie product and it's comparable to the Hario one. Plus, if they truly do honour their 30 day satisfaction guarantee (no questions asked, apparently!) then there's basically no risk in trying it.

        • +1 vote

          Hi Diji,

          Thanks very much for your honest and in-depth feedback! I've no doubt Oz-Bargainers will be grateful to read how you're finding it when deciding whether to purchase, and it's great for us to hear you're enjoying using it so far.

          To respond to a few of your comments:

          • Using the carafe for boiling water: whilst the glass can withstand the high temperature, we do not recommend using boiling water for brewing. The main reason for this, is that because there is no handle, there's a real risk of scalding as the glass will get very hot. But also, there's no need to use hot water to brew tea! I've just posted a few tips below for using the carafe, and one of these is for cold brewing tea :) Just like with coffee, if you'd like a nice refreshing iced tea, you can simply use cold water and let the tea leaves steep for around 6 hours. You can add things like fresh mint for a really refreshing brew too.

          • Millilitre markings: we are quite sad about this one ourselves and share your thoughts here. The reason the markings are in fluid ounces, is that we first released this model in the States, and shipped all our stock over here at the end of 2018 when Amazon finally came to Australia so we could serve our home market. Sadly, this means the markings are still geared up for the US market. If we order more units as a version 3.0, we will definitely be changing the markings to ml :) As a quick guide, each 8oz marking is approximately 250ml.

          • Completely agree that you need a coarse grind. This also helps with water circulation through the coffee, so helps with the steeping process and prevents any clogging.

          • Sorry to hear you overfilled your first batch! We like to fill the carafe to about the 24oz level with cold water, then lower in the filter (with coffee already in, to about half way up the filter). We then top up slowly with water through the grinds to make sure it's all nice and wet. This tends to help reduce sediment too - the less agitation the better.

          • We hear you about how an extra gasket would be useful. Again, this is something we'd look to include in a V3.0 :)

          Again, we really appreciate your feedback - and your purchase. Hopefully you won't need to use our guarantee but it's there if you need it!

          Happy cold brewing :)

          Sarah - twohundredº

  • +1 vote

    Hello you lovely people :)

    We’re unable to send follow up emails to our customers through Amazon’s messaging service at the moment, so here is what we would like to have sent our customers:

    You'll find instructions on the box on how to download the free recipe eBook; if you have any problems or have thrown away the packaging, please let us know and we can send you the eBook.
    Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your twohundredº cold brew coffee maker/tea infuser :) Any questions, shoot me a message!
    Sarah - twohundredº ([email protected])
    1. We recommend putting approximately 50g of coarsely ground coffee into the filter, around half full. This can be any coffee bean, so long as it's a coarse grind. The coarser the better!

    1. If you find you get a lot of sediment you can try a few things:

    - Make sure you're using a very coarse grind. Fine particles seep through the filter and can also clog the filter.
    - Try filling the carafe with cold water first to about 3/4 full, then submerge the filter (with coffee already in). Top up with cold water so it’s about 1cm from the top and the coffee is fully saturated. This should reduce agitation to the grounds and result in less sediment.

    1. We recommend allowing your coffee to steep for a minimum of 12 hours, which will produce a coffee concentrate, but you can leave it for up to 24 hours if you like it really strong. We suggest starting your coffee brewing of an afternoon/evening, and testing it the next morning. Experiment with the time you steep for - everyone likes it slightly different!

    2. You can set your coffee brewing at room temperature or in the refrigerator, it’s personal preference. It will brew slightly quicker at room temperature, but if you want to wake up to a fresh, cold brew, we recommend putting it in the fridge overnight to steep.

    3. Once your coffee is ready, remember to transfer the silicone gasket from the neck of the filter to the lid. This way you create a near-airtight seal so you can store your coffee in the fridge and it will stay fresh for a week!

    4. We prefer to use loose leaf tea as the cold water is able to circulate through the leaves better so you tend to get a stronger brew, however you can use tea bags if you prefer - just pop them in your filter.

    5. We recommend steeping your tea in the refrigerator. For black tea, try anywhere between about 6 and 12 hours; as with coffee, we recommend trying different steeping times to see what you prefer. Green tea is quicker - try between 3 and 6 hours and adjust to your preferred taste.

    6. You don’t need as much tea as you would coffee. For black tea we recommend filling the filter to about 1/5, and for green tea, even less. If using tea bags, use about 4-5 tea bags.

    7. Put chopped fruit into the filter, or even straight into the carafe of cold water; using the filter will make it that bit easier to pour.

    8. Infusing water does not take long. Try leaving your water infusing for at least 30 minutes to start drawing out the flavours and add ice to the carafe to keep it fresh and cool.

    3.  Try fresh cucumber chopped lengthways into batons and fresh, chopped strawberries for a really refreshing summer drink.

  • Bought one from amazon, was disappointed that it came broken :(

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks a lot for emailing me about this as I might not have seen your post here.

      As I explained in my email, Amazon are often very heavy handed with our items and/or package them insufficiently, resulting in the glass sometimes arriving broken. It’s an issue we have raised with Amazon many times but they frustratingly do nothing to improve.

      I’m sorry that you’ve been one of the unfortunate ones in this occasion.

      As per my email, please let me know if you’d prefer for me to send out a replacement to you, or if you would rather go through Amazon’s refund process and then purchase a replacement using the XMASCOLDBREW code, which is valid through to the end of this year.

      Apologies again for the hassle and inconvenience.

      Thank you,

  • 12 hours for a coffee? criky! you have to be keen.