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Sony SRS-XB23 Extra BASS Wireless Portable Speaker Olive Green $89.46 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU

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  • Anyone might have a feedback on how they compare to the UE?

    • To which one in particular? The Sony has pretty good specs for its price although sometimes it doesn't sound like it. And while it's called "extra bass", it doesn't actually have as much bass as others in the price range. It also has a stamina mode but it's mostly useless as it completely turns the bass off. Having said that I actually quite like the sound (I lower the bass a bit too) for the type of music I like. It works well enough.

    • This out performs the UE megaboom and megablast in my opinion. Bass is richer and the highs and mids are far brighter than the 2 UE models, but that's my preference in a speaker. I would take the xb43 any day of the week over the others.

  • Did you possibly mix up two different models in the post?

  • Seems like it.

    $225 would have to be a good price on the xb 43 too, right?

  • It's showing $163.89 + Delivery for me?

    Edit: Ah, looks like it expire as I posted this comment.

  • It's not $89.46 but the blue one is still in stock at $102.