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Bloody B945 RGB Optical Mechanical (Linear) Keyboard with Left Side Numpad AU ~ $149 Delivered @ Amazon US


Make sure you check the box (below the usd price on the page) to get 60USD off before you purchase! (It only works once).

Blue style clickly switches for $7usd more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079M5JPYQ

Standard Layout Clicky
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079GBLXNV - $50usd off
TKL Clicky
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079HM7D95 - $25usd off
TKL Linear

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  • bloody oath mate…!

  • FINALLY! I've been looking for left side numpad for yonks. Is this keeb any good?

  • Geez, how much for a clean one then?

  • Why can’t they make left side numpad keyboard more common.

    • I might go back to a full length keyboard if I could find one at a decent price.

      I went TKL recently after decades of using full sized mechanical keyboards. It allows a more ergonomic placement of hands being equal distance between mouse and WASD keys with TKL. It also gives heaps of room for mouse movement without slamming the mouse into the numpad and can also move keyboard to have G&H keys to be centered with the monitor when not gaming. That makes typing easier than having to shift my whole body to the left with full sized keyboards never being in line with the center of a monitor.

      Getting rid of right numpad makes it easier to sit up straight and have both elbows on the elbow rests of chair while typing. Before that I had a habit of lifting my right elbow off the rest and leaning to the left to center my body with the keyboard.

      Left numpad would solve the ergonomic problems I was having with full sized keyboards, but I don't really miss a numpad anyway.

  • Optical mechanical? I'm officially too old for this concept.

  • left side keypad sounds so much better, wish this was more common as it would leave more mousepad space

    • leave more mousepad space

      Good point. Many times I thought I would prefer numpad on the left due to: right handed but can use numpad with left hand just as well.
      I think I was typing away once, and then instead of using computer, I used a calculator on the left, and it just felt so right.
      But getting more mouse space as well is a bonus.
      (I read somewhere that the closer your two hands are together, it is more ergonomic)

  • I was wondering what left numpad keyboards are called.

    So they are called “left handed keyboard”, interesting because many times I thought I would actually prefer the numpad on the left, even though right handed.
    Or you could always get a separate USB numpad only I guess (with a TKL or 65-60%).

    Interesting brand name “Bloody”. Sounds better than “Redragon” or “Royal Kludge” from the other deal.

  • These are back in stock for around $155 AUD