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20% off iTunes $20 Card, Apple AirPods Pro (Open Box) $279, Watch Series 6 40mm GPS Alum (in White Box) $499 Shipped @ Phonebot


A little late to the party but better late than never. Part of our cyberweek deals

iTunes $20 gift card OZB exclusive $16 (Online Only, ONE per customer - Coupon applied when you add it to cart. Redemption code will be sent by email in 48 hrs) SOLD OUT

Apple Airpods Pro - Open Box $279 (Unused. Retail boxes are unsealed and might be very slightly damaged)

Apple Watch Series 6 40mm GPS- In generic white box $499 (Unused, sent with silicon band in white box)

All orders placed today will be shipped by Friday with signature on delivery. Please contact 0394626936 (whatsapp enabled) if you have any queries regarding your order or use the messenger icon on the website or email us at support at phonebot com au

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  • Why are the Airpod Pro's open box?

    • Opened to check if they were still in there

    • Beware of buying anything NEW SEALED 24month Manufacturers warranty from them. They are not even authorised dealers of brands like Samsung yet they advertise manufacturers warranty. Very unethical. My phone came with broken seal with extra sticker on top. dodgy as hell. Gave refund though.

      pics of the seal

      • -3 votes

        We have sold hundreds of brand new products without any problems. Yours was an exception and im truly sorry for that. This phone was immediately returned to supplier and you were provided a refund immediately. Even retailers like amazon can make mistakes. A recently posted deal for brand new note 20 on amazon has seal broken complaints in its reviews section. Doesnt justify what happened with you nevertheless mistakes happen

        • The seal of the unit you sold me isn't JUST broken. It was re-sealed over. not sure how exactly the action of re-sealing classify as mistake? I had to drive 1hr 30mins to your shop to get the refund to make sure nothing goes wrong.

        • Hmm… thought it was 'error free'

    • Opened to check the contents. Like most of the classified posts here.

    • Probably used.

  • +3 votes

    Airpods looks like an overseas model and the serial number sticker is ripped off the box. Any reason why?

    • -6 votes

      This is how we got them. We get auction mix items from closing down stores and other sources

      • So… they might be used. You don't really know?

        • there is no sign of use and unactivated too, but with an open box product there is a possibility of someone touching it or trying it and yah cant vouch for that. I think the price reflects that slight risk

          • @erroorfree: Open box also implies no warranty.
            That and potentially overseas model and I don’t think the price reflects that when they could be used.

            • @rekabkram:

              Open box also implies no warranty.

              Is it airpods only thing? Because you can buy 2nd hand Apple products and still claim warranty if it’s under two years for local stock and one year for overseas. Warranty can be checked directly on their website

    • dann… bought one didnt realise it's an overseas model. How does that go for repairs / warranties?

  • Thanks OP! I was just looking at topping up my iTunes account

  • itunes card OOS.

  • Itunes cards out of stock already?

  • Itunes OOS - gotta be quick around here!

  • Itunes card out of stock?

  • $200 would be a better price given the risk. We frequently see AirPod pro on sale for the the same price as listed here. I’ve personally price matched with OW for $260 earlier this year

    • I’ve personally price matched with OW for $260 earlier this year

      Against which store?

      • Think it was Amazon or some other random store. Was a dodgy price match but they didn’t really care and did the price match over the phone

    • Got a pair of Pros for $185 a few months ago thanks to their pricematching. Granted it was supposed to be the regular 2nd gen Pods with charging case though; asked them to match a sale Umart was having at the time but she messed up and put the order through for Pros instead. Counting my lucky blessings for that lol.

  • Are the apple watches AU stock, and are they GST refundable (if I bring them out of the country)

    • I see they say Like New - These watches are new and have no or very minimal signs of use. They're only refurbished to the extent of wiping data and cleaning with antiseptic products. This product might come in generic packaging and includes a charger and cable.

  • You can get AirPods Pro for $300 from officeworks (and I’ve seen cheaper elsewhere from time to time) by price beating mediaform. It’s much less risky and sealed genuine Aussie stock. Wouldn’t risk this to save $20

  • how do we know if the Airpods & Apple Watch are legitimate / not stolen etc?

  • Can vouch for the store. Bought a couple of refurbished phones from them, one developed a hardware fault. They took it back and repaired it but the same issue came back after a few weeks. Sent it back again and they sent a different phone (same model) which has been great.

    They also paid for return post both times! Very easy to deal with, quick responses and had the phone back each time within the week from Syd to Melb and back to Syd again.

  • The phonebot looks like a Goron in the smaller picture

  • Airpods Pro arrived today.

    Box looks legit and all. unfortunately the serial number sticker is missing from the side of the box. Another sticker with a serial number is slapped on the bottom of the box.
    Another stick is on the back of the box which contains the serial number. Check on Apple website with the Serial number comes up fine.

    I have yet to actually open the product as I purchased them as a gift, so I will find out if the case/ear pieces match up later tonight.

    So far, very iffy about the purchase due to the sticker removal and another sticker being slapped on.