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JBL Link Music Wireless Smart Speaker with Google Assistant $59 Free Delivery @ Australia Post


JBL 360-Degree Pro Sound
Wireless streaming via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Hands-free help from the Google Assistant

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    While music can be streamed wirelessly this speaker has no battery and requires a power cord to run. Just to save any confusion.


      Is the sound quality better than the now discontinued "Google Home"?


        From what I've read, the general consensus is that it's essentially Google Home, with better sound quality.


      ? you sure


        See previous discussions in Deals
        Or Specs in Deal Link
        Battery Life: N/A - has power cable not batteries

        The JBL Link Portable is the version with a battery.

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          and this is ?

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          think the twits have screwed up the specs


    Are this series of jbl speakers have connection issue still?


      Not in my few weeks experience


    a wired wireless speaker, good job jbl


      Battery powered speakers have power supply limitations (5V input to charge a 3.7V battery) that mains powered amplified speakers don't need to deal with. It's a design consideration when working with amplifiers, as I've done.

      So mains powered can have better quality & louder output than low voltage battery powered units. I don't know about this model.

      Not everyone wants their wireless music input speakers for portable use. My JBL Link Portable just sits on its charger base at home. I'm getting rid of it, in place of a mains powered one.

      So it's an option.

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        as a carpenter i am getting rid of all my corded cordless drills

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          You really don't want to understand any other uses except your own, do you!

          Strangely, that's why different models are manufactured, as people have different requirements. We're not all the same!!

          You've used up a fair percentage of the comments you've made since 2009 - misunderstanding this Deal!


    Is this a really good price? I'm seeing listings over $100 but not sure if that is the battery version? I have google nest minis but this might be good for outdoor area with better sound.


      No this is NOT the battery powered "'Link Portable".

      "Link Music" needs its power cable connected all the time, same as the Nest Mini but with better sound quality.


      I replaced my outdoor nest mini with the JBL ‘link portable’. Good sound quality upgrade. Waterproof and battery powered. All good things and worth the $100 or so I paid.

      Just to be clear. I’m not talking about the speaker in this deal, which isn’t portable.