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iMars Android 10.0 Car Stereo Head Unit 7", 9" or 10" US$109.99 (~A$149.69) Delivered @ Banggood


Decent price on an Android head unit if you're looking to do a DIY solution and don't want to shell out big bucks for a proper Android Auto unit. There's no denying you get what you pay for with these, but I've used similar in older cars before and they've done the trick well.

The price is the same for the 7", 9" and 10" head unit, with tutorials and reviews available on YouTube.

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  • Very tempting. Could be a good holiday project.

  • These players promise the world and really don't deliver. Had all sorts of issues with them.
    Touch screen stop working.
    Background burnt into the screen.
    No screen response.
    Camera taking forever to display
    Boot times like windows xp

    • I've had my Daisata 10" for a couple years in my Lancer and it's been great. Naturally it's super customisable and there's support for custom ROMs on XDA forums.
      Cost me $330 after cashback and the plug n play installation meant I could install it myself
      The alternative would have cost me >$800 for less functionality

      In saying that I would still probably avoid the unit in this post as you'd want the 4GB RAM version. 2GB just isn't enough for a decent experience

    • It's because you buy the crap ones. I've used them for 5 years, no issues, far superior features than any luxury car can provide.

      • Which model have you used

        • I've used Dasaita (was kinda crap but were first of it's kind), then Xtrons (very good, used it for 3.5 years) and now Joying (Upgraded because of new features).

          Highly recommend these things with 4GB ram, hexa/octacore equivalent to Cortex A55 or at least A53 CPU.

          Very good, currently have split screen mode where I can scroll through spotify and view Gmaps simultaneously. Also 4G connection built in.

          • @plmko: Yep i agree, have a Joying 7" with octacore and 4g ram. Only issue i had was a overheating issue causing the CPU's to be throttled, added a small hsf and has been great since.

          • @plmko: That's great. One last question: do you look for these and harness adapters on AliExpress? Or are there local Aussie sellers for these?

            PS: Nevermind, just googled it and the first result.

          • @plmko: I agree about the Joying. They support Android Auto and Carplay in the newer versions now.

        • I bought very cheap 1G Ram one around $70 and install Head Unit Reloaded app and got Wireless Android Auto. I don't need that much ram, only need
          a good phone.

  • this has the smallest 'back' i've ever seen on head units, by a loooooooooooooooooong shot. can't possibly have amps worth a damn? also, how would it even mount into DIN slots?

    • Output power: 4x45W high power output TDA 7388

      do you believe it given it doesnt even look an inch thick at the back???

  • Sorry, if I'm ignorant asking,is this going to fit in Mazda3, 2004 model by any chance? Can anyone help,?

    • Yes it has a chance of fitting in but I don't know if the chances are good or bad.
      Seriously though get a specific unit or one of the free floating ones like the daisata linked above.
      The free floating one will make it look like the head units in the newer cars and you don't have to worry about right hand or left hand.

  • How do people use them. Always tethered to the phone or stand alone?

    Is Google maps offline any good?