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[Pre Order] Galax GeForce RTX 3080 for $1299 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


Looks like Harvey Norman acquiring stocks of the RTX Cards 3070, 3080, 3090. The timelines were not clearly indicated but the pre-orders are open now. Place the order and keep it as a backup, incase you're hoping for cheaper deals. Discounted Gift Cards ranging from 5% to 7.25% can be purchased to make it a cheaper buy.

the other cards that are available for pre-order:

MSI GeForce RTX 3070 8GB Ventus 2x OC for $949

Galax GeForce RTX 3070 8GB SG 1-Click OC for $999

MSI GeForce RTX 3070 8GB Ventus 3x OC for $999

MSI GeForce RTX 3070 8GB Gaming X for $1049

MSI Geforce RTX 3080 Ventus 3X OC 10GB for $1379

MSI Geforce RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio 10GB for $1469

MSI Geforce RTX 3090 24GB - Ventus 3x OC for $2839

MSI Geforce RTX 3090 24GB - Gaming X Trio for $2969

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Any links on 3060ti ?

  • they've been up there since launch day.

  • These have been up since launch day. Prices are on par with other computer stores…

    EDIT: Also, this is like every other computer store. Available for pre-order, but no ETAs.

  • Done waiting….. can't find any 3080 6800xt at normal price.

    I brought 5600x for my next half year (with free shadowland, so nice)..

    • I got my EVGA RTX 3080 FTW ULTRA for $1259 from PLE , it was the only brand that didn't price jack , took 4 weeks but I would rather wait than pay $1500 to $1700 that the rest of 3080's are going at


    3070 should cost tops $700 AUD SMH

    • Plus tax

      • AUD$700 - pffft… What about Aussie tax? The poor graphics card companies can't make an honest living otherwise…

        • Exchange rate

          import tax


          what other tax on top of the above 3?

          • @howard22: Compliance costs to meet Australian Consumer Law obligations is worth at least another 10-15% IMHO (and, as a consumer, WORTH 10-15% to me)

            A USD499 (ex-tax) new-release tech product for AUD950 seems quite reasonable to me.

            • @OzDJ_: why should the compliance cost be 15 ON TOP of US price though? I would expect AU compliance costs to be the same as US compliance. We are literally paying for both US and AU compliance testing if thats the case. this is simply price jacking in alternate markets, no excuse.

              • @Zetrox2k: Put your head in the sand. I won't bother arguing with you. But I'll leave the following thoughts/observations with you to ponder.

                US consumer laws (Federal and State) are a farce. No national statutory warranties and state-based provisions are weak as piss.

                Consumers' right to remedy in the USA is heavily enshrined in (read: dependent on) their legal system and taking individual or class action.

                For all of our bitching and moaning about "Australia tax" (yawn), I think a balanced counterargument includes the local consumer protection which comes from retailer and distributor obligations here - most of which is NOT covered or subsidised by manufacturers.

                Source: Self. Someone who has worked in consumer affairs management, mediation/arbitration and dispute resolution for the last 20 years.

                • @OzDJ_: good sharing and thanks.

                  For myself i overlooked the fact that all these taxes do benefit us especially when it comes to those return policies, consumer protection laws etc.

    • huh? Founders cards are 499 plus tax USD.. thats at least 750 aud alone.. every single partner card is priced higher because they are overclocked in some way or re branded and they have to turn a profit on their own developments so 1000 bucks for card thats on par with the 2080 TI is the price it should be.. (plus the stuff mentioned below RE taxes, import costs etc)

  • Agree with pizza no bargain here standard prices and as staff have no idea about shortages and when they'll get stock, makes it extra frustrating to get any semi honest updates on your order.

  • Buyer beware on HN. I got a 2070 Super from them earl;ier in the year that was marked as ships in 2 days or so. 6 weeks later and no card and many arguments they shipped one from another supplier. When I got the card it was DOA, spent another week arguing to give me a full refund.

    I dont trust HN for anything not in stock and would avoid like the plague.

    • Yeah, HN is not great for returns. They refused to refund a purchase and I had to go to my credit card company to fight it. Thankfully they never bothered to respond to back to the credit card company, so i got the refund back.

  • No deal.
    No stock.
    No +ve vote.

  • I was really hoping for this with a good cashback on black Friday/cyber Monday

  • I have pre-ordered a 6800XT and a 3080. Next week I will go online and try for a 6900XT reference on launch.
    And then first one arriving wins.

  • I thought the MSI factory burnt down. There's HUGE backlog of MSI cards, no?

  • this gpu is one thicc boi.

    I think i'll wait for 6800 XT.

  • Just received voicemail, advising the MSI 3070 is due to arrive this week

  • Got a MSI Geforce RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio 10GB from Shopping express shipped 2 days later , paid $2000 but just had my claim for price protection approved so $564 credited back and arriving today.

    Love my 28 Degree card.

    • Nice whats the limit on the 28 degrees. I have coles Mastercard 2 year price protect. Only $2000 worth of price protects per year though.

      • Price protection is only 1 year but you dont need to have a printed catalogue like Coles card.
        $1,000 per item and yearly cap is $5k and I think lifetime limit for claims is $20,000 but I dont think anyone has hit that cap yet.

    • This totally got out of my head. I should take advantage of this more. I assume that you've done this a few times. Have you made a claim that's been rejected?

      Edit: So even price jacked items can be claimed?

      • Yep got approved , price jacking isnt illegal so its not like they could refuse it really and it was from a registered Aus business.
        As long as you are under your yearly limit you wont have an issue claiming.

        • What are some tips that you can provide when buying an expensive item and claiming price protection?

          • @monchee: Only covers Aus stores (electronic or brick and mortar)
            Hold on to your receipts or use a excel sheet to keep track attaching invoices.
            I generally only use it on big electronic purchases as I know that the price will tend to drop over a year or so.
            In most cases the price difference will not be as big as it is with the 3080 mainly due to supply and demand so things like my monitor I was able to only get $150 back.

    • I called up latitude to opt in so I could do this as well but they just told me they do not offer this on any of their cards anymore ha

      • Also further looked into all the credit cards I could but it looks like you have to purchase from in store and not online :(

  • Ah yep , they stopped offering the service earlier last year as you only got to keep it if you signed up for it when you first got the card.