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Upsized Cashback: First Choice Liquor 20% ($25 Cap) / UNIQLO 20% ($20 Cap) @ Cashrewards


Greetings everyone. I reached out to TA last night wondering if CR was expecting to have any good offers to coincide with their ASX IPO Launch today and he advised me of these great ones :)

First Choice Liquor 20% Cashback - Capped at $25 Per Member

In other great news, First Choice have recently re-added craft beer cartons back on their website! Asahi 500ml Cans are now available in a carton, whereas previously they were changed to 4 packs only. Perfect adjustment for this promotion and the flybuys offer.

UNIQLO 20% Cashback - Capped at $20 Per Member

  • Starts at 9am AEDT and ends at 11:59pm AEDT.

Biggest increase I have seen on UNIQLO from CR in a while.

As always, enjoy :)

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +4

    On IPO day, I expect a lot of BIG deals from CR. LOL

    • Yep. Should be better than this

    • +1

      Hadnt realised they were doing this. Cool.

    • Where can I find some details on this?

  • These deals are pretty tame for IPO day

    • Yeah, they have shareholders to please now :P

    • +10

      Cash rewards is a nice extra bonus on a purchase you were making. Don’t use it to buy 90% cachback products or things you would not have purchased without the cash back and you will never feel too disappointed if it doesn’t track.

  • Anybody here going to purchase in the IPO?

    • yup me

    • +13

      Do they offer cashback? Invest 5 grand, get 50 back ?

    • +11

      I’m interested, was skimming through the prospectus.
      The elephant in the room here is shopback, which is willing to lose money by aggressively gaining market share.
      Can’t see much loyalty in those cashback schemes. Customer will (almost) always go to whichever platform pays them the highest cashback (deemed it is proven legit).

      Fighting with shopback seems to be why cashrewards is opening to the public, so they can continue losing to gain back market share and advertise to the broader public “.
      Shopback is Singaporean, well funded and well established in Asia.
      As a customer I use both, whoever pays more but if the rate is the same I always choose CW.
      I’m watching with interest.
      All in my opinion.

      • Good summary. Also, if people have a bad experience they may change to the other one despite some differences in reward. That’s what happened to me. Can’t remember why, but I’m all about SB now

      • just buy and hope it moons like afterpay

        dump before the inevitable crash from overvaluation

    • +2

      Per the prospectus, CR lost 2.8m, 3.4m, and 5.7m in FY18, FY19 and FY20 respectively, ie. losses are widening. Revenue grew strongly in FY19, before falling in FY20. On those numbers, this is more speculative than investment grade.

      I'm not convinced this is anything more than a short term buy to play the IPO hype. I also think the loss of the Woolworths 5% discounted gift cards will cause a drop in users (not reflected in the financials yet) as everybody has a need for discounted groceries and petrol, and would be the main or even sole reason they were using cashrewards in the first place.

      • where are the losses stemming from

      • +1

        have always wondered how the CR system from their pespective works,

        Iassumed that they could never lose, because they take a cut out of every cashback paid out eg if Myer pays out 10% cashback then cashrewards get 1% of that 10% whilst the customer gets 9%, and if the cashback is denied then nobody pays anything

        add to that all the people who never cash their $$$ out, or the cashbacks denied by CR that are kept by them

        • Iassumed that they could never lose, because they take a cut out of every cashback paid out

          That is only for the base rates. The bonus offers are mostly paid out of Cashrewards' own pockets. That's where a lot/the majority of the losses come from.

          • @robinCTS: Are we talking about the spend $10 get $5 type promotions or the upsized cashbacks from 3% to 15% for example

            Eg this deal from bws

            • @Samsungnote10: Both.

              So on this First Choice Liquor upsized 20% cashback, Cashrewards are making a loss.

              • @robinCTS: Ok thanks.
                That puts to rest my wrong assumptions

                So, bws or first choice wouldn't really care whether they sell at 3% cashback or 20%

                I also assumed that the bonus cashbacka were run by the retailer because CR/SB seem to have similar promotions at similar times

                • @Samsungnote10: Having similar promos at similar times is just competition to try and retain/capture market share.

                  Much the same way that ColesWorth run the same specials either at the same time, or more usually in consecutive weeks.

                • +1


                  So, bws or first choice wouldn't really care whether they sell at 3% cashback or 20%

                  Correct. So any claims of price jacking are almost certainly bogus. Prices always change sometime Wednesday morning as specials expire and new specials activate. If First Choice Liquor is like Coles, then regular prices can, and do, change at any time, though most would occur Wednesday morning.

      • I also think the loss of the Woolworths 5% discounted gift cards will cause a drop in users (not reflected in the financials yet)
        I have always assumed that CR made $0 profit or something minute like 0.01% on woolworths cards and it was more a value added service

  • Hi

    So can this be used on repeated orders, or is it limited to a single transaction on your flybuys card ?


    • Single transaction only

      • Damn,

        Just used the that offer with the shopback 6.3% for a doubleblack.

        Oh well - have to wait.

    • +8

      Flybuys offers much better savings at First Choice Liquor than Cashrewards


    • +3

      Coz you can stack the offers

    • +6

      Why would anyone use cashrewards at First Choice?

      To get cash rewards.

    • +1

      No posts, no comments (other than this one), member for 2 years, clueless.

      Seems about right.

      • +2

        Do you dissect everything in your life to find out why people do what they do? Nothing wrong just found it amusing :D

        • No, that’s what the internet is for ;)

  • E.G Double Black 700mL(firstchoiceliquor.com.au) for $50 + 20% Cashback + 3000 Flybuys Points which is an awesome deal.

    How to get 3000 fb points, showing up at as 1000 for me

    • +1

      You get 2000 FB points sitewide, then 1000 extra with the purchase of Double Black.

      • Oh got it!! Thought it might have been store specifc

        $25 for double black, bargain!!!

        • How did you calculate to be $25

          Update : Never mind.. Didn't see that bonus 1000 flybuys

          • @Danger: im actually technically incorrect as well,
            everyone is saying that CR tracks at full gst price, but it tracked at exgst for me, $9.09

            so the price is $25.91

            hate this ex-gst stuff,
            as a consumer we pay %s of inc gst prices, so our cashback should be the same

  • Anyone had a go on Uniqlo's super non iron shirts?

    • Are you asking for a review on the super non iron shirts? If so then they're great! Now I only wear non-iron shirts.

  • +1

    I wish we can get cash back on uniqlo instore purchase… I just like to try the cloths before buy.
    free return and refund is too much trouble.

  • +1

    Where have all the 4/6 packs of beer gone.? Only cases now.

    • +1

      I discussed this here if you're interested.

      Basically First Choice Liquor sucks. They choose if you can order either a pack or a case per beer variety.

      Sure, it would be best if the customer could choose, but I definitely prefer being able to get cashback stacked with bonus flybuys when buying cartons rather than packs.

      • Yep, I usually get a couple of different 4 packs of crafties. Now it's all cases and there is hardly anything to choose from in craft range. TBH I wouldn't call a lot of the stuff listed there as craft… Liquorland have done the same, unsurprisingly.. :-)

    • Aren't 4/6 packs usually a rip off? I only ever buy full cartons.

      • Sometimes but not always with craft beer and specials. For ex, the stockade 8 bit and Neipa are usually $16 a 4 pack at FC. Making it cheaper to buy 6 of these ($96) than a case, which is currently $101.

  • +4

    Seems like, they have removed the Johnnie Walker Double Black $50 listing.

    • +1

      try clicking through to it on the home page, it's not showing up in the actual cyber monday list or search function for me either.

      • Tried it on website, but not showing anymore, here in QLD .

        • damn, just tried it again and not working for me now either. mines already in cart, so hopefully it doesn't disappear.

          • @cathole: Pretty sure your purchase won't track if you have items in your cart before you click through Cashrewards and sign into First Choice.

            • @DisabledUser27274: I think that is the case for some stores, but I've possibly had good luck just clicking through and checking out an existing cart with dans, liquorland and 1st choice. Hopefully no issues.

            • @DisabledUser27274: I had something in my cart that was removed from FC's website, but seems like I was still able to place the order, and Cashrewards tracked it within a few minutes. Still needs to be seen if the order actually goes ahead though.

      • worked for me too once I clicked on the JW bottles on the home page only

    • Showing up again for me btw

      • +1

        Took a couple of attempts but showing again for me too

  • Is First Choice only saying 13% cashback for anyone else? (at 12:03pm now)

    • Yes but CR page says 20%

  • Stacked with Commbank Rewards $10 back on $50+ purchases, hope it all goes through (2000 Flybuys, 20% cashback and $10)

    $62 purchase would become $30 purchase

    • Which card? I've got a CBA platinum and don't have it? Got kogan $30 off $100 and Toys R Us $20 off $50

      • Standard credit-debit card that comes with my Complete Access account. I got those other two offers as well, and one for weight watchers, adore beauty, pet circle, Hey You, Dymocks Tutoring, Star Car Wash, Zambero, Hobby Warehouse, Caltex star mart (instore only) and Blackmores.

        • Interesting… I've got half of them. Only got half a million mortgage with them, not worthy. They just sent me a debit card. Maybe the others links to that. Cheers.

    • Not quite. It's actually

      $62×(1−0.20÷1.1)−$10−$10 = $30.73

      as Cashrewards cashback for First Choice Liquor is calculated on the ex-GST value.

      • Very, very true.
        If I can get the value for a bit over half price, I will be very pleased.

  • +1

    All the good deals that I'd had on my First Choice shopping cart yesterday (and have been available for weeks) have suddenly been removed from their website :-(

  • Double black is not showing anymore. Ozbargained?

    • Same, can't find it as of 12.45hrs

    • Did you try it a couple of times? Might be getting hammered or low on stock. First time it didn't load for me, just the regular Black label deal, clicked on it and had Double Black as a suggestion down the bottom. So tried the OP's link again and it worked but delivery only….weird!

    • Just ordered a double black, VIC, eastern suburbs, 9pm.

  • +1

    This makes the Maker's Mark 46 that was so popular recently only $48, or $38 if you factor in Flybuys points

    • Not quite. It's actually $49.09 or with the bonus flybuys:

      $60×(1−0.20÷1.1)−$10 = $39.09

      as Cashrewards cashback for First Choice Liquor is calculated on the ex-GST value.

  • +1

    Great stuff op. I’ll have that carton of 500ml Asahi thank you

  • Still waiting for the 10 Nov cash back for BWS…they can't find it.

  • Can anyone else not see johnnie double black?
    Just managed to order it but its not showing up under johnnie walker or double black searches or the catalogue link

    Only shows up under the direct link for me

    • +1

      I can't see it even using the direct link. All I can see is the three 1500 bonus points Johnnie Walkers and the 2 for $84 Black. (So, no Red, Double Black, or Blue.)

      I tried with my local store set to one in WA, and to one in VIC.

  • Does FCL price jack on these 20% cashback offers? Want to get something other than my regular so unsure of regular price.

  • Additional $5 Cashback for CBA cards when you activate CommBank Rewards and spend $25 or more.

    • Koffee above got $10 off $50. I got nothing .

  • Why does CR always never work for me for TCL… I even used the app this time…

    • -2

      It's either a scam or they have terrible software and system checks. Either way you're an idiot if you invest in CR's IPO.

      I doubt they'll ever list on the ASX.

      • Wise words there.

        With virtually zero transparency over how the cashback is tracked, the whole concept seems totally foreign to me.

        The vendor is allowing a small number of discounted purchases, for volume reasons only. The customer gets a small discount (but not always) after jumping through several hoops. Cash rewards acts as the middle man, with a small commission on each sale, as well as keeping the $ from those items that aren't tracked … And from those cashbacks that aren't claimed…

        Just seems totally dodgy. Lol

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