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Ryobi 18v One+ 3 Piece Garden Care Combo Kit $349 @ Bunnings (in Store Only)


Hopefully some stock left at Bunnings the official seller.

The RYOBI 18V ONE+ 4.0/2.0Ah 3 Piece Garden Care Combo Kit comprises 3 of our most popular outdoor power equipment tools at a great value price. This kit comprises a 33cm lawn mower, 25cm line trimmer and a hard surface blower, 1 x 2.0Ah battery, 1 x 4.0Ah battery, and 1.5A Charger. It’s the perfect starter kit or tool upgrade kit for garden gurus who take pride in their outdoor spaces.

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  • Pricehipster has this as normal price. In fact it used to be $299 and has gone up a couple of weeks ago.

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    This kit comprises a 33cm lawn mower

    Is that the same one that's in the Barbie gardening pack from Toyworld?

  • I hear 18v isn't great for thicker lawns?

    • always 56v, always ego. best one to me

      • I saw a neighbour cutting with a battery mower the other day, and it was cutting out every second run. They were getting super frustrated. But not sure I wanna spend $600 on a battery mower

        • I still use the gas mower but everything else is battery.my opinion - mower could be the only winner for now.

        • Recently moved and got a new 18v One+ brushless mower. Had no issues with power. Buffalo grass, was about 6-7 weeks of growth. Capacity and running time would obviously be lower though, and it's the only reason I think I should have gone bigger.

        • Must be a really crappy battery powered mower.

        • Sounds like my experience with petrol mowers

        • I also saw someone using one and this was happening hahaha. Neighbours?

        • Are you my neighbour? I've got a 36v Ozito mower and it cuts out pretty frequently.

          • @Haydos90: Really? I've got the Ozito 2x18v as well and it powers through pretty much everything I've thrown at it (weeks of uncut grass). Like I was very surprised how well it did on some of my taller thick grass. I just moved it slowly forward over that patch (but not ridiculously slow)

        • Ego will be fine.

          The point where it cuts out is closer to brush than grass.

          I had weeds where each weed was a cluster with a dozen branches each as thick as my thumb. That made it cut out. Take half-width swipes (so, for a 52cm mower, 26cm swipes) and set the cut height higher and it seemed to get through it. Then I thought better of how fast the bastards were going to grow back and pulled them out.

          We never have an issue on our buffalo lawns (as opposed to our weed covered verge) and I would suggest we only mow every 8 weeks. Ours doesn't grow superfast.

          Edit: get one off gumtree. You don't like it? Just sell it.

        • You will get that unless you get a decent size mower - my ryobi was fine but it was one of the bigger ones. Anything like the twin battery victa or up will do fine. Plus you can listen to podcasts whilst cutting.

          Plus no mucking around with petrol. I will never buy petrol tools again (Unless there is no alternative, like cultivators etc)

        • i bought the ozito 36 v brushless with x 4 ah batteries included ….did my 150m2 quick ..my petrol mower is going onto gumtree or next hard waste collection day.

          think it very much depends which mower you buy, brushless or brushed and 18 v vs 36 and how big your yard is.

      • So since we're talking mowers, i was tossing up between the ego and ryobi (36v), but went with the ego because of the free battery promotion, the well priced blower / mower combo, and the supercheap line trimmer on ozbargain a while ago.

        Just got the 42cm ego. It's really quite good! That said it cuts out a lot on my 30-40cm Kikuyu lawn (was without a mower for a while l but was a dream on the 20cm kikuyu. It's very well built and quite solid for plastic, which means it's reasonable heavy unfortunately for an electric motor. It's so much more pleasant than petrol or my cheap aldi one. The 5 ah battery lasts a surprisingly long time, i had it down to 2/5 bars after filling a wheely bin with clippings and i was well and truely at my limit fatigue /attention wise.

        I imagine if i actually keep it under control it'll be a lot nicer to use. There's some weird witchcraft going on in the batteries too since they never seem to actually heat up.

        Blower is great. Way better than my corded ozito.

    • I have the 36cm 18v Ryobi and when my lawn is a little thicker I need to raise the cutter higher first and then give it a second go back on the middle or 2nd lowest height… I've had to get a 2nd 5.0/Ah battery as well (didn't mind as I have other tools and got the 2x pack when on sale).

      It does the job, but I'd imagine a more powerful, or even the new brushless model would do a quicker job.

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        I've had to get a 2nd 5.0/Ah battery

        You can get compatible ones for around $40 on Amazon.

      • I have Makita gear so a 36v Makita using current batteries was an easy choice. We have a steep block, meaning light weight is an advantage. The grassed area is not massive so the narrow cut model was also an easy choice. To say it does a good job would be an understatement.

        First time out cutting Buffalo grass I made a mistake setting the cutting height. The Makita went in scalping below the previous cut height with no problems whatsoever. I did a whole length before turning to see the problem. The only issue I have is it seems to build up static and dust sticks. To clean it I use a Ryobi battery blower.

        The Ryobi blower isn't a match for a good petrol blower where large volumes of air are needed but is a sight more reliable and has been used for about eight years with no service other than charging the battery. If you don't have a huge area to work, they are light, easy to handle and do a great job, down to good trigger control to allow finesse blowing leaves into a smallish area. I also use mine to blow debris from roof guttering, to clean the verandah and to blow dust out of screens. I even cleaned a washing machine of lint when I left a tissue in my shorts. Shhhhhh! It is a versatile lightweight blower. I was considering upgrading to a petrol Ryobi with vacuum attachment, Some reviews about reliability put me off. Also, when I read the specs on the Ryobi website it didn't mention vacuum attachment is separate. I didn't see the attachment in the Bunnings I visited, which made the decision to not buy it incredibly easy.

    • We have thick grass and this kit works fine. Been using it for 3-4 years on a 400m2 block. One pass front and back every couple of weeks and its done. Takes a 5Ah and 2Ah to get through it, that includes the edger and blower. Seriously rate this kit, I think the warranty is about 6 years, all you have to do is stay on top of growth. The line feeder on the edger is the best I have used

    • I can't speak for the mower, but the whipper snipper does fine on most things, we have some really thick grass around too, it requires a few hits but its an electric whipper snipper, you cant expect petrol performance. I'm a big fan for what it's worth. Used for near two years now and still going strong.

    • I have the 2x 18v Dewalt mower and it works a treat. Only draw back is runtime. I have 2x 6.0aH batteries and it does 80% of the yard. Sux that I have to recharge just to do the small amount left.

      Note: if I was a bit fitter I could prob mow faster and get it all done in one charge lol

  • Any specific recommendations for larger, thicker lawns? Petrol if need be. So few mower bargains?

  • Finding stock always hard

    I was thinking of the Ozito 2 x 18V one at $349 and ready to buy today, bigger at 37cm, but this is tempting as its a 3 piece

    Oh - i only have a nature strip to mow… i like the idea of having additional tools

    Anyone know if Bunnings in North/west area are stocking this?

    • just bought the ozito 2x18v line trimmer for $220 - not a deal but for a cheap unit it runs really well.

    • I got this mower a few weeks ago from Oakleigh South. They had plenty of stock at the time. Am sure I saw some the other day. Give them a call if you're willing to drive. But this mower is great! It has chewed threw almost everything I threw at it at 4.5cm cutting height which is a good length. My sister saw me use it and then got one too!

  • There is a new Ryobi 18V one+ HP range, released in US. Anyone heard any rumors of when it will release in Aus?

  • Hi all. I saw this post and thought I'd share my experience with my Ryobi 36V mower.

    Short answer: I do NOT recommend it.

    Long answer: I have about 150m2 of buffalo turf (front and back yards combined). The mower comes with 5 levels of adjustable height (1 being the shortest & 5 the tallest settings) but I can hardly go below level 3. Just as cyrax83 described their neighbour, my mower cuts out every time it goes over a small tiny bump or cuts through a patch of slightly overgrown turf and my god it is very frustrating! The battery I have is 5.0Ah and it is just not enough to do both the front and back yards. I recently had to purchase another 5.0Ah battery because the old one died after about 3 years of use. The battery costed at a hefty $256 price tag at bunnings. When you think about how much petrol you use for a petrol mower and the power you get from it, it is really no brainer that a petrol mower is a lot more cost effective and gives a lot more power.

    Despite all the negatives mentioned above, I do think my mower would be well suited for a small patch of grass with relatively soft lawn types (such as Kikuyu or Couch). One thing I do love about an electric mower is you don't need to rush to petrol station when you run out of petrol.

    Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment below. I'd be happy to answer based on my experience.

    • What mower would you buy now if you could re-purchase? Only thing I don't like about petrol mowers is how heavy the damn things are

      • I definitely would not go back to an electric mower unless there will be one that meets the power and overall running cost of a petrol one. I owned a petrol mower before the Ryobi 36V but it is as heavy as my old petrol mower (some old Victa mower I inherited from a friend). It is just very slightly lighter than the Victa.

      • https://www.greenworksaustralia.com/40v-lawn-mower
        Got this from Costco for 499. Worked pretty well.

      • Honestly check gumtree!

        I spent $300 on a lawnmower that died within a month.
        Got a refund and bought a very old 2 stroke mower from Gumtree for $70. Used 8 years without a single issue.

      • I have a Sanli Bumblebee I bought for ~$150 when Masters was closing down and it's been working great and is not heavy at all. Everything else is battery powered but I'm happy to keep the petrol mower until electric mowers catch up.

    • I keep about 2L of petrol in a can so that I don't have to rush to petrol station.

    • depends on the model of mower.. i've had the lower end one 36v, that wasnt great with thicker wetter grass (buffalo type) and cut out in the really thick bits, but since i've upgraded to the bigger brushless model that self propels… no problems at all.

      i've always been able to do my back and front yard with a single battery, i'd estimate it to be around 150sqm in total.

      so maybe … if you're going to get a battery mower, dont skimp out… ie dont recommend 18v or lower end 36v if u got thick grass. get brushless and self propelled!!

    • "about 3 years of use."

      Yep this is my experience with the Ryobi batteries… they are not cheap so it does make me wonder if I'm spending more on batteries and power then I would have on 2 -stroke… but the no fuss/clean is a big bonus.

    • I have about 150m2 of buffalo turf

      I have 15m2 of buffalo and 30 ish of kikuyu and this bundle works 100%. Definitely a bargain.

    • Short answer: I love my Ryobi 36v Brushless mower

      Long answer:
      I have a 36v brushless ryobi mower and absolutely love it. My father in law loves it (high praise), my friends love it (I lent it to them). It is powerful enough to cut through months of growth and is clean (no petrol spills), doesnt smell, quiet, and easy to use. By far my favourite backyard tool/toy.

      I would be very cautious about getting lower powered models though, 18v looks a lot more feeble than the 36v.

      Spare batteries are advised as per above which are expensive. I had a 36v line trimmer, 36v hedge trimmer and am going to buy a 36v water pressure hose shortly, using 2 batteries between them.

      • Totally agree. i have the 36V mower, relatively small backyard and a nature strip and it is perfect. I have kikuyu and dont have any problems. Do front and back on one battery. The 18 V mower would not be powerful enough for most lawns IMHO.

        I could see that if you had a big yard, or tough lawn, then these products might not be, but I also have 18 V line trimmer, and cutters, all work perfect for my needs.

    • Yeah 3 and above is fine, it won't cut below 3. I think I still prefer it over my old petrol one.

    • I'd agree with that statement. Longer leaf turf like buffalo needs at least a couple of gradients of height. Have it set to the highest it can go and still not high enough. Any lower and it destroys the grass. Recently had to replace a petrol line trimmer and went with a ryobi with the same battery 4.0Ah so now have two that gets through the lawn. The 5.0Ah in summer doesnt get through it, rest of the year its fine. I'd probably go with a petrol model of larger lawns. Ryobi really should have a package with 2 batteries in the market.

    • Ryobi charge that much for a 5ah? Pretty sure the Dewalt Flexvolt 6ah is like $179.

  • 6 left Penrith home maker centre

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    I have this exact same 33cm mower, use it for the nature strip which is around ~70sqm (corner block). Very rarely, either when the grass is extremely overgrown or wet, I have to do two passes (first pass at the highest setting). IMO quite capable despite the small size, for me the best thing about it is the size, it can be folded quite small. In fact I keep it in this outdoor storage box along with a line trimmer and a blower.
    IMHO this is ideal for anyone who is looking for a very compact mower (due to storage constraints) for a small yard.

  • Melb stock any ideas…. North West area? So from Broady across to Melton?
    Buying a mower today - pass on the Ozito 18v x 2 in favour of this one, same price, but 2 more Tools.

    Nature strip only.

  • I got the ozito 18V mower kit for $159.
    no doubt it's a plastic toy.
    but I manage to mow my 250m of lawns on a single 4.0ah battery + grabbed the $29 whipper snipper kit and $29 jet blower.

    I prefer battery to the petrol mower that recently died.
    The battery is quieter and convenient for myself.

    The ozito hasnt passed the test of time.

    • I got the same ozito (but for $199).

      How's the whipper snipper and blower?

      • sucks u didn't get the $159.
        still cheap as far as a battery mower goes.

        the whipper snipperdoes the job. but I still prefer to use my 18v Makita whipper snipper for the chord rather than the blades.

        The jet blower is awesome.
        absolutely love it. smashes the 18V Makita shop blower I have.

  • Does anyone have any information on the 40cm model? It still takes the 18V batteries but optionally takes two at the same time for extra runtime and power.



    • I’m using this model. Bought second hand and been using it for close to 2 years now. Got sick of my Honda petrol mower taking forever to start up. Cranking that pull cord for 20mins was ridiculous.

      Only thing you have to be aware with this model is best to have dedicated pairs of battery and cycle them together. Having one full and one half empty means as soon as the lower one empties, it stops running. Not sure by having 2 batteries means it’s performing better than the single battery model. Runtime is definitely not longer. Won’t last an hour (maybe 40mins maxed) before I have to switch to a new pair. The brushless model may extend the runtime.

  • Stick with petrol mowers unless your yard is tiny. I'm on a 1/4 acre block not including the nature strip and I would get so frustrated using a 18v mower especially as the lawn gets to that peak growth period.

    • Horses for courses.

      I used to slave-labor a block that size as a kid. About 40 years ago I moved to a house with smaller lawn. We bought a 240v Victa. It still gets brought out occasionally to act as a slasher in the 'natural' side of our yard and across the fire trail. Woody weed, scraping rocks and roots, cutting into dirt. It handle it all without a problem. In about 40 years, it hasn't given a moment's grief. Raise the front wheels, pull the lever and away it goes. With reliability like that, it is no wonder Victa discontinued it. If it wasn't for all the plastic cracking, I would not have needed a new battery mower at all. Battery suits my small grassed area. Petrol would be too heavy.

  • I bought this whipper snipper with this blower last month$230
    And PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS. it is soooo bad that the single line trimmer does not do any thing with 18 v battery for any grass thicker than 05 mm. And the blower OMG!! I can blow things myself with my breath than this rubbish machine.
    And good luck charging the battery with the normal charger in 2 hours. Unless you buy a fast charger
    Not sure about the mower. But assuming if 18v is not good enough for trimmer . I don’t have high hopes for this mower.

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      And the blower OMG!! I can blow things myself with my breath than this rubbish machine.

      I've had the 'blower' for a few years now and it is excellent for blowing lawn clippings off hard surfaces.
      To use it properly, it needs to be really close to the surface. I probably only get <10 mins using the 5000mAh battery though.

    • Not my experience at all. Cut through 10cm+ overgrown grass very nicely. Not like butter ie a petrol one but still fine.

      Blower is low power for sure but fine and actually I kinda like how quiet it is

      • +1 vote

        Blower is low power for sure

        Very small nozzle though resulting in very fast air flow out. 100x better than using a broom. It's also very light, making it easy to use.

  • I also have the Bosch 18v whipper snipper / blower and think 18v is OK but borderline underpowered… I have a 36v mower and that's the minimum i'd say you want to use as a mower tbh… With an 18v mower you'd want to keep on top of your grass length and trim it more regularly.

    • Which model do you use? I am thinking to buy the bosch one

      • Rotax Li 36 Mower - really great, though doesn't seem to be sold any longer - still going strong 7 years later. I just replaced the blade as this was my first mower and I would go over tree roots and hit rocks and such in the first few years… 8/10
        ALB 18 Li Blower - OK, would buy again. 7/10
        Art 26 Li Whipper Snipper - OK for loose blades of grass around objects like a power pole, or small bits here and there, but struggles to cut through bigger jobs like a long section along a path with grass either side, it does it but it takes a while and the propriety blades run down quick…
        Hedge Trimmer, great and works well.. 7.5/10

        Pretty much if I keep up with my garden maintenance they all do the job well but if it gets overgrown it would take a bit more grunt to get the job done.

        • Thanks for the info. I just purchased the hedge trimmer for now. And planning to buy the rest when they are on sale.