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Coles Mobile $120 Prepaid SIM (60GB, 365 Days, International Calls, Data Rollover, Optus 4G Plus) $99 Delivered @ Coles Mobile


Given Boost has increased their 365 day plans, I suppose this is the new popular choice.

Has been posted in the past here, and here.

Enjoy the deal.

24/12: Available again until 12/1 (previously expired 8/12)

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  • Q1: Can you buy this in-store?
    Q2: Can you use 5% off gift cards to buy this?

  • Yes same deal Instore

  • I would probably go for woolies mobile due to Telstra and 10% off once a month

      • This isn't actually true. Boost does not have access to some mine sites and offshore platforms.
        Boost also doesn't have access Telstra 4GX and 5G network.

        We used to be able to compare Boost to Telstra prepaid however this isn't true now since Telstra prepaid has access to 5G.

        If you compare both the Boost and Telstra Coverage maps
        1.Look at the ocean between Queensland and Papua New Guinea
        2. Look at the ocean between Victoria and Tasmanian

    • Frankly, having been on an Optus carrier for most of my time owning a mobile and switching to Boost from Optus last year, and at least where I go (mostly metro Melbourne) Telstra is significantly more patchy than Optus.
      They might have signal everywhere but it always seems to be barely usable or my calls get corrupt mid call in more places than with Optus. I'm sure it's a different story in regional areas but in my experience I've had much fewer issues on Optus.

  • Is international roaming allowed? Couldn't find it in their CIS

  • I am still waiting for the $120 deal for the $150 sim package with double the data. Missed the last one.

  • Is coles the full Optus network or is there another gotcha in the contract?

    • All Optus MVNOs (including Coles) use the full Optus network.

      • Given I have a postpaid contract with Optus and an iPhone 12, could I buy this and convert it to an eSim?

        • Only optus telstra voda directly support esim, and one reseller I haven't heard of called truphone (a company who only sells esim plans)

  • If I get this plan and port out from TPG post paid (contract over already), would I need to tell TPG anything or does it automatically cancel?

    • It should just end but I put it in writing to the old provider because they may bill you an extra month or claim you are in a contact
      Has happened to me b4

      • ffs right after i ported out, i looked at tpg website and it says it charges 7 days in advance, so theres already an invoice for it from a few days ago. Wonder if I can get the money back for it… doesnt seem right to be charged for a service thats not going to be used.

        • I was in the same situation. Call them and they will refund. Take note there is a $11 port out fees though.

          • @PrinceOfWhales: Did you manage to get the $20 prepayment fee back? Yeh did see the $11 one, wonder if they are the only company that does this still…

            • @MeesusEff: I literally called them 2 days ago and asked for the refund. They told me they refund request has been put in and i should receive it within 3 days. Haven't receive the fund I will check again tomorrow.

              Yeah i was charged $9 port out last year. This year it is $11.

  • Sim can be activated after 30 days

  • This is a great deal. 5GB per month is sufficient for my needs. I will head into store to pick up one this week.

  • If you don't need the international calls, catch connect may be a slightly better deal at $89 (deal ends tomorrow).

  • In store I was told it's still $120.

  • NETWORK in title please

  • What network?

    • Optus 4G Plus Network is available in selected areas with a compatible device and plan. Check coverage here.

  • I bought this during the last sale. It wont allow me to hotspot my phone using the SIM. Message comes up to contact ‘Optus’. Has Coles disabled hotspotting with this SIM?

    I should add that hotspotting initially worked, then stopped working after several weeks

    • That's really bad (and unreasonable???)

    • That’d be a deal breaker for me

    • How would the carrier know if its normal phone data or hotspot data that another phone is connecting through ?

      Does not make sense

      • Don’t know how but they can - from past experience, notably on certain travel sims (a few years back)

    • I got this for my wife last week, and hot-spotting from her iPhone was the first thing I checked (And YES it was fine). Thanks for the reminder, I'll check it again soon.

      I bought mine in-store (and used a Coles giftcard at the self checkout), the sticker said $120 but it scanned at $99

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    https://catchconnect.com.au/ is currently doing double this data for $120. Worth it if you need the extra data.

    • Thanks for this comment jje.I got 10% discount at Catch for UNiDAYS plus $15 discount for first purchase with Latitude pay so only paid $93.00 for the Catch 120GB deal. Cheaper than Coles deal with twice the data!

  • I've always had bad coverage on Optus at home in the past. If I buy this and get bad reception can I get refunded??

  • Tempted to buy but changed my mind after reading this:

    • I read this AFTER buying the last SIM. :-(
      Tried to activate on a Sunday morning (new number). After 4 hours, had an online chat. “Escalating to 2nd level support “ and the chat ended.
      Chatted again the next day, more ….assertively this time - what’s the issue?? Is it faulty it’s not a port…. and nanoseconds later it was activated. I’m guessing the Activation dude doesn’t work sundays… been fine since

  • Any issues if porting a number from Optus to Coles Mobile?

  • Would this count towards flybuys point offers (‘spend $x and earn 20k points’)?

  • Is anybody else other than Boost and Coles offering international calls to select countries included in a 365 day plan?

    I'm currently with Boost with a $150 recharge due next week. My concern about moving to Coles is that their plan stops and going back to Boost next year will cost more than $150.

    • If you're worried about this, then stick with Boost and pay the premium. I'm expecting the market to remain very competitive with plans like this but I also think porting out and in can be a hassle, especially with the likes of Coles/Boost. The question is, do you want peace of mind or save yourself $50 for the next 12 months?

    • How so… likely gona get cheaper especially when 5G is the new norm. Likely see plenty 4G only plans will costing peanuts

    • Is the $150 recharge for 12 months? I though boost only has the $200 and the $300 12 month plans.

      • If you are an existing customer on the $150 plan you get to recharge at that rate - for now.

  • I had this offer for a year. Never a single call dropout. Voice quality was lacking a tiny bit on the higher frequency but very minor issue one could not knock it. Yess I got 5% off, they gererally hounor very dead duck that was ever advertised. It worked flawless for 10 months then data kept slowing down considerably. Up point: Data counter was broken so I got about 30% more data out of it.
    Overall: thumbs up.

  • Submitted the port request yesterday afternoon and still not done :\ hopefully will be done by tomorrow if not I'll go over the billing cycle with my current provider.

    • Has the porting been done for you. How long it takes to port to coles mobile?

      • Ahh yeah there was an issue because they wanted my account number with tpg, but they didn't tell me? I live chatted them on Friday morning, and once they fixed it, it took 15 mins or so. Not used to porting from post paid lol so that was probably my bad.

  • Thanks for sharing the offer.

    Got this for myself and ported out this afternoon 5pm (AEST) from Moose Mobile (Optus Network) and the entire process was completed in 15 minutes.

  • Available again until 12/1 (previously expired 8/12)

  • Hopefully woolworth will match it…