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Alienware 38" AW3821DW Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor (IPS, 144Hz over DP, G-Sync) $1777.83 (RRP $2248.99) Delivered @ Dell AU


Greetings everyone, thought this was full sharing as it was very popular on the initial allocation last week and even cheaper now. Full credit to calvinbui for sharing.

This monitor only just released on the Dell website today and this can be purchased with the stacking coupons to get an excellent price.

Product Specs:

Device Type: LED edgelight system
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 21:9
Native Resolution: 3840 x 1600 (DisplayPort: 144 Hz, HDMI: 120 Hz)
Pixel Pitch: 0.229 mm x 0.229 mm
Brightness: 450 cd/m² (typical)
Contrast Ratio: 1000 to 1 (typical)
Color Support: 1.07 Billion
Adaptive-Sync Technology: NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate
Response Time: 4 ms (gray-to-gray fast); 2 ms (gray-to-gray super fast); 1 ms (gray-to-gray extreme)
Interfaces: 2 x HDMI (ver 2.0), 1 x DP 1.4 (rear), 1 x Audio line-out jack (rear), 1 x Headphone-out jack (bottom), USB 3.2 Gen 1 upstream, 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream, USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream with Battery Charging 1.2
Features: Ambient light sensor, LED edgelight system, Flicker Free technology, Dell ComfortView, Nano IPS, HDR 600, 95% DCI-P3, 130.6% sRGB color gamut, USB 3.2
Display Position Adjustments: Tilt: -5° to 21° / Swivel: -20° to 20° / Height: 130mm
Screen Coating: Anti-Glare with 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 89.48 cm x 29.36 cm x 44.95 cm
Diagonal Size: 95.25 cm
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Weight: 7.93 KG
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +5

    Good price!.. but I'll wait until price drop to $1400

    • Maybe for AW3420DW, but not for this one.

      I just returned my AW3420DW because of major factly within a week.

      • Sorry to hear. What was the major fault that you experienced?

        • a 3-5cm black line, not a dot.

      • I already have aw3420dw I bought this one at $1825 and after 30days which is over the price guarantee period, it dropped $13~~
        I think this can be dropped to $1400 cause even aw3420dw started from 2200 and 1800 was also discounted price. Pretty reasonable, right?

    • +2

      You can always buy a naked panel for about $900 and source a driver

      • Interesting…Do you have any instructions for that?

        • Being a niche display size/resolution there are no display drivers on the market for it. Maybe Taobao but I haven't checked there.

          Buy panel and driver
          Diy a frame for said panel

  • +10

    LiMaaa has been beaten, please respond! (with more bargains)

  • haha beaten already… damn…

  • nVidia drops the 1000 nits HDR peak brightness requirement for G-Sync Ultimate? Interesting….

    • +1

      There aren’t any HDR1000 displays with a GSync module in current production (Both the PG27UQ and Acer X27 are EOL, apparently the Acer X35 and Asus PG35VQ may also be on the way out, as the AOC AG353UCG with the same panel never released outside EU)

      So they’re probably certifying the “next best” thing till the next gen of 4k144/HDR1000 displays release (Acer X32, Asus PG32UQX, Asus PA32UCG are supposed to be 32” 4K UHD HDR1400 144Hz but they’ve been all delayed). The Acer XB323QKNV, Viewsonic XG320U and Asus XG32UQR are supposed to use the same panels but without FALD.

      • Wasnt that phillips 43" hdr1000?

        • There are HDR1000 displays, just not with GSync modules and IPS at the same time since the Pg43uq and X27 went EOL.

          The Philips 436M6, Asus Pg43uq, Samsung G9 are all GSync compatible, no module. The only HDR1000 GSync module monitors currently floating around are PG35VQ and Acer X35, though they're hard to find and possibly approaching EOL soon

  • +2

    I went with a OLED CX but that's a TV/monitor, but this one here is one the best monitors you can buy at the moment.

    • I'm contemplating getting one of these for my new 5900x / 3090 setup (plus for my Ps5 / Xbox Series X).

      Is it too big for desktop use?

      • It definitely takes getting used to, and not everyone will like it.

        • I've got a 34 inch wide screen which I'm already used to. I'd buy one right now but they seem to be out of stock in Aus.

    • +7

      Totally different monitor. Nano IPS Vs VA, G-Sync Ultimate Vs Adaptive Sync, 1600p Vs 1440p, HDR600 Vs HDR400.

      Not really comparing it like for like. That would be the LG GN950-B, which is OOS everywhere and $2499. So at $1778 (or $1600 including CashBack) this the best price/monitor for the money.

      • +3

        Like for like is the 38950GL which is next to 3k

  • Anyone who bought this can you please confirm whether your purchase tracked in cashrewards/ shopback?

    • No, it hasn’t yet.

      Edit: Used ShopBack.

    • Bought thru shopback couple weeks ago, took video and screenshots while shopping using their app (foresaw this happening). They now say it was not tracked. I’m appealing it but it’s happened so many times on here now yet ShopBack doesn’t do anything about it. They’re happy for you to keep using their services tho!

  • ShopBack has 10% on Dell too. That said, it didn't seem to track yet?

  • Would this be better with HDMI 2.1 for a 3080?

    • No

    • That question doesn't make sense.

      Would the monitor be better with HDMI 2.1 that it doesn't have compared to the 2.0 that is has? Yes, but no monitors have HDMI 2.1 yet.

    • Note that some existing TVs already support 120Hz at 4k in gaming mode via HDMI e.g Samsung Q80T QLED 4K Smart TV (2020) range of TVs ( 55" to 85") . Don't get confused by the marketing terms saying 200Hz smooth motion ( that's an internal magic trick , it don't mean it supports real 200Hz on a physical input !, similar with Hisense 4k TV saying 100Hz smooth motion , it input only supports 60Hz - 60fps )

      Samsung tech chatbot told me several of their TVs have a HDMI 2.1 interface but it only listed them as 4k[email protected] which may not be much use.

      I used the chatbot via

  • +1

    Drool. One day. Sigh.

  • Eyeing for the 49 ultrawide.

  • +1

    waiting for my AW3420dw to break and RMA lol

    • what happens if it breaks… do they replace with another AW3420DW or this model.

      • I'm hoping that it would be out of production by that point… And knowing Dell they would try to downgrade me first.

        • +1

          It's end of life already. Was wondering why AW3420DW doesn't show on Dell website anymore so asked Dell support over chat and they said it's end of life and Dell is not selling it anymore.

          • @S2200: nice! but they might still have stock so dont RMA too soon even it breaks

            • +1

              @sushimaster: Please almighty Thor throw a bolt at my house…

              • +1

                @R3XNebular: dont worry fam, its a dell :') bound to break XD mine already got rma once alreayd XDDDD

  • +2

    Thank you. Thank you.
    After missing out on the other one I was so sad.
    It wasn't me who actually saw this. Friend of mine messaged me and when I saw I ran so quick to place my order because I had just arrived home from work.

  • +1

    Click on the 'Earn More' button at the bottom of the Shopback app to get $100 extra cashback on purchases over $800.

    Only available to the first 70 people. 28 gone already.

    Don't forget to press the START button

    • I wouldn't bank on this.
      Use of unapproved coupons may void the 10% cashback and also the bonus $100.

      • +2

        Of course, but no harm in trying. There are no discount codes listed anyway on the Shopback site, so if you get cashback, it's a bonus.

        • Yup no harm to try for sure as per my comment in the other post :)

          $1777.83 is still a very good price, and any cashback will be a bonus!

    • Doesn’t seem to be tracking

  • Crispy

  • Hmm should I cancel my G9 which was on special
    For this

    • +2

      No way rather the g9, we need a group buy for the g9 to get it at 2k

      • Cool thanks for the tip. Picked it up at Harvey Norman on special but won’t get it for a couple of weeks so was thinking the dell. It is for gaming (flight sims) only

    • +1

      I ordered mine as part of the 100 units last week and also have a G9, feel free to pm in a bit and I'll let you know my thoughts

      • Awesome will do

    • G9 is nice, but it's hard for me to go back to a VA panel after using IPS for so many years.

  • Code only for this monitor?

  • -3

    Got the original one back in 2017, seems like it hasn't improved much over the last 3 years.

    • Which original one are you referring to? U3818DW?

      • Yup, that one

        • +1

          Idk man… 60hz on the U3818DW vs 144hz on the AW3821DW doesn't seem like "hasn't improved much" lol

          And the fact it's Gsync ultimate and HDR600 (even though it's relatively useless)

          • +1

            @HybridGT: The 3418DW does 120hz G-Sync.. I don't think 120 v 144 is going to be a game changer.

            Though the thing I did misread was that its 38' which is 4' larger than mine, so thats pretty good I guess.

            edit: my bad.. I was comparing this to AW3418DW not the 3818..

            • @buckethat: Oh ok, well the 34" is a totally different monitor. Different native resolution (3440x1440 = 4.9M pixels) vs 3840x1600 = 6.1M

              • @HybridGT: Yup.. realising my stupidity now haha

                • @buckethat: Still a better 34" than mine. I'm still on an almost 5 year old Asus PG348Q, only 100hz lol

                  • @HybridGT: Would still take that over a standard 16:9 mate, ultrawide is so nice.

                    • @buckethat: Agreed. Would never go back to standard. Managed to convince 5 friends to all go ultrawide the past 2 months, all of them have no regrets lol.

    • It's 4" larger, higher refresh rate vs gets brighter, and has better hdmi spec. Seems significantly better.

      • +1

        Oh wow, you're right, I'm completely tripping, I thought it was 34'.

        Though, 120 v 144 is not a huge difference. HDMI is good if you need it I suppose, but DPI was always able to run it at max refresh rate.

        As for brightness, do you guys run your monitors on 100%? I usually run it at 75% or less brightness, so increased brightness doesn't seem that crucial to me.

        edit: my bad, was comparing this to AW3418DW which is what I have, I thought this was the same line of product.

        • +1

          I run my AW3418DW at 100% as I WFH and my room is stupid bright.

          It's actually not bright enough and is why I will be upgrading as soon as more HDMI 2.1 screens are released.

          • @giventofly: That is stupid bright man, can't be good for your eyes!

            But alright fair enough, if you're living on the sun, you need a screen that has the brightness to match.

  • already got a xiomoai 34inch now… :(

  • I have this monitor it’s awesome.

    • +2

      How'd you get yours so quick??

      • Ahhh I thought this was the 34” version haha, sorry my bad, well I have the 34” version and that’s good but not the 38”

  • Anyone know what the ETA is for these? Considering the 100 units from the last deal are December I'd assume this is for January at the min? If so I've got no problem keeping my original order for an extra $20 if it comes a month earlier

    • +1

      Estimated Ship Date
      Dec 3, 2020

      Estimated to Arrive By
      Dec 7, 2020

      Not sure how accurate it is. Only just placed my order.

      • I can confirm that this is also what I got when I placed my order.
        I can update once it is actually shipped with more accurate arrival date.

        But I gotta say I didn't think it was going to be shipped this fast.
        Hopefully its accurate. I don't see why it wouldn't be.

        • +1

          From what I remember, the 100 units from black Friday were the ones that were already sitting in Dells warehouse in Sydney ready to be dispatched. Maybe they have got another shipment? All I know is I haven't heard anything about mine other than December

          • +2

            @cille745: The eBay orders from last Friday are already shipping.
            I ordered one from Dell yesterday and it shipped today. Expected delivery in Adelaide is Friday.

      • "Thank you for your recent order with Dell. We are working to ship your order as quickly as possible. The delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to dec. 10, 2020.

        Your order is very important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this change in delivery may cause.

        For the most up to date information, please use the button below to track your order.

        We appreciate your business and patience. Thank you for choosing Dell."

  • +2

    Thanks, got one.

    I can't handle the anxiety and disappointment of the previous ebay sales again.

    Cheaper aswell.

    • -1

      In that case get ready to be disappointed with after sales :)

    • If it goes on sale again after you’ve bought it already dell has a peace of mind money back guarantee where they will match the cheaper price and refund the difference to you.

  • Thanks, ordered one.

    Not happy with the current 34inch VA panel…

  • +2

    Cheers, bought 10

  • +1

    is this worth for non gamers? thinking about flogging my xamoi 34"

    • Depends what you use the monitor for I'd say. Do you need 144hz and 20% more resolution?

    • You could save about $800 and go 60Hz with USB-C

      • that's my kinda ozbargain…which model? thanks…looking for 38" which seems perfect.

  • +1

    and like that, the glory of getting one last week replaced with the $20 ripped off feeling…

    • Wait a few months and people who got one from this deal will get the same ripped off feeling when the monitor is on further special.

      • a few months ok, but 6 days?

        • Cancel the ebay order and order this one if it makes you feel better? Or is it too much hassle for $20 saving?

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