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HP Pavilion X360 14" i5 8GB / 512GB+32GB Intel Optane SSD 2 in 1 Laptop $997 @ Harvey Norman




GREAT deal, backlight board

From the Hardly Normal Group, NOT instore

Should be hands everywhere!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Might wanna correct the title to 512gb SSD + 32gb Intel Optane drive.

    HP must have had a pile of optane drives they needed to get rid of. Not much point adding an orange drive with it coming coming only with an SSD drive and no spinner.

    • Intel were trying to sell the 32Gb Optane drives for approximately $100 to $130 through the independent resellers when launched. They eventually dropped to a 1/3rd of the price at some resellers, because it was cheaper just to get a higher capacity SSD, with no noticeable difference in performance.

    • No idea why you got negged. Actually a very true statement.

      Have a positive vote from me.

      Be nice if the neg vote explained him/herself.


    In electrical, just above the vent on the left side.

  • The all important spec…

    14" diagonal, FHD (1920 x 1080), multitouch-enabled, IPS, edge-to-edge glass, micro-edge, 250 nits, 45% NTSC

    NTSC rating is really the only let down but expected in this price bracket.

  • What are HP laptops like for reliability? I was burned by a cheapo one once and never went back but curious about their rep.

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      I have had one for 7 years with no issues.

    • +2 votes

      I've got 2 HP laptops and have never had any issues. My old one I've had for like 10 years and it's slow now but it still runs, the other one I bought earlier this year and have been very happy with it.

    • That's true for any cheapo though mate - seriously.

  • I have a similar model, a few gripes would be: The touch pad clicks a lot whilst using, the power button is in a really silly spot so when you flip the screen over it can be pressed by accident and there is no USB C charging.

  • Could anyone recommend a better model for online shopping, emails and general web surfing. Willing to pay more. Thank you.

    • I've been keeping an eye on the Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 7506, can currently get one for $1,328.95 with LOVEKEANU.
      It's got the 11th gen i5 (1135g7) with the Iris Xe integrated graphics which are meant to be a big improvement over the 10th gen, also 512 GB SSD, 12 GB RAM, usb-c Thunderbolt, and a much better screen with 100% sRGB (although only 270 nits). I think these are metal bodies, too.
      Still waiting for better price, though :)

    • If that's all your are doing, why aren't you willing to pay less? You could use a chromebook for that

      • The comments by DrKazanovaKK worried me. I like HP. I have had my current one for 7 years and no issues so I would like something that will last as long. While I love a bargain I also believe that penny wise pound foolish often applies.

        • Well I guess you are talking about 2 different things now. Personally I wouldn't worry about it if I was you and just buy something that fits the bill. If you take care of your things they will last. E.g. A lot of flak goes the way of acer for not being solid enough, but you can get the sane specs for a couple of hundred less for the same specs at times and I take care of my things so it will still last.

          Most of the discussion here will be about performance, not that much on build quality. If concerns you I think you are a good candidate for a second hand business laptop, which are build like tanks compared to consumer ones. If you can find a decent condition second hand one you would be fine. Otherwise if your current one isn't broken, maybe hang on to it


    Is this an absolute bargain or should we wait till Christmas and boxing day for better deals?

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      I purchased one, its a great great deal, but not a steal.

      Been looking for almost 12 months, i cannot wait forever, current dell almost dead, and i rewarded myself for xmas.

      The claimed "$600" saving is a bit rich, real world around $300 off, regardless NOBODY is selling this much laptop for this sort of low ask, its a strong deal.

      H/N must have done a huge volume deal to get this price, like he did with the OPPO 5G, got me on that too :-)

      I have no opinion on Mr. H/N, never met the guy, but he has balls to buy up BIG and get the best deal on the table, and pass it on to buyers.

      Only beef is you get charged around $8 freight, [no pick up in Melb.] but alleged to be arriving tomorrow, lets see if it does [Superb effort if so]


  • Some say HP = "Horrible Product" (*comment for entertainment purposes only)

  • i have the same laptop since June. Its awesome, smooth to work with and strong specs.

  • Of all my old laptops only the HP has problems with Windows 10. I assume a BIOS issue, which my Dell laptops don't seem to have. Does Dell produce BIOS updates more reliably?

  • This laptop has only 8 GB RAM but it has a touch screen


    Back up to $1599!


    Hope you all grabber the super BARGAIN, you are all welcome!

    PS/ My webpage was not reloaded and showed $997, i tried to order another, failed :-(

    • Confirm it arrived early this afternoon

      So next day delivered

      I take my hat off the H/N [Goooooooooooooooo!!]

      Delivered what they promised


    This was a pricing error, i have since found out, and should have never been sold at this price

    Hope some of you guys got to steal it, you are welcome!