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Target Large TV Wall Mount $20 (Was $29) + Delivery (Free over $45 Spend/C&C) @ Target


I was looking for a wall mount. Was able to find some on eBay for that price. But it looks like a good price for a brick and mortar store.
The next best price I found was at Jaycar for $30 with extra 25% off for members.
The usual jb’s, goodguys and officeworks have them all starting at $49.
This one gets good reviews too.
Hope this helps some of us.
Free click and collect or $9 shipping.

Product description from target :

Product Details
Maximise your viewing pleasure with the Target fixed TV wall mount.
Suits flat panels between 37" to 80".
Maximum mounting pattern of 400mm x 600mm.
Maximum weight of 35kg.
Super slim design sits just 19.5mm from wall to complement the sleek look of ultra-thin TVs.
Open architecture provides superior ventilation and easy access for wiring.
Lateral shift allows TV to slide left and right for perfect placement.
Simple construction ensures a quick and easy installation.
Security screws hold TV securely in the wall plate.

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  • Max weight of 35kgs is a bit of a worry.

    • Yes fair enough - might not be suitable for the really larger tv’s. My 50” tv is 15 kgs, so should work alright for me (I hope). Have got one and says it will be ready in store by Thursday- will report back when I get it.

    • That's about what people recommend as the max weight for one stud. Including the weight of the stand, that's exactly the max weight people recommend. May need to spread it across two studs to get a higher load.

  • sold out by the looks of it.

    • I am still able to add it to my cart and proceed to check out - Could it be the area you are in? I am in NSW

      • It look like it. I tried click and collect at my local store in Vic and it wouldn't allow me to buy it.

  • I bought the medium last week and it works a treat

  • will that be work with Samsung 48 Inch TV ? Has anyone used it and could pls tell me if the build quality is good or not?


    • I am still waiting for mine to become available in store for pickup. I will report here later, hopefully in another week or so.
      But also, I don’t see why you cant buy it and return if it’s not good enough. Especially considering it’s a clearance item, it might be too late to get it if it’s good in a few days time.
      Classic Ozb strategy, buy first, think later 🤣

      • But do you think if that will be okay for Samsung 48Inch Tv ?

        • According to the specs -
          Suits flat panels between 37" to 80".
          Maximum mounting pattern of 400mm x 600mm.
          Maximum weight of 35kg.

          I have got it for my 50” Sony Bravia but it’s only 15 kilos. Check the weight of your tv to help you decide.

  • Reporting back after getting mine yesterday. As a start, I like the fact that the bracket itself is lightweight. When I was looking at brackets I found that most brackets by itself weigh a ton, not sure if that means they are sturdier, but I was not keen to get a very heavy bracket, so that’s a plus from me.
    Secondly, it came with all the necessary fittings in assorted sizes, thats another plus from me.
    Installation was fairly easy and I must say that the bracket is really slim and fits very close to the wall -19.5 mm.
    The only downside I found was that it didn’t come with a spirit level unlike a lot of them on the market, but that wasn’t a bit problem as I used my own.
    Overall, one day into it and I can’t fault it yet. Happy with the buy and can recommend.

    • same day I ordered when u posted deal. Got it only yesterday. haven't installed yet but can see very lightweight. It will be for my bed room so not sure whether this one is good or other full motion one which is also on special in Target. Do u prefer fixed one or tilt one especially full motion one?


      • Personally, I don’t see much use for the full motion or tilt ones, unless you are mounting the tv in a corner or if you really have the need to move the tv frequently. But each to their own I guess.
        Yes, I also saw the full motion ones on special and available at my local target, but I stuck to my fixed one. It also probably depends if you have kids and they might find it amusing to keep moving the tv and potentially causing damage?