I Am Anxious Every Day

Not sure since when, but I realised that I am anxious every day when I buy stuffs, always checking Ozbargain or googling to see if I am going to be ripped off by pressing order button, or to see what's the lowest price and wait indefinitely till the price are down (or at least as close as the lowest).
Before I joined Ozb I believe I wasn't keen on pricing this much, I buy when I wanted and be happy move on. But obviously not any more, I am checking Ozb every day as many time as I could and wait for the price down and that makes me to check Ozb even more often.

No doubt that I have benefitted a lot of bargains from Ozb but now I am anxious and I don’t even want to buy grocery at Coles if it isn’t ½ price.
Please help!


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    You need dopamine detox.

  • If fair dinkum then see a GP.

    Anxiety, if untreated, can become progressively worse and possibly debilitating.

    • Agree. If you think have an actual problem, you need to seek appropriate help. Genuine anxiety can be absolutely debilitating and can find its way into everyday activities.

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        Maybe OP can speak to DiL had a AMA Psychiatrist post.

        but then again with the UTE and Bus post, make you own decision.

      • It is not OCD but I think I have a mild anxiety (not that I have things to worry about though).
        It is a weird feeling that I feel this way, my heart beats a bit faster than before and sometimes I feel uneasy when I speak with people as if I am in the centre of attention like being a presenter on stage.
        Taking a medicine is not my thing, so I may step back a bit and go easy with daily life.

        • Whatever "treatment plan" you go with is a separate discussion … not advocating any particular thing or not.

          The issue with anxiety is not that you're worrying about things you have to worry about … it's about worrying about "everything" and/or things you don't have to worry about and/or being more worried about something than is warranted.

  • Keep going….

    Scotty will bless you for being a devoted Ozbargainer

    Might even offer you a moderator position

  • Its good to be frugal and save money wherever you can, thus the habbit of checking of OzBargain often. But why would you not buy groceries at 1/2 price ? Are you waiting for them to offer 1/4 or something ? I also almost never buy grocery at full prices. I think you should feel 'happiness' rather than 'anxiety' by buying items at low prices, be it from Ozbargain deals or 1/2 price groceries.

    • the problem is usually the temptation to hoard and buy a lot more than needed because it's 1/2 price

      also almost never buy grocery at full prices

      the stuff thats heavily discounted are usually unhealthy snacks and drinks, finger foods, etc - stuff that aren't daily staples, excepting tea, coffee and the like

  • My opinion - take a few steps back.
    What do you 'ignore' to save a few bucks? Your friends? Your partner/kids/family? Your other hobbies? Life in general?

    Can you be 'present' and enjoy anything if your always checking your phone, worrying you missed out?
    Consider the occasional bargain the bonus, not the norm.

    Your not happy at the moment, you may be saving a few dollars; but it sounds like your spending other currency namely your 'time and health'.
    Consider talking to a councilor if you need help dealing with 'obsessive' thinking.

    The way you are talking sounds like the talk of addiction.
    You can change and realign your values, readjust your thinking. Good luck and look after yourself.

  • Lol. Yeah it sucks when you realise you missed a discount and paid more than necessary.

    The trick is to only buy stuff you reallllly want and that you feel is “value” at the current price you are paying. Then, no regrets.

  • Yea, I know the feeling, I only buy larger purchases if I can get it on sale/price match + upsized cashback + rebate from credit card/payment method + manufacturer cashback, or at least 3 out of the 4.

  • What I've been doing to try to drown out some of the noise when you really know what you want or need is to utilise the RSS feature and subscribe to specific products or tags you're interested in. Your RSS feed will then give a much more narrow view of what you're looking for which might help you with overlooked pricing. It's definitely not perfect though since it may rely on other users to tag properly.

  • Buy what you genuinely need, not what's cheap. You're not getting ahead in life just because you saved 69c on milk every other week.

    This can lead to extremely stressful situations when cashback didnt track or gift cards not appearing instantly.

  • Whatever your purchase you need to think “what is this worth to me?” If the price is worth it, and you’ve done your homework, then that is the best you could do at the time you purchase. There will, always, be a cheaper price, as soon as you buy, it is inevitable. To a certain degree price paralysis is good, for a lot of “discretionary spending”. You don’t end up buying what you don’t need just because it is cheap.

  • You need a break from OZB. It will be difficult for first few days. But start slowly. May be switch off for a week. All the deals will come back. you wont miss anything. You wallet will thank you.

  • Seek professional help in terms of appropriate health care management - you GP should direct you where you need to go

  • Probably have a chat to a GP about it. I tend to start worrying about small matters like this when I'm generally stressed or anxious, so it might be some bigger picture stuff that's worth talking about.

    Maybe also just take a break from OzB for a while if you think it's causing you anxiety - you can always come back.

    You might also try buying something that you think is an okay price without researching or price checking first e.g. just buy something you enjoy from the supermarket at full price when you really want it and just enjoy it even though you might have spent a few dollars more. It might be good practice at letting go and feeling comfortable with not having bought stuff at the absolute cheapest price.

  • I feel your pain, I constantly have issues with making purchases or any decisions in general and it's all linked to anxiety.

    Even simple stuff like buying a pair of shoes becomes a massive task as I have to make several decisions in the process, are they cheap enough, how much am I saving compared to regular price, are they comfortable enough, right colour, do they have the exact size I need or are they slightly too big/small, will they last, how long is the sale for, should I look around at other sales and wait and for a better deal?

    It is quite debilitating at times and I'll often walk out of a store with nothing and feel overloaded and anxious.

    Apply the same scenario when shopping for groceries to a lesser degree, as well as selecting something to eat on a menu that has too many options. Places like Subway can make my head swim as they simply ask me to make too many decisions for what should be a simple transaction. What bread, toasted? What cheese, what fillings? Sauces, pepper and salt, did you want that cut in half, bag, drink with that sir, what drink, size? Cookie? I'll often look at complex menus now and simply see words without actually reading them or at least without taking in what I'm reading (not dyslexia, just due to the decision making process).

    For me I don't think it is OCD but fairly sure I have an executive decision disorder that is undiagnosed (probably ADD as well as my mind constantly flickers between tasks and is unable to prioritise correctly). It has caused me quite a few issues particularly around employment which had led to a lowered self esteem.

    I've never seen anyone about it as that would involve making some more decisions. Hope it works out for you.

  • I used to feel disappointed logging on at the end of the day to find an expired deal for a product I want. The accumulated disappointments eventually make the FOMO become a non issue.

    I'm now anxious about cashback tracking

  • You have to factor in opportunity cost. so waiting may only get $5 off etc, so is it worthwhile to wait two days for that? Plus try putting a price on your stress etc. I studied Marketing and for a long time avoided big brands. I learned to occasionally switch off and not overthink. For example, I never bought Nike but was pleasantly surprised when I did. The anxiety could be a symptom of something else, so seeing a GP can help. Internet addiction for example, is an emerging trend. If more people say they have symptoms, then treatment can be improved.

  • value your time.

    and think about how much of that you're wasting fretting over pennies.

  • OP send me a PM

  • Do not worry, you are not the only one experiencing this. I have many friends who took forever to decide if they are going to buy a 30$ shirt. If you feel this is not normal for you, best way is to exercise. Run for at least an hour in the afternoon. You’d be surprised!

  • This is a balancing act. You should accept you will not always get the cheapest price ever. All you (we) can do is get the best price we can at the time.

    Of course, there is a return window if a significant price difference occurs immediately. But take a wider view - though managing your purchases in a timely and cost effective way, you will have achieved generally cheaper that average purchased over time.

  • In addition to the excellent suggestions above (GP, mental health plan for free psych assistance) I would look at your finances more generally so that you come up with a plan where by you have spending money that you don't feel guilty spending and also a dedicated amount to spend on necessities like food - this is all so you know you have that money aside and don't feel too panicked spending. The barefoot investor has a very simple strategy for this in his book but I'm sure there are other variations and even apps that can help.

    Another thing I'd say would be to get off OZb altogether. write down your shopping lists for both necessities and things that you would like, and only log on when you need those things. Or at least get it off your phone (if thats the problem) and only look at it when sitting down on the computer.

    Alternatively, the app Shoptagr can flag you when something is on sale, so you don't have to obssess in the meantime.

    Good luck! Anxiety is something worth getting on top of as it doesn't necessarily just go away on its own - but it can be helped with a little work :) but its worth getting to the root of whats going on. xx

  • If shopping makes you anxious there is most likely some root cause that needs addressing and this is just a symptom. You need help. Start with your Dr and ask for a referral for some counselling. There are bulk billing options available. Asking strangers on an online forum is never the solution but it is a sign that you have a problem that needs addressing.

  • See your doctor. I am not joking. This is simply advice.
    I surmise with all the covet, all the anti-China propaganda, all the Cold War mentality, people walking around as if everyone but themselves have the virus… it is no wonder you, or anybody else, for that matter, would be displaying signs of ANXIETY.

    You are simply in a cautious mode. Your years of "life experiences" are trying to protect you.

    However, they can become too "restrictive" (choking = anxiety) and begin to interfere in your daily life, which in turn may begin to affect your health.

    Look, you are completely normal… under the current circumstances.

    Just go with the flow… fell apprehensive, just don't buy that particular item…

    I really buy off eBay now bc of stolen items, scammers, defective goods, not as described, etc etc…. so I too am anxious of all this crap.

  • No doubt that I have benefitted a lot of bargains from Ozb but now I am anxious and I don’t even want to buy grocery at Coles if it isn’t ½ price.

    Looks like you know the price of some things but the value of nothing. Why don't you try the following:

    1. Know what you want - it's not everything. E.g. a particular grocery.

    2. Search for its price from various retailers (including substitution, ingredients, etc. if you're savvy).

    3. Check the price over the long, medium and short term - soon you'll get a feel for what is a good price.

    4. If the "stuff" hits that price or lower, or you need to have it now, e.g. will starve, then go for it.

    If you don't need anything else for the time being, then get some movement, or read something, or have a wank, etc. but get off OZB if it makes you anxious.

    Real life example: my grocer has a special on corn for this week and it's not a BS special, it's a decent special. I checked it's specials online on Wed and bought some yesterday when we walked there with the kids but they have eaten it all, so I'm going to go for a quick run to the grocer now to buy some. I don't need to check OZB for that and I feel fine. If there's some other specials then I might pick that up, but I've got a good feel for the price of fruits and veg, so I'd feel positive rather than negative.

  • Blaming OzBargain for your anxiety, really?
    Watch out OzBargain! I hear a lawsuit pending from melbo21 in 2021! 🤣🤣🤣

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