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Free Online CBT Course for Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Stress, Wellbeing, Chronic Pain and Insomnia via This Way Up (Normally $59)


Take advantage of free online Self-Help for Your Mental Health.

THIS WAY UP provides evidence-based online courses that have proven step-by-step strategies for managing stress, anxiety and low mood. They are designed to tackle common symptoms of specific mental health conditions. You don't even need to know which condition you may have, simply take an anonymous online test to find out which one could be right for you.

Usually $59 per course, now free if supervised by your GP. There are also some free wellbeing courses you can access right away without your health professional!

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    Any free courses for battling addictions?

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      I did a couple of them and now I can't stop !!!

      • 😂😂😂

      • indeed

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        I have been a lurker/member of Oz for the best part 10 years, and this is the first time @JV has made me laugh. Thanks JV

        On a serious note. Thanks OP. I will communicate this offer. Very important

    • Impulse buying endorphin rush addiction raises hand

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      OzBargain isn't an addiction. It's a lifestyle ;)

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      Yes it looks like your GP needs to sign up then give you access.

      The appointment to see the GP should be funded however you normally do it for a general appointment.

      This helps explain it:

      Hope it's useful.

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        username checks out

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    Anything to cure my Black Friday post-depression?

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      Yes Cyber Monday :D

    • CC bill will cure that

    • Do you mean: Post black Friday depression?

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    Used these services during the first lockdown. They are really informative, and give you a lot practical strategies to implement in your own life. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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    These are very good. Got me back on track back in May.

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    Tried signing up OP, says $59 at checkout.. any help?

  • Cool stuff thanks OP!

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    I suffer from these already, so I don't need the courses. Maybe just the wellbeing one, that I don't have that.
    Thanks anyway OP.

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    I don't have a regular GP, nor, have I been prescribed as of yet. I want to do one of the courses, but think will a GP decidate time to this?

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    Courses that are listed: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Panic Attacks, OCD, Post-Traumatic Stress, Mental Health and
    Parenthood w/ Low Mood.

    I think the approach for "THIS WAY UP" is stupid, yeah my comment is probably going to get 100 downvotes because I'm siding against an organization who appears to be trying to help those related.

    Allow me to go piece by piece through this.

    Coping Tools 1.) This category is related to handling problems, expressing yourself and calming your emotions.
    Problems in which the people who truly suffer from these, aren't going to be able to utilize a single page worth of information and end up having a life-changing perspective/approach towards one of the crutches that have been hindering there life. Some of the tips given here could be considered exercises. Anything of meaningful use has just been skimmed over with the heavily generalized and summed up versions when what I believe is needed, is potentially within paid courses, which involves tackling each step through a series of unique encounters whilst having someone there to remind you; by following-up on your progress whilst being far more specific to the individual's illness. Trying to recommend to someone with Anxiety or OCD to calm down by describing how you feel, which will likely make the individual more anxious by evaluating what is possibly irrational thinking. Recommending "Letting your emotions pass" or "Checking on your thoughts" to someone with Post-Traumatic Stress or Depression.
    I could write hundreds more words just on this one section, what happens when the user tries to take this generalized advice and it doesn't work because it isn't specific to their problems? Well, that's different for every single person, some might feel like they failed due to self-worth, that they are incapable of improving because of the severity. A majority of the symptoms you've listed here, in the beginning, aren't exactly people who are trying all different kinds of resources to improve themselves.

    Courses 2.) For anyone who truly needs help and needs to begin working on themselves, or who decided for a split second to try and commit some time to improve the part's of their life that are causing their life to be heavily hindered, have only got an option to start one of the courses tonight if they pay money, whilst having less money would put more pressure on the situation, and if they weren't able to follow through with the course, what was losing some money, is now something 10x bigger to them. The alternative is speaking to a GP who you've seen for a period of time, GREAT, now people who haven't expressed to their general practitioner what they consider to be mental disabilities, now are told that they have to open up significantly, without approaching that sensitive subject over a period of time. And if your doctor is already well aware of your problems, then your likely already on medication, had numerous mental health care plans, referrals, resources and so forth. The first 2-4 weeks of every course should be open to anyone, with the reasoning that it gives them time to get their affairs in order with their doctor, as well as them FINALLY having some kind of support towards what feels like to them, one of the biggest things in their life. By having users sign up immediately, it also gives the "This Way Up" staff a link to each individual who needs help, the crew can send personalized emails, ask if users are going over if they don't revisit the site within an appropriate amount of time, pretty much just trying to open up a line of communication that could either make them feel like their not so alone or even just hearing that someone else DOES actually care about how they feel.

    Urgent Help 3.) Which is pretty much just a link to other services, as well as the triple-zero number. Where's the live chat on your website? Even if it isn't even begin handled directly by your social workers, every extra click that has to be made to get help is a chance that they won't be, Some people are hanging over the edge, figuratively and literally; and the company that I'm supposed to be seeking help from, in regards to serious mental health issues isn't even willing to monitor a chat. Even if in the corner it just popped up with the offer of a chat and then an auto message off saying something like "We're just one click away if you need to chat" or " 1in 3 people consider harming themselves throughout their life, and only half of them reached out for support. You don't have to go through this alone". Even if they don't initiate a conversation with one of the staff members (who don't have a chat), I'm sure them just knowing that someone who genuinely gives a shit, being literally one click away, could mean a lot.

    The quiz is also garbage, some questions are too vague, also in some questions, they cover both sides of the spectrum, as in, putting too much sleep or not enough sleep in the same answer, which can mean two completely different set of symptoms.

    I'm going to have to end it there, I've already shortened this down significantly, as this post will probably be hidden within the first thirty minutes.

    If you feel the need to communicate with someone, whether it's about some concerns/problems/issues you have, or even nothing related to the subject at hand, and just need/want 30 or 60 minutes of time being distracted, you're more than welcome to send me a message, I'll always do what I can to spare some time when I'm aware of the message, you can even make a dud account to do so if you prefer the additional anonymity.

  • The one thing OzBargainers would pay for ;)

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