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Small Double Beef N Bacon Meal $4.95 @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


I managed to buy a Small Beef N Bacon Meal on the app today for $4.95 (in SA) and noticed that there wasn't a current deal on here. Enjoy

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  • Yes you are right. Confirmed in Vic St Albans

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    Err it's been this price for a very very long time.

    And it's a double beef and bacon small meal, not just a single beef and bacon small meal.

  • Been around all year.

  • Not a fan of the bacon but if you remove it you get a pretty cheap double cheeseburger meal.

    Prefer when it was the mcfeast at this price though.

    • Good tip. Macca's bacon for the last couple of years has resembled leather.

    • It's only one slice of chees though.

    • I got in trouble once when it was the chicken McFeast and I turned it into a McChicken. They were so confused, they came and asked me if it was just a McChicken because they couldn't figure out how to make it. I told them it was cheaper to order it that way than order than the McChicken. They said it was cheating. I kept doing it anyway, everyone else managed to figure out how to make it.

  • Has been working for months. Seems like they always put one small meal up for 4.95 or so. McFeast was before this one in NSW.

  • Add extra onion and steam the bun.. your welcome.

    • oh yes the onions are so good

    • Is the onion free?

      • Just checked the app, onions and sauces and steamed bun are free to change

        • I'm intrigued. What is the steamed bun option? Is it nice?

          • @pencilman: At McDonalds all buns (except filet o' fish) are toasted prior to being put together. The bun for a fish burger is steamed, and the bun for the McChicken used to be steamed but they have changed it to toasted, probably because toasting is quicker and the steaming device they use (at least when I worked there some 10 yrs or so ago) has a low capacity so would be a bottleneck during busy times.

            Steamed bun is a far better option IMO. It makes the bun soft and slightly moist and pillowy. Would recommend.

        • Yep, I always do this. I wish I could get pickles. Also I think you can order this without the app before 4pm. I'm not 100% sure of the details, but when the app wasn't working I could sometimes order it through drive through.

          • @Miss B: Just swap your small chips for a salad. Bingo, free upgrade to a mcfeast, just add the tomato and lettuce.

            Also you can add pickles to the salad for free as well, all you have to do if place them on the burger.

            • @DaCurtis: Pickles cost 50c per serve (unknown size.or quantity) when adding to the salad
              When did you last get free pickles?

              The tomatoes included in the salad are grape tomatoes, not ideal for adding to burger. Sliced tomatoes are 60c a serve. (Presumably one slice)

  • I haven't figured out how, but a couple of times when I have ordered this I manage to get it at $4.70. I usually change the drink which must have something to do with it, but when I try to repeat the process, the cart shows $4.95. I thought it was a one off glitch, but when I went back another time, it came up at the checkout for $4.70 again.

    • Some drinks (maybe bottled water or kids juice pop tops?) will add a negative amount (-$0.25) to the total instead of the additional fee (e.g. $1.40) for premium McCafe drinks, coffees etc.

  • How much is the regular price in NSW if you go the counter and order?

    • In Vic I think it's $9 something. It might vary by store. Sometimes you can order it for $4.95 at the counter, based on previous promotions I believe it would be before 4pm.

  • This is my hangover meal

  • It's always been this price since August?


  • ONLY IF IT IS COOKED!! went to Darling Harbour Maccas and ordered two grill chicken burgers and both uncooked and need to spit that raw chicken out after chewed it for 3 seconds. Yuck!!!

  • Is it normal to get this with sausage muffin patties instead of cheeseburger patties? Or is it this store being stingy?

    • No that is definitely not normal. Store was probably trying to get rid of them and figured you wouldn't notice.

  • Would be nice if the app works.