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Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro $545, Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC LR $140, UniFi nanoHD Access Point $229 Del @ Shopping Express

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  • EDIT: sorry I didn't read properly. This is UDM-Pro not UDM.

    Wish I had one of these bad boys over my standard UDM.

  • Ordered one on Sunday night, but still have not received any tracking email yet. So disappointing :(

    • I also ordered a AP AC LR on Monday and still not received any tracking updates (Thursday). Also it was for $149, $9 more.

  • I know the UDM pro is aimed at enterprise use, but if they added POE ports, it would be the perfect home gateway! Gateway, 'smart firewall', NVR, IP camera hub, everything! Not a big deal having to add a small 8 port poe switch, but just adds another device it could easily incorporate.

    • I don't think it's really aimed at enterprise use, it's missing so many features, like you can't have multiple IP addresses on an interface.

    • It's not aimed at enterprise given the point @squiddles88 mentioned as well as most ent wouldn't opt for an all in one solution. If one of the components fails (Protect, or CloudKey or switch…), you have to replace the the whole unit. my two cents anyway… In saying that, i have one running at home.

      • Haha i mean SME most likely, where a separate POE switch would always be there for phones etc anyway.

        None or these devices, even the USGs, would really be for a large enterprise.

  • Bought the UDM Pro. Thanks!

  • I bought the udm pro from the deal a few weeks ago. Great unit, but as per the other thread, be aware that it only has a 1gbps switching backpane.. Meaning that even if you connect another switch to it via the 10gbe uplink, it will be bottlenecked by the 1gbp backpane.

    I.e. If you had a server plugged into the 10gbe port and 8 devices plugged in go the 8 port switch on the udm pro, if all 8 devices were to try to download from the server, each device would only be able to get 125mbps share, even though the server is plugged into the 10gbe port with a 10gbe link

    • Wow, that's a real trap.
      Great example of marketing winning over engineering.

      Edit: Found more details here: https://ubntwiki.com/products/unifi/unifi_dream_machine_pro

    • Also some other points to consider, here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9243533/redir

    • The problem is that it shouldnt be a switch. It should have 8 separate interfaces that are not switched, and can be managed independently (like how their Edgerouter line is)

      It's not abnormal for a network edge device to have the limitation that you are suggesting, the biggest difference is that it's normally only got NTDs and switches plugged into it, it should never have end devices directly.

      If they want to keep the product in the space that it currently sits in, it should have an 8 or 16 port Poe switch built in that's designed to be used with their cameras and APs.

  • This is a great price for the UDM Pro, I picked one up a few months ago for $630.

  • I dont need anymore ubiquiti gear.. i dont need anymore ubiquiti gear… i dont need anymore ubiquiti gear…

    • To be honest I’ve started having 2nd thoughts about them. They’re reliable sure but I spent a lot of money on UDM and some UniFi nano HD and the UDM hasn’t had a firmware update literally for most of this year.

      They seem to not really have a strategy anymore but releasing a bag of different products often with very half baked software.

      I still like it BUT it’s literally costing 5x as much as eg an Eero Wi-Fi system but is slower throughout and the software is far more half baked.

  • Anyone know whether the Dream Machine Pro is Australian Stock? I've noticed other retailers use code UDM-PRO-AU.

    • Contacted support this morning, they confirmed this is Australian stock (and that they don't sell grey imports). Unfortunately it also appears they increased the price by $100. So I bought it for $539.10 from Wireless1 instead (and should get 1% cashback).