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Ubiquiti UAP-IW-HD UniFi In-Wall 802.11ac Access Point $260.10 (+ Delivery) @ Wireless1


I've been looking for stock of this at a reasonable price.

With the discount code, seems to be the best price currently available.

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  • I'm talking WAP WAP WAP…

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    But do you need the HD version? I can't think of many use cases for that version. Why not grab the non hd version for $150. https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/ubiquiti-unifi-ac-in-...

    For 2x hd you can buy 3x non hd and save money and probably cover a similar space and number of users.

  • How well does this work, wouldn't it be average of installed low to the ground

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      These are designed to have one in every room for hotels/high end home wifi. Clean aesthetic and perfect wifi in that room. Might not be as good as something ceiling mounted in a large room but depends on your requirements I guess.

    • I have about 5 of these 3 non HD and 2 older model.
      It's true the signal closer to the ground is probably less good but the non HD version of this model is quite good, the older (now EOL) units seem to struggle more with signal strength. My place has solid brick walls between rooms so wired one into every bedroom and 2 in living areas, i have full house and yard coverage where before i had dead spots.

      Ubiquiti are struggling with user base issues at the moment due to the quick EOL of current hardware (Unifi Video platform) etc.
      On the whole these units do the job for me, i have 5 port switches on some of them as i prefer hard wire where i can but they also serve about 15-20 WiFi devices throughout the house. handoff can be messy between units but usually they work ok

      • Able to elaborate on the handoff issues? I'm having troubles with the Orbi models, Google seemed better.

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          Yes the unit in the main bedroom seems to hang on to anything connected wherever it is, unfortunately i have the unit behind the tv on a brick wall so need the unit set to high transmit, there is a brick divider between the master and a nook where i sometimes set up so it interferes with the signal if not on high. Having it on high makes it grab devices, i can dial it down but then have signal issues… there are lots of adjustment but became tired of messing with it to find the sweet spot. Good news is that on high it transmits a good strong signal to half the house, occasionally have to turn wifi on and off to roam it to another point.

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    I have these behind my TVs..

    Wifi for the house and Ethernet for all my devices.

    Tv, Xbox, PS4, Apple TV all Ethernet.. love it..

    The HD hads 4 Ethernet ports the non HD only has 2

    Non HD only has 1 Poe pass through as well

    Handy if you run out of Poe ports on your switch and you need
    To plug in more access points

  • I rate the IW-HD as one of the best combo AP/Switch out there. I even made a 3D Print Stand to use it as a "desktop" switch instead of wall mounting it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3541378

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