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Bobby Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack Original, XL, Compact All $40.50 Each (+ $10 Shipping or Free over $100) @ Design Mode Int


Clearance on the Original, XL, and Compact versions of this backpack. Sale price is $45 each, but there's an extra 10% off this price which will show after you've added it to your cart.

I don't know if they're any good, but I've ordered an Original one for myself to try out at this price.

They have some other interesting things on sale - make up $100 worth to get free shipping.

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  • Is this the genuine product by XD-Design? A lot of replicas out there.

    • Design Mode is a bricks and mortar store based in Sydney that I've purchased stuff from before. Never had a problem with the authenticity of my purchases.

  • So why can't a person steal this backpack? Is it deceptively heavy? Or is it invisible to others? Or…

    • It's Mjölnir but in bag form.

      You must be worthy

    • You have to be "worthy" to be able to carry it

      Weedee beat me to it lol

    • The material facing the back is slash resistant (proof?)
      All zippers are accessed from the back which are covered and inaccessible when it is worn.
      There are also some handy pockets and slots for the wearer to access so they don't need to take it off and open the bag as often?

      But as per the comment further below, it's hard to store much inside the bag for the regular model anyway, haven't played with the XL. I've tried using it as a travel bag but practically it's more like a heavy and bulk day bag whilst traveling.

    • It's just so ugly nobody wants to.

  • The perfect bag to make thieves think you have a lot inside, but really you have next to nothing because its so poorly designed.

    • Same goes for them dell and other laptop bags. Same with those camera bags. Magnet for thieves.

  • Got one of the originals from KS and travelled with it many times. Well worth it at full RRP so this is a bargain.