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Haier 143L Chest Freezer $265 (Was $349) @ The Good Guys


On the hunt for a chest freezer…

Pricehipster says this was discounted 24% yesterday, from $349 since May. Before then, it went for $299, aside from a brief week last Dec it got discounted to $199.

It's the 2nd best chest freezer on CHOICE (and the best, by a narrow margin, is a smaller one also from Haier).

MOD: Comparison table removed on request from Choice.

$265 is what TGG is selling it for on their commercial site.

For comparison, Aldi's 99L one went for $249 last June.

UPDATE: The missus saw an upright one at our local Aldi for $299. I haven't seen it yet, but by the looks of it it's their 183L one. Might get that instead (on a Sat in Dec for $270 with Zip).

UPDATE 2: Pulled the trigger and bought the Haier after being schooled by @Dne on why not to buy manual defrost uprights. Also used the BigW GC promotion @send2riven suggested below. When I went to pay for the cards, Big W's staff suggested I should split the purchase into two to avoid some system error. In doing so, Big W ended up giving me $50 extra as Xmas credit. I bought the cards, turned to eBay credit and bought the freezer through TGG's store on eBay. Paid for delivery, as there is no stock near me, and it'd cost me as much in petrol to pick it up. $320 all minus $64 in Rewards points and credits, minus $6.40 cashback from Shopback. Bottom line: $249.80 delivered.

UPDATE 3: So I after I pulled the trigger on the last day, they extend the expiry to 24 Dec. I could've taken an extra $30 off buying it with Zip 😒

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  • Pretty good price, a couple of months ago an old one probably sell for that price if you're lucky enough your hand on it.

  • Wondering if this one is worth the extra $20?

    2 extra litres, half a star more on the energy rating and an extra year warranty. Any maybe some more accessories…

    • I got this one a few days ago and it was between this and the Haier OP posted.

      In the end, I went with the Hisense due to the high energy rating and there's a dial on the bottom that allows you to switch between min, mid, and max. It's also reduced from RRP of $349. So far it's keeping all my food frozen at mid.

    • Got this for $268 and resold it for $350 after 6 months use! (Change in lifestyle meant I no longer had the space/need for it)

    • +2 votes

      Haier is with 2 year warranty, while Hisense is with 3 year warranty. But Haier quality is probably better than Hisense.

    • Also got the hisense one- check the differences in the external dimensions. Hisense is smaller

      • +1 vote

        Yes I noticed the dimensions too but having a hard time deciding if this is a good or bad thing. Maybe the Haier at thicker dimensions has more insulation?

        • Not sure, I just needed something that was narrow to fit in the garage.

          The star rating is higher with the hisense though?

        • Bingo!

          Bad points
          • Warms up relatively quickly if power goes off

          It had the very worst temperature performance score (Temperature performance is made up of ambient change (40%), fluctuations (30%), uniformity (15%), range (10%) and recommended or mid-setting (5%)) of the lot. And the culprit there was their horrid ambient change score (How the freezer copes with changes in ambient room temperatures, such as from summer to winter)

          The only thing that Hisense has going for it is that it's the quietest (27 vs 31 dbA of the Haier), so it's well suited for using indoors, where temp variations are normally not that great as outside.

  • Where do you store these? We have no place indoor, only place is in the sunroom, which gets to 40C during the day. Not good for freezing…

  • How many people put there freezer in the garage?

    I got no where inside, only can squeeze out a corner inside the garage.

    Gonna be hot in summer….wonder what's the implications putting in garage

    • I think it's common practice to put in the garage. Mine is in there. Much better than under the alfresco at the back.

    • They can go anyway, chest freezers are usually very will insulated because there's nowhere for the cold air to rush out to when you open it. I think some people even keep them outside with like a tarp cozy over it.

    • Same question here.
      My garage faces west, touches 40 °C quite easily these days.

  • +12 votes

    If anyone wants a fantastic explanation about how truly astounding the power efficiency is on chest freezers, check out this video. He can be cheesy at times but nails why these things should be in every home that can fit them.

    • really? I thought that small things were less efficient, and less than a normal fridge/freezer?

    • Trying to watch this next to a sleeping child. Quite hard to do so. Is a 100L chest freezer better than a 100L vertical bar freezer? Thanks :)

      • Can confirm a small child will fit in a 100L freezer. Personally its made it a lot easier for me to watch online videos.

      • Without doubt. Cold air falls, so every time you open the fridge most of that stored air tumbles out. With a top opening freezer, the cold air stays below the level of the lid thus keeping most of the good stuff in.

      • hot air rises, thus cold air "sinks"

        so (top opening) chest freezers efficient as fuk

    • I’ve often wondered if the freezers power use is worth any savings made by buying on sale/ in bulk

      • There is also the availability factor to think about. As long as you keep it stocked with what you want you always have ingredients.

        I recommend a vacuum sealer to anyone and everyone for freezing meat. Keeps for ages and you'd never know it was frozen once defrosted

        • There is also the availability factor

          Yeah, that is what prompted us. It's pretty hard (or, yes, expensive) to buy quality meat—of well grown and fed animals, not factory raised cattle fed fake food—in qties that fit the freezer in the fridge. I suspect that even if one empties out the fridge's freezer transferring it all to the chest freezer, the ongoing cost is lower, and the chest freezer pays for itself in a few years.

    • do we have a conclusion of this video? sorry to say it was really sleepy one, 26min long……I only just wanted a freezer lol

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Haier-HCF143-143L-Chest-Free...
    buy from eBay and use 10% off giftcard from bigW this week, eBay plus save another 3%, not sure if you can conbine 2% cashback from Shopback. Final price should be $231.35 without cashback.

  • Hairy chest freezer 👍

  • Anyone with a bit more knowledge on these able to recommend which one between the Haier and Hisense?

  • Had one of these for almost 2 years. It sits outside mostly undercover but still cops a bit if rain and all the temp extremes. Never missed a beat, totally recommend. On the down side in I am sure there is still stuff at the bottom from 2 years ago lol

  • Do we just need to plug it into an electrical outlet? or is it more complicated than that when it comes to installing it? I saw someone mention something about a dedicated circuit, a total noob when it comes to these things.

  • +1 vote

    Wonder if chest freezer prices are dropping coz a vaccines out haha

  • Is anyone able to confirm my suspicions that a lot of the Aldi Stirling branded white goods are rebadged Haier? I have the washing machine and it's a dead ringer. If so, I have seen these go much cheaper when stock is left over

    • What does the manufacturing detail say in the manual for the Stirling branded one?

      The one for this is:
      Qingdao Haier Special Icebox Co., Ltd
      Haier Garden, Qianwangang Road, Economic Development Zone, Qingdao 266555, Shandong, P.R.China.

      • The upright one I'm now considering says:

        Tempo (Aust) Pty Ltd ABN 70 106 100 252
        PO BOX 6056 Frenchs Forest, Sydney, Australia 
        NSW 2086
        Telephone: 1300 886 649 (Aust) - Fax: (02) 9975 2688
        Tempo Help Desk: 1300 886 649 (Aust) 
        (Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 09:00am to 06:00pm AEST)
        Email: [email protected]

        That's probably the importer.


          Yes, distributor of / agent for, badge-engineered products galore, their specialty.

          That Stirling upright also appears to be same as a Haier model.

          Sellers of whitegoods long happy to source product from different manufacturers/countries to make up their ranges. If you look on the Choice site, Haier had/has at least one model made in India, Hisense at least one from Indonesia, LG fridges models variously from China instead of the maybe expected Korea.

          Even if just second freezer, you will find combined frequency and mess of defrosting an upright is not worth not buying frost-free, if the one you buy isn't. Defrosting/draining chest freezer easier and won't put your tooth-self on edge.

          • @DisabledUser58534: How is defrosting a chest one easier? I never had a separate freezer.

              • @DisabledUser58534: Ok… How's that different from the upright:

                Defrosting the freezer

                • For efficient operation and minimum energy consumption, defrost the freezer
                  compartment when the frost on the freezer walls is building up; do not let frost build
                  up to more than 3–4mm thickness.
                • Turn the temperature control to the MIN position, unplug the freezer and remove the
                  food and storage drawers. (Keep any frozen food temporarily in a fridge or cooler
                  bag to keep defrosting to a minimum.)
                • Keep the door open and place a tray and old towel underneath the appliance to
                  collect the defrost water.
                • After the frost or ice in the freezer has melted, discard the defrost water and clean
                  and/or dry all interior freezer surfaces thoroughly. (See below for how to clean the
                  interior surfaces.) Then turn the freezer temperature control to the desired setting to
                  restart the freezer.
                • +1 vote

                  @wisdomtooth: Upright design without frost-free means ice build-up faster than in a chest freezer - cold air falls quickly, replaced by air from the room.

                  The drain plug on chest freezer and even faster using a siphon, defrosting over & done with quickly. You can run warm water around sides to really speed the process and without any dripping from height mess.

                  Time then to do something equally useful or maybe even interesting… In your case, that could be receiving a karate chop from Miss Piggy!

  • Uncle Roger not like this brand, Haier.

  • How often do you need to defrost one of these?

  • Just bought the Hisense priced at $285. It has higher star rating and a 3 year warranty. Plugged it in this morning, so far so good. According to my cheap ebay fridge thermometer is running at munis 23degress c at medium on the dial. I will load it up tonight and see what happens.

  • I wonder if Haier here sell the same products here as they do in China.
    They're a higher end quality brand in China. Wonder if they release cheaper lower quality here, like a lot of Chinese brands

  • Is glass too essential?

  • Am I the only one who noticed the default ordering is by Brand (A-Z) on Choice? I believe sorting by rating is stuck behind a paywall. Might want to amend the description OP

    • Good eye!

    • I'm logged in. These are their ratings:

      77% HAIER HFZ-175 Upright
      75% HAIER HCF101 Chest
      74% HAIER HCF143 Chest
      74% HAIER HCF524W2 Chest
      74% WESTINGHOUSE WCM2000WD Chest
      73% LIEBHERR SGNEF3036 Upright
      72% HISENSE HR6VFF280D Upright
      71% WESTINGHOUSE WCM5000WD Chest
      66% HISENSE HR6CF146 Chest
      66% WESTINGHOUSE WCM7000WD Chest

  • Sale extended to 24 Dec.

  • Picked one up last week with some TGG gc i had from before. Relatively silently tinkering along well in my laundry.

    But yes i got a catalogue and sale extended. Can be had with zip for 10% off this Saturday. Recommend.