This was posted 10 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Pre Order, PC, XB1, PS4] Cyberpunk 2077 $78 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest, but Amazon has reduced the price again.

PS 4 $78.00 109.95
Xbox $78.00 99.95
PC $75.00 109.95

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    This is pretty much the normal price, and Amazon has had it at this price for a while now.

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      Yep and also note Amazon have specifically said this will not arrive on launch day.

      We're contacting you about order #xxx for Cyberpunk 2077 - PC. Some of our delivery times may be longer than usual and you might not receive your item on the release day.

      We realise this wasn't what you expected when you placed your order. You’re welcome to leave your order open, and we’ll deliver it as soon as possible.

      • I saw this at the top of the page when I was about to order it.. going to hope Big W have stock on the floor on the day of release and try to pick up a physical copy instead.

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      I got it from Amazon last year for $63 -

      • Same but mine has not been delivered yet. Bit disappointed on the release day.

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    For $4 more JB has the day one edition (PC).

  • ps5 or pc 🤔

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      PC. PS5 is just the PS4 version.

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        I only have a GTX 1070 and a 1440p 165hz monitor. Pretty sure it won't look as good at PS5 version once they release the next gen update??

      • Only on release hehe. Ps5 update will come

  • possibly buy it tomorrow and save 10% with Zip Pay ?

    It's showing up as $75.99 with Amazon Prime.

    • It is zip tap…needs to be in store.

    • 75.99?

      • for PC version

        • oh right.

    • How do you use tap and pay on Amazon?

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    I preordered the Xbox version for $63 on Amazon a while back but cancelled it to get PC version local $29 EB deal

    • How'd you get it for $29? I'd be keen to know if there was a deal like this for PC.

      • yeah what $29 eb deal?

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          $29 for trade-in 2 games at EB. I bought two $10 games to trade-in and it cost me $49 in total.

          • @klownvandamn: I've been meaning to call EB to ask what games I can trade as $29 is great if I've got a couple of titles I'm happy to let go from my collection. They should just post their list online - they must waste so much time taking phone calls about which games qualify for the trade deal.

      • probably that's the trade-in deal. 2 games + $29

      • EB trade in deal

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      After selling my PS4 pro, I got the ps5 disc version and cyberpunk PS4 for $290. Good times.

    • Why is this being downvoted?

      This deal is still cheaper even if you factor in buying two discounted games from elsewhere and trading them in.
      P.S. the banner for this deal is on their site, regardless of the deal saying "expired"

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    $42 with a Russian VPN on the GOG website.

    • Is it in English?

    • It should only be about ~$36.20 considering it’s 1999 RUB. Unless the price has increased?

      • Yeah, I paid $36.39 AUD

        • I paid $38.35 AUD, that was Sept 25th when the dollar was not so great.

      • Where from? I am planning on purchasing from gog - from what I understand all money goes to the developers that way. Happy to support their efforts for this one.

        Edit: quick Google search show how to get it for 1999 Rubles … not sure if they have region lock or anything that tracks people circumventing regional pricing.

        • It definitely tracks it (the currency you pay each game in is shown in your orders page), but it's been a thing for many years and they haven't stopped it, or any one's account yet.

        • epic games store russia

      • 2399 RUB as of last week I believe. I certainly paid 2399 RUB from GOG the other day after hearing (from Amazon themselves) that Amazon weren't delivering on release day.

        • Ah that would make sense why gonan was quoting a higher price. Glad I bought it a couple of months back for 1999, especially when I never pre order games. Still an incredibly cheap price though for a new game.

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      if you gonna go it that way u might as well pirate for free when it releases

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        Not really. GOG is owned by CDPR. They still get 100% of that 2399RUB. They get $0 otherwise. I know what one sits better with me.

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          Yeah, I prefer give my money to CDPR than to Amazon.

  • Isn’t EB games doing free returns all the way through to late January?

    Might make use of that for this.

    • Lol you're really earning that Tight in your name Terry

  • Won't this be $68 on Day one unless somebody knows the reason its $10 more than everything else?

    • Only way Amazon will make it $68 is if somewhere else drops their price first.

      • Well it should be $68, somebody will drop it. They always do. Unless the free upgrade is making it $10 more but Assasins and Watchdogs were the same and released at $68. PS5/XBSX has maybe changed the market but honestly for years now every game drops Day One at $68

        • Usually Big W always has the cheapest price. Some people don't even know they sell games and they just go to EBGames LMAO. sad but true fact.

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    Anyone know if we can pre-download the JBHIFI PC one? Apparently you can if you get it on steam or GOG

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    Why does this game remind me of Dues ex

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    Make sure to use giftcards to buy it to save an extra bit

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    Just a heads up, Amazon have been hopeless when it comes to delivering pre-orders on release date as of late.

    • Yep, preordered 1 year ago but not delivered on the release day.

      • Ah sorry to hear. There’s honestly no reason for it either because you know they’ve all been sitting in a warehouse for at least a week. Like if you can guarantee that if I order this tin whistle today that it will be here tomorrow, there’s no excuse for something that’s been on preorder for a good long while.

  • Is this for PS5? As in is it just a PS4 version or would it take advantage of PS5 as well? Likewise for the Xbox one is it optimised for Xbox Series X?

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      Just the PS4 version for PS5 at this stage - free upgrade to next gen some time next year.

  • Seems like normal price for me. Probably will drop on release day anyway.

  • I preordered the Xbox One version over a year ago on 20/11/2019 for $63 from Amazon.

    Thinking of cancelling now, they told me it won't arrive on time, plus I'm thinking I may as well get PC version as I should have an RTX 3080 a week after the game releases.

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    Paid $59 thanks

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    Just a heads up for anyone thinking about using Amazon, everyone who pre-ordered received an email this week saying that Amazon can't guarantee that the game will arrive on release day. Likely will cancel mine and order elsewhere.

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    Anyone know where to buy the cheapest Digital GOG version on PC? (besides russian VPN workaround)

    • was selling digital keys for $64, but they've run out of keys. They did say on their webpage that they may get more stock on release day.

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    I like how they don't have 5 different versions of the same game, each version giving you some extra random cosmetics (UBISOFT)

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    Dunno about ps5 or pc but this has been the price for xbox for the last couple of weeks. How is this a deal?

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    Ok, received inside info. Boxing day is $49 for this. You're welcome! Confirmed with Procurement and marketing of a major retailer.

    Wait till printing of the catalogue for more deals.

  • Want to know the opinion on which platform (GOG/Steam) people here are planning to play this game on (regardless where you buy from). I believe most retailers are selling GOG codes. I personally have all my games on Steam but at the same time I also want to supports the devs. Confused on what I should be doing.

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      Steam is only available through Steam direct.

      Everyone else selling keys and retail copies are selling GOG codes.

      If you want to support devs, buy it from GOG direct, as GOG is owned by CDP and the devs will receive 100% of the money. Steam, physical retailers, and the distributer all take out % and the devs don't earn as much money.

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        CDP is worth around $15 billion AUD, I reckon I'll just buy it where it's most convenient for me and they'll still manage to scrape by.

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          You do you, pal.

  • its coming before my 3080 WDF

  • Ooof, got a PS5 so cancelled PC order for PS4 a couple weeks ago, they have no stock ETA for it one day out 🙄 Shockingly poor form for Amazon.

    • I don't think the PC version is coming either, no ETA for mine.

      I'll probably just go and grab it from JB tomorrow

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    Ordered xbox version via Amazon and got an email yesterday saying will be delivered Monday 14 Dec. Just got another email saying cancel that, not sure when…

    Too hard, better off just driving to JBs!

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      I’m in the same boat, but PS4 version. Have had my preorder placed for over a year. Amazon really are genuinely completely useless lately with their preorder items arriving on time. I want to cancel but it’s only $48 thanks to McDonalds Monopoly vouchers. But I don’t want to be waiting indefinitely either. Decisions…

      • Exactly, couple days even a week, but no date…

    • Amazon now showing Xbox version in stock and delivery Tuesday 15/12. My delivery date hasn't been updated either so I'm going to give them a call to chase up

      • I called them all they said was they'll log a ticket with the fulfilment team and get back to me within 1-2 days. So frustrating…

    • Same here. Amazon is hopeless

    • In the end I cancelled and bought at JBs. Which was lucky cause I got a refund today for a game that is essentially broken. Such a disappointment, but JB honored the refund offered by the publisher.

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    Pre-ordered 8th October 2019 not delivery date

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    This is a complete shambles. I'm never preordering with amazon again. They just don't take this seriously at all. Even after I called them they can't tell me anything about when my order will be shipped out. All they did was submit a ticket and tell me they'd get back to me in couple of days. I'm going to cancel and get it from JB.

  • Same boat as everyone else but notice it's listed for delivery tomorrow?

    • Even listed that can be delivered today. Calling Amazon whilst typing, they are hopeless and don’t know my delivery status. I need an justifiable answer from them as why preordering will be delivered later than ordered after?

      • Did you get a decent response? Chat person was useless. Didn't even bother answering why new orders would get their copy before pre-orders.