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Dell 24” USB-C Monitor U2421HE $390 Delivered @ PB Tech


This would be considered expensive for any other 1080p monitor, but If you want a Dell UltraSharp monitor with USB-C PD and ethernet pass-through then this is the lowest price that I’ve seen this one go for.

  • 24” IPS InfinityEdge display
  • 1080p
  • USB-C with 65w PD
  • RJ45 port for ethernet pass-through

It’s $399 at Shopping Express if you prefer to buy from there.

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  • Quite a lot to be paying for a 24" 1080p… and its only 250 nits

    Last week you could have gotten a QHD 27" with better features (eg 350 nits) for less

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      Yes, unfortunately USB-C monitors are priced higher than equivalent models with other ports.

      Dell UltraSharp monitors are also usually more expensive.

      • A 1080p 24" 250 nit monitor isnt winning in any category anytime soon, even if its from Dell. The one I linked is also 65W USB-C, same usb hub, same RJ45, but also has a display port passthrough, and is brighter, higher res and larger screen.


          Yes, but still the lowest price (that I’ve seen) for anyone who is looking for this particular combination: Dell UltraSharp, USB-C PD, RJ45.

          The U2419HC (which this replaces) was quite popular on OzBargain even though it was expensive for a 1080p monitor.

  • This would be considered expensive

    beats the whole purpose of an ozbargain post?

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      Except for the USB-C, RJ45 part. Will edit to make it a bit clearer. :)

      • what value do you see with the RJ45 passthrough? I would much rather just get a hub or dock that has RJ45 than rely on being stuck in a niche part of the market down the track where i need to buy another monitor with RJ45? seems pretty pointless as a feature IMHO. You can even just buy some USB A RJ45 dongles if you're really after that feature.

        • I think it's a great convenient feature having it all built in with no messy dongles / converters. I keep monitors for a good while so I'd worry about the new solution in X years when we could be using who knows what for ports.

          Not saying this a great monitor aside from that.

  • Ordered this from Dell Factory Outlet the Saturday before Black Friday, refurbished at $239, delivered on Black Friday. Another USB-C model P2719HC (as new) cost $229 at that time. Quantity of both were too low to be published here.

  • I prefer UltraSharp's myself, and I do like how they've taken the USB-C implementation with the additional of RJ-45 in the 2021 models (btw Dell UltraSharps - even back to the 2019 models - offer DisplayPort pass-through/upstream).

    But this ain't really a bargain.