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Samsung LS03T 75" The Frame QLED 4K UHD TV [2020] (RRP $3995) $3295 + Free Delivery & Wall Mount Installation @ Harvey Norman


Been waiting weeks for this to go on sale again!
Retail on Samsung site is $4199 but Harvey Norman always have it for $3995. Has been on sale before for $3485 but this is the lowest it's been priced according to Price Hipster

  • If you want your TV to look like a picture on the wall this might be the TV for you.
  • Displays art (which you can get more of via subscription) and has a motion sensor so it turns on as an art picture or photo frame when people are near it and off when they aren't.
  • Is supplied with feet if you want to have it free standing but is meant to be used with the supplied wall mount which is designed to sit flush on the wall.
  • Comes with the OneConnect box for all your connections so a single wire is the only thing connecting to your TV for power, HDMI, eARC, USB ect.
  • Frame bezel is an extra $179 and is sold separately
  • You can reuse the box to make a magazine stand or cat barn among other things!

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    Nice price, still a lot of premium.

  • From wall art perspective, how does it compare to Samsung TU8000 with ambient mode that’s only $1600?

    • i pulled the trigger on 55" last week, waiting for delivery

    • +1

      I was really keen to get one of these TVs, although they're well out of my price range. They seem super interesting, and seemed to match the style of our house with the wood frame.
      I was walking through JB one day, saw this tv, chuckled and said thank God I didn't buy one to myself. It looks like a TV. But with a big bezel. Nice, but to me not worth any premium.

  • +2

    or just buy a EKO tv and build a frame from Bunnings

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    Bonus Local Delivery
    Offer ends 11:59PM AEDT 20 December 2020. Bonus delivery and installation must be within a 50km radius of the store from which the goods were purchased. Delivery and installation will be arranged for a time convenient to both parties. See in store for full details.

    • +1

      I'm not sure how you get this bonus local delivery. I think you must have to go in store and ask. Ordering via the website I expected delivery to be free but it wasn't so I added the delivery price to the title.

  • Looks like it does 120hz VRR and supports hdmi 2.1 on one port

    Still can’t decide whether to do 75” on a Sammy like this (or a Sony) or get the similarly priced (but smaller) 65” LG CX OLED…

    • +5

      Do you want what looks best on the wall or do you want what looks best when you're actually watching it? if its the second one, go with the LG.

    • +2

      Easy choice on the OLED LG

      You really can't beat OLED tbh

      • +2

        Even in a bright room?

    • OLED > all

    • LG have the GX gallery model, same specs as the CX but slim wall mount like the frame. About $300 more than the CX.

  • If only my damn 35 incher Sony would die so I can update!! To tight to waste it.

    • +5

      Just watch an in depth interview of your [most hated politician of your choice here] and throw your stubby at them.

    • Haha I've been saying the same thing for about 7yrs! I have a 52" Bravia that's 12yo and still going strong. I thought when it reached the 5yr mark it would show some sign of failure, but nope. Ended up pulling the trigger on a 75" x95h last week. Fwiw - During the chat with the sales guy, he said the old Bravias are rated for 87000 hrs of use, no idea if that's true, but wouldn't be surprised if my old tv outlives the new one. If yours is the same model as mine, you'll be waiting a little while :)

    • +1

      I said the same thing about my 46” Bravia in 2014. It was 7 years old at the time. Ended up giving it to my in-laws, and it’s been used daily and is still going strong. Now I’m saying the same thing about my 65” Samsung I bought in 2014 but have no-one to give it to!

      • +2

        I've still got a 55 inch Panasonic 3D Plasma sitting here that not even Cashies wanted.

      • You can “give” it to me.

        Oh, you want money for it…😋

      • I'll take it if you're in Melbourne.

      • Donate it to a shelter?

    • Could move it to another room or sell it.

  • +1

    Bought 65" one from EPP store last week for around 2K, definitely looks good on the wall but picture quality is nowhere compared to my old LG OLED FHD which died recently, especially the blacks

  • +1

    Looking for the 55" to go on sale

  • I was looking at getting a 55’ Frame but ended up buying the Serif 55’ for the living room and another 43’ for the bedroom from the EPP store.
    Terrific! Has the same OS as the Frame but on 4 legs instead (with some less features like the painting thing)… pretty impressed by em!

  • +1

    They have made delivery free now so I updated the title

  • Buying an LCD TV without any local dimming is a bit silly in 2020, let alone paying 3.5k for one.

    You have to really want that aesthetic to buy this

    • +4

      Not silly at all, local dimming is to improve contrast, this TV has amazing contrast ratio, in fact better contrast on its own (without having local dimming) than many other TVs with local dimming. For example:

      Samsung The Frame: ~8000:1
      Samsung Q80T: ~3000:1 (local dimming off) and ~4000:1 (local dimming on)

      Also by not having local dimming you don't get blooming effects and other issue local dimming "tick" brings.


      • +2

        Those contrast ratios are measured with an SDR test pattern at 100 nits. Local dimming is required to maintain contrast when displaying HDR.

        TVs without local dimming have horrible contrast ratios when trying to show bright highlights in HDR due to having to raise the backlight level across the entire panel as opposed to the area of the screen with the bright highlight.

        • Yes, but if you're in HDR in a bright room, then your eyes can arguably not see tell the difference. The light falling on the screen already raises the darkness "noise floor". The case where it really does matter is in a dark room at low brightness. Some of the local dimming implementations can produce horrible artefacts, Samsung's stands out pretty badly in this regard compared to Sony for example.

          • @Felixrising: You can’t watch HDR in a bright room. HDR content is graded for viewing in a dark room.

  • +3

    Samsung employee price on this is $2,324.50. The Q80T deal (now expired) was much better value than this as that deal got to within a couple of hundred $ of the employee price.

    • Are you referring to 65”?

      • No, that's the price for the 75".

  • I have the 65 version of this.

    It looks great on the wall. The art looks beautiful.

    But compared to our LG 55 oled in another room the iq is noticeably not as good.

    I honestly doubt i would buy another one unless it was much closer to oled iq wise.

  • +5

    Doesn't come with a stand

    It actually comes with 2 "feet", but of course nobody buys this TV to put it on the table. I got a 43 inch version, bought for $1,295 in April 2019, still very happy with it. Displaying art does not necessary require subscription - first, the TV comes with some preinstalled art; second, you can upload your own images via app or USB.

    • Updated the description thanks for the extra info

  • +2

    Such a weird gimmick.
    Do people actually pay a subscription for the art?

    Designed to fix a problem no one actually has.

    Still an incredible price but I couldn't imagine buying this over a normal OLED.

    • +2

      we have a interior designer in the family who sets these up at practically every house she does - and yes most do the sub.

      But the artwork included without sub is very good as well.

      • Seems crazy to me. $5.99 a month for something you can download from Google image search.

        As for the design, this is what happens when the technology doesn't change much for a while and they have to create gimmicks to sell it as a new product.

        Same with "The Serif". Pointless.

        • Well, that would be pirating. But each to their own.

          I'm neutral either way.

          • @gavincato: Am I misunderstanding the way this works?

            Can you not just download a picture and it displays on the screen as if it were 'artwork'?

            • @pauly85: You can but a lot of the art displayed is not free - i.e. technically you would be pirating it.

              There is some nice stuff online for free though i.e. a lot of Van Gogh stuff is freely available.

              The other (artificially made) annoyance is I tried to put some of my photography on the tv and whilst it works, you can't disable the fake borders on the screen like you can with the actual inclusive art or the sub art.

              Lastly, for some reason the included/sub stuff just looks nicer - i assume it uses some software tricks. For example I downloaded some Van Gogh stuff and it looks fine, but not as nice as the Van Gogh stuff included in subscription. You also need to ass around resizing/cropping files when DIY.

  • No wide viewing angle layer unlike q80t etc.!
    The illusion of an art frame will be broken when viewed more than 25 degrees off angle

    • Have you compared then in real life?? Whilst they measure differently and through a camera, the eyes are very good at compensating and it's not that easy to tell in person. The X-wide or whatever coating also drops the contrast ratio by as much as 50%!

      • Nah I haven't, but I have a 2018 qled with one connect box and don't use ambient mode like I thought I would because of the colour/gamma shift. I agree that off angle viewing is fine, but the way the image shifts as you move past it in a living space is what breaks the illusion for me

  • +2

    Great price for this TV, I bought it a few months ago for $3400 and does 4k 120hz for gaming. Just beware that the new model has plastic frame bezels and the quality is terrible. You can buy third part bezels but they’re pretty expensive. Best feature if this is the one cable connection. Allows it to sit flat in the wall and have all the connectivity in your tv cabinet rather than run the cables through the wall.

  • I am looking for a tv just to watch movies and sports, no gaming so which brand and tv is better for 75” or above?
    I am reading lots of comments in ozbargain to understand but thought to ask as well. Tia

    • +1

      I ended up buying Q60T 75" in my budget and it was delivered today. I know people had mixed reviews but my purpose is same as your's just to watch movies and sports so not fussy for other features.

      • I think the q60t panel is basically the same as The Frame, the q60t also has artwork mode too, right?

      • Thank you 😊

      • @sunny10 Thank you, that’s what I want, I know there lot of tv out in market with latest models give lots of features which is more for people use it to play games and it’s quite expensive.
        Would you mind if ask how much you paid?

        • +1

          Yes i bought that during recent sale on BF from Jb Hi-Fi. I paid $1888 with delivery. I thought a lot before i purchase but can see so many other people were waiting to secure one that time and i was lucky enough to ordered one as after that it was out of stock. I was told i will get delivery close to Christmas but it was delivered Yesterday exactly after one week. If you still want that price but can wait a month or so i would suggest you to do online chat with Appliance Online or call them and they will do price for you $1829. Just request them and they will still do it.

  • +1

    Got the 65" of this. Great tv. Looks fantastic on the wall. The art software is a little finicky. Its equivalent pic tech wise to the q70t. Really happy with brightness and viewing angles. Having everything on the one connect box with a single thin cable to the TV is fantastic. Also 120hz on hdmi 4 for next gen gaming.

  • Lol

  • Does the art customise to the person that is in the room like in Antitrust?

  • I wish I acted on the 75" Q80t from the Black Friday sales! The price has jumped from ~$2800 to ~$4k and stock levels are a major issue.

    I'm not sure if the 75" Frame TV is as feature rich as the 80t and I don't really need or want the art mode…