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[Pre Order] EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti XC GDDR6 $709 + Delivery ($0 in WA /VIC) Redeem The Falconeer @ PLE Computers


One of the lowest price for RTX 3060 Ti if you factor in shipping, current ETA between 21 to 28 December.

Free delivery in WA and VIC only.

If you can wait, not a bad price I reckon.

UPDATE: new ETA available. From 21 December 2020 at the time of edit.

For a limited time, free The Falconeer game available. Terms and conditions here

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  • +4 votes

    Delivery is $21 for me in Sydney

  • Is this roughly 2080super performance?

  • EVGA use good parts even in their budget cards in my experience

  • So cheap. LOL

    • It is for an equivalent 2080 super…

      • It is for an equivalent [insert last gen product here]…

        If tech didn't get cheaper and faster there'd never be any point in buying the latest thing. This isn't an accomplishment, it should be the expectation.

        • +50 votes

          We have been played . A midrange card is now "cheap" @ $700

          A midrange xx60 series card has doubled in price in the space of 4 years .

        • Hardly cheaper, i got my RTX 2080 from MSY 2 years ago for $780.

          This is a tiny bit cheaper 2 years later with a tiny bit more performance.

          We havent moved very far….

          (Disclaimer it was a good sale price for the 2080, and i'd hope to see good sale prices on the 3060ti in the future. But these launch prices in australia are pretty dissapointing)

          • @cheesecactus: So you got it at a discount of 35%, wouldn’t it also be fair to compare the value assuming just as good a sale on the 3060 ti?

            Therefore the 3060 ti is a pretty great deal at $450?

            • @Variableaperture: This is pretty much bang on

              If you wait until mid next year the 3xxx series will start to come on sale

              I'll be doing that, because my games are all playable on my 1070ti

              • @itshammer: 1070 Ti here as well, such great bang for buck. Got a secondhand GTX 1080 eGPU for my laptop recently as well to tide me over until 3060Ti comes down to a palatable price.

  • Thanks OP bought one.

  • I thought the new cards were supposed to be cheaper? I got my 1080ti for $894.20 3 and half years ago and this is barely any better. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/314043

    • People are blinded by the rip off Turing prices to notice it

      • +2 votes

        What does this even mean

        • Turing was stupid expensive price to performance wise.

          30x is evening it out a bit but still shit compared to 10x series price value.

        • Turing prices were extremely high compared to Pascal so now that prices have been pulled back a bit they now feel like good value. GTX 1070 release price was $379 USD, now the 3060 ti is $400 and 3070 is $499 USD. So the lower end models are now more expensive.

    • Does feel like we've been getting 1080 Ti class performance for around the same price for almost 4 years now, albeit with some new features and a bit better power consumption with each iteration (but less memory). I'm in the market for a 30 series card but if I owned a 1080 Ti I'd probably be holding off until the next generation.

    • Turing was a big step back for value. But to be fair your $894 back then is more like $950 in today’s money, you also got the worst model of 1080 Ti and the 3060 Ti is about 25%~ faster in raw rasterisation as well as support RT/DLSS.

      • I mean i got my RTX 2080 from MSY 2 years ago for $780.

        Regardless how you look at it, these new gpus are too expensive here in Aus

        • This is equivalent to RTX 2080 SUPER, which is fair bit faster than RTX 2080. It also draw less power for example this model uses 1 x 8 pin, more or less same as GTX 1080 but 50-60% faster. RTX 2080 draws a lot more power.

          The pricing is pretty much due to current situation, where both AMD & NVIDIA doesn't have any stock and they can lie about MSRP all the want e.g AMD RX 6800/6800XT that have already been called out. It's weird when people arguing about AMD vs NVIDIA or Sony PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S, when in fact they all don't exist.

    • Yeah, and this isn’t on sale. When it’s on an equivalent sale it will be significantly cheaper.

      It’s crazy saying it’s a bad deal because there was a one time price that’s lower, also comparing it to inflated launch prices.

  • Anyone having issues with the website? Can’t seem to get to checkout

  • Is the EVGA FTW3 Ultra version of this at PLE worth the extra $60?

    • I think so, but good luck getting one of them this side of 2021.

      • I was able to order the FTW3 Ultra 3060ti on release despite it showing up as OOS. I checked with PLE today and was told I got a card in the first shipment arriving on the 17th. Only reason I went with it is cause it was the cheapest 3 fan card and EVGA is a reputable brand (or so I've been told)

    • Got better cooler and higher clock speed.

      If you can't get one now, it's really close to what low end 3070 should cost. So it's a tough sell i think.

      • It is, but not many 3070s are selling at that price, plus the FTW3 can overclock to almost the performance of a 3070.

        Definitely a toss up.

    • Nope, at that point you should be looking at stepping up to a low end 3070. For the lower range cards (3070<) always buy the cheaper models.

  • $2700 for a 3090 these days is a bargain, 3060ti are a giveaway at $700 😂😂😂

  • "ETA between 21 to 28 December"

    Where did you find this?

    • Next to where the shop locations are.

      • aw man. Wish I saw that would have paid a couple of dollars to have it a week earlier. Oh wells, eta anyways let's see how delayed this will be.

  • Have got an EVGA GTX1080, has kicked along fine for a few years at 1440p, but seeing some limitations at top-end settings these days and obviously no RTX or DLSS. I mainly play RTS and more recently MS flight sim. Only play a few hours a week.

    Only really considering this EVGA 3060Ti or the 3080 from PLE. Everything else RTX doesn't seem to be anywhere near decent price/performance ratio.

    Does OzB think the 1080 is worth upgrading (for something to do another 3-4 years), or would I really just be throwing away money?

    • How much are you willing to spend ultimately ?

      If you budget is around 700 get this, or get 3080 or 6800 xt if you can afford it.

      If you can't wait for 3080, 6800 xt, this is still faster than 1080.

    • Upgrading from 1080 to 3060ti is kinda like upgrading from 2070 to 2080Super.

      • Yeah I can't see it being worth it… which is really what I'm trying to get ppls opinion on (being OzB).

      • 2070 to 2080 super is around 25% increase up to 50% in some titles. It's not a small upgrade.

        Upgrading is dependent on many factors, screen size, res, games you actually play.

    • Depends on what your target framerates are and what image quality you can stand. Personally for 3 to 4 years, I would upgrade. If you play the dame games mostly then wait a while, even if it's another year until prices normalise and sales start becoming more frequent.

      I have a 1070ti and find myself having to lower image quality at 1440p just to get playable framerates on certain titles.
      Though, you could hold for another 2ish years for the next (4xxx series?) cards if you're happy and reassess then.

      Thr 3060ti is a decent bump in performance. I personally would look to upgrade sooner than later.

    • Only if you KNOW you are going to use a lot of RTX/DLSS…otherwise lower your settings to medium and give your card a bit of an OC.

      Did the same with my 1070. Runs Valhalla easily at 60fps+ 1440p.

    • I'm on a GTX 1080 too, and i play mainly at 4K, though obviously if i want to try and get 60fps on the most current AAA games it isn't really doable on some of them, though on any given day i could be playing something 2 years old or 20 years old and most i can get 4K 60.
      I can't see me bothering to upgrade till i can buy a RTX 3080 for closer to half the money it's currently selling for.
      I got my GTX 1080 years ago for like $300 so all these newer cards still look like terrible value to me.

    • Eh not a huge upgrade, I would try stretch for a 3070 at minimum if you already have a 1080.

  • -1 vote

    this is good, man; should set an example for 3060 Ti; AUD 700 - AUD 710.

  • waiting for boxing day,then 3050 ti,then rx 6500xt ,then foreven no lucky to have a graphic card . life is hard.

    • I mean if you have come this far, you may as well just wait until the entire 3xxx series are released and wait for all the benchmarks so you can choose the exact card for your needs. More information is always better when making PC part purchases. The waiting will help with the prices too.

      Unless of course your GPU or entire PC is broken and you need a graphics card ASAP.

  • It took over 9 weeks for me to get my EVGA 3080 from PLE when I ordered on launch night.
    Lets hope the 3060 Ti doesnt have as much stock issues otherwise I can't see them clearing all these pre-orders by the end of the year.

    • Wow long wait ! Thanks for letting us know . I cancelled my order from launch night. Might as well wait out for 3080ti the way things are going

  • Is the 3060ti good enough for ultrawide 100fps 3400x1440p and is it worth the upgrade from 1070? I was thinking 3080 but probs never stock and can save some cash

    • … and is it good enough for RTX at 100fps?

    • What games will you be playing ?

      • don't game much but will be playing cyberpunk ofc

        • You won't get 100fps with new games like cyberpunk at ultra.

          I have 3070 and can hit 140fps with forza 3 and 4 at ultra, but only 70 fps with ac Valhalla at 1440p

          3060 ti is about 15% slower than 3070, so you can guess

          • @fidelio: hmm may just get a 3070 seems some stock available and then can just sell it in 2021 for a 3080 if i want to upgrade

            • @Chris890: Yeah if you can get 3070 under 900 it would be ideal.

              I'm thinking of getting 6800 xt or 3080 next year too. Enjoying my 3070 for now.

            • @Chris890: MSRP for the 3070 is supposed to be around $809.

              So I have extreme doubt you will be able to sell a second hand off for anything close to $900 when "low supply" gets removed from the equation.

              But hey, if you have a game in mind that you must use the 3070 for and you don't mind losing out a couple of hundred bucks on and you also don't mind the hassle of selling a second hand graphics card when supply is no longer a problem, it's not a bad idea?

  • Is this overkill for 1080p? I feel like I should wait, but I also consider future-proofing to be important, so a little headroom without skewering my wallet would be nice

  • I have an biostar rx 570 8gb. Unused.
    Just ordered a 5600x
    Does the rx 570 struggle with 1440p?
    Ill be using it on the xiaomi mi 34 monitor.
    Hoping it can hold off until prices stabilise so i can get a 3060ti

    • Rx 570 is only good at 1080p, and even that not for recent games.

      Rtx 3 series is a major step up, even from rtx 2 series.

    • RX 570 can achieve 30-40fps at 1440p in most "demanding" games.

    • RX570 runs LoL at stable 144hz on my 1440p monitor.

      Not a demanding game but is the only game I play.

      • i play HoTS… dead game i kno, but i like it
        my imac 2015 has a AMD Radeon R9 M290 2 GB gpu
        i can do ultra settings and 80 - 100 fps
        but once i start playing WoW shadowlands it says to play on 1/10 lol
        so i bought a rx 570 ages ago thinking i was gonna build a pc. never did at the time and now a year later it seems too outdated

  • It takes a brave soul to pre order a 3000 series graphics card from PLE with all the delays people have faced from launch to now.

  • My 1660 Super is a great GPU for 1440p, but I have to admit, ray-tracing and esp. DLSS are very tempting. Should I pull the trigger on this or wait for the non-Ti, 3050(?) and AMD's cheaper offerings? I still love the 1660, so I'm just asking if all these features are worth getting a new one right away

    • Personally, if you have cash to spend go for it.

      Rtx 3 series is major step up from all previous gen cards.

      I just like the fact that I can play almost every game at ultra and get 60fps with 3070. This is for recent games like ac Valhalla.

      I wouldn't upgrade for dlss or rtx or any of these features. Tbh, I don't bother with these extras, but just the raw speed and fps I get.

  • Good luck waiting for PLE to deliver…

    I ordered a computer case and took almost 5 weeks.

  • Pre order, see you in 2021

  • Look at that sweet sweet mid-range graphics card pricing… $400-500 is what this should be, what the hell is the 3050 going to cost? ($450?)