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[VIC] Ryobi One+ 18v 4ah Battery & Charger $50 (Normally $99) at Bunnings Springvale


Went to get a battery for $99 from this deal when an employee told me they had another model for $50 instead.
No idea what the difference is but works with all the Ryobi One tools.

Bunnings usually honour prices from other store's deals if you can show them a receipt so try your luck

Link to receipt

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  • How many more did they have?

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      About 12 at Springvale. But I've had good experiences with Bunnings price matching other stores if you can find the same model.

      • None left according to the store. Deleted line.

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        I have never had any luck price matching any other bunnings stores. Have tried at multiple stores.

    • 14 at Bunnings Glendale as of now

      • Are they $50 at that store?

        • Were $129 but after I showed them the price they reduced the lot to $50

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    RBC18L40P vs RBC18L40C

    promotional? Ozito does a similar thing.

    • Different chargers?

      • Both styles seem to be fast-chargers.

        The charger in the $50 kit is the same as in the $149 kit.

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    cheers.. will head to bunning tomorrow..

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  • I'll be sussing out bonnyrigg bunnings tomorrow

  • I need one for Ozito. Cmon Bunnings!

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    Looks like this one comes with the better (i.e. faster) charger compared to the other deal

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    I’d love to know if there are any at Chatswood or Artarmon

    Would buy in a heartbeat

    • Give them a call? Should be open until 9pm

      • Great idea

        U don’t know the item number do you, anyone?

        • I’ll probably go there tmw morning, early

          Will no doubt leave with an empty wallet


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    This is a bargain. Don’t even think, buy it!

    • Yep

      If u can find it

    • +2

      Damn,. I've thought about it.

      Now we're talking about it.

  • just ran down to springdale. sold out

    • I called and they were sold out. Lady said price on the computer came up as $129 not $50. Must be a reason why OP got for $50.

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        OP went to Springvale, not Springdale. ;)

        • LMAO

        • yep. me too. autocorrect!

      • Weird. They had different models, one for $99 and this one for $50. They offered it to me without scanning it beforehand, so they knew it was on special

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          Must have been manually discounted at the register because even though it is deleted it will still scan at $129. Bunnings don't have to price match other stores. Some will most won't. It depends on the value of the stock on hand. If it was the last one then maybe but if a store has a heap of them they most likely won't discount.

          • @EmCKay: Yep just tried at Bunnings Rouse hill they have 7 but same story.

  • Shows as $129 in the app.

    I think clearance items are priced in-store.

  • Saw one at Bunnings bibra lake earlier. Was still scanning at $129 as well. Might be store-dependent

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    Before anyone attempts to price match other stores be aware that this model is NOT the same one as what is actually in stock at Bunnings:

    The model on the receipt that the OP got discounted is "RBC18L40C"
    The model that is now being sold at Bunnings is "RBC18L40P"

    So it looks like this may be an older model that they had left over on the shelves and needed to get rid of and no longer even shows up on their website if you do a search of it.

    I would be very surprised if Bunnings price matches given it is actually different model numbers

    • I checked the barcode via the app and it says 129.

    • The item number is 6210797. It is a superseded model but very much a product that some Bunnings still has. Whether any will price match is a different story.

  • No stock at bunnings bonnyrigg nsw

  • No dice for the stores that has them… claiming they don’t price match… blah blah

  • This has been manually repriced from $129 to $50. You can tell if it's been manually overridden if it says an original price on the receipt. Doubt other stores will match.

  • No luck at Vermont this morning..

  • No luck price matching at Hawthorn today despite same item code. Scans at $129.

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    Just was able to grab two. You have to look on the shelves and find the box with the barcode that ends in 195. It is a discontinued line. It is replaced by the ones in the blister pack for $129 but currently on special for $99. Different barcode. Was told stores can discount the discontinued line individually.

    • Which store?

      • Kotara NSW

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    Lots of up vote for a very specific hard to obtain deal

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      Perhaps because it's very unlikely that others would come across the deal any other way.

  • Rang around a heap of stores, only one with stock is Croydon (Vic), they've got 29 and won't match.. 😭

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    Nice. Thanks OP. This scans at $129 but powerpass takes it down to $50 (61.2% discount)!

    • Which store was that?

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    Pretty good price.

    FYI for anyone that has other branded gear do an eBay search for adapter's for batteries for your brand that you have.

    I have 4x 4A DeWalt batteries and I have purchased adapter's off eBay to suite DeWalt to Ryobi. Fits perfectly and I only paid 26 dollars including delivery.

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    Thanks OP. I went to Kotara and saw them for $129. I asked one of the staff memebers about the price, who said I think it's $50 but I'll check. 5 in sight, 3 were put away for staff. I'll take the last 2, Thank you.
    Then a lady saw me and said she was after what I had. I thought she was going to mug me. LOL

    Already in use.

    Thanks again.

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    So this is still in stock in other stores.

    I'm looking at it my local Bunnings and it was $129 for this (older pack) compared to $99 for the 'promo' pack.

    They had 10 two weeks ago - so they weren't discounting it at the time..

    However it's now $80 and the have four left. I suspect when two left it would go to $50 but.. fairly sure a staff member wants to buy the last two so.. no chance of getting it at that price :-)

    Trying to decide if I want one at $80 which is still a decent price for the 4aH compared to the 'normal' price..

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